Samsung Galaxy S8 Unboxing and First Look! Orchid Grey S8 vs S7 Edge // TECH

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“Guys and thank you for clicking on this video today. I m going to be be unboxing. My samsung s8 with a quick comparison to the s7 edge the sa. A little differently this time it.

Included two usb c. Adapters. As changes charging port two usb c. And also it finally has black accessories.

Including the charger and the earphones. They did contract out their earphones to a company called akg. I haven t tested them out yet. But i will soon and i ll include that in my full review of the sp.


I ended up getting my s8 in orchid gray and i was just happy for the fact that i could finally get a purple phone and there s an absolutely stunning aesthetic to this phone you do see a lot of changes on the outside of the phone compared to the s7. But i ll get into those details later on in the video. But they definitely did an amazing job with the build of this phone. There have been a few major changes when it comes to the hardware and one of the most noticeable ones is the fingerprint scanner.

Which is now placed on the back of the phone. Beside the camera another major upgrade was the in screen navigation button so they re no longer buttons at the bottom of your phone. But they re actually in your screen. There s been a button added right underneath the volume buttons for the new assistant called bixby not really a fan.

But again. This will be coming in my full s8 review with the nugget update that comes installed on the s8. You do get a facelift to the status bar. It is a bit more minimal and definitely more functionable lastly.


We re going to talk about the horrible edge lighting upgrade that this si card. I absolutely hate it and i wish they would bring back the s7 lighting. But let me get in and show you guys how pointless this notification is so i want you guys to look at this clip. Right now and tell me if you even.

See the notification. You see it okay. So let me horribly edit. The brightness on this clip.

And let me see. If you guys see it now and even with the brightness turned almost all the way up you can still barely see the notification now the only time you can really see this notification is if you re in the dark. And how often is that now before i get into the comparison with the s7 edge. I want to show you that these uk carbon skins leave no residue on your phone.


So make sure you guys go check out you carbon for your phone skins and use my code to get 20 off your order. Now let s get into the s7 edge. Comparison. So we start off by seeing that the si is sporting.

A new speaker grille and also has a usb c. Charging port on the bottom. The si. It has this bezel list display which eliminated the nav buttons the fingerprint scanner slash home button and the logo on the front that you ll see on the s7 edge on the front.

We see the newest color edition. Orchid grey and the new location of the fingerprint scanner on the side instead of having two separate buttons for the volume. We now have one solid volume button and we also have the addition of the big speed button as mentioned the nav buttons and the home buttons are now in the screen. So if you long press the screen.


While it s sleeping you can still activate that home button now despite the s8 having a bigger screen than the s7 edge it s actually a smaller phone with the s7 edge you had a 55 inch. Screen and with s8 you have a 58. Screen also we do see that the status bar is pretty much the same because sm and edge. Did get the nugget update as well last big difference is that the fingerprint scanner is now on the back of the phone compared to the s7 when it was integrated into the home button on the front.

Thank you guys for watching. And i hope you enjoyed this video. I will have a what s on my phone video coming up soon and also my final review of the s8. So make sure you guys subscribe to my channel.

So you can see every single time. I upload a video and i ll see you guys next time bye. ” ..


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