Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 vs LG G6 Water Test! WaterProof?

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“Guys so finally it s time to do a water test and not just any any water test. It is a triple flashing water test. So we have the samsung s8 at the most left in the center. We have the new lg g.

Six. Which is water and dust resistant and of course. We have the apple iphone 7 here from the last year. It s not the 2017 one of course we ll see a new iphone this year.

But yeah. This is the latest iphone. We have so i m just going to quickly put b3 inside the water here okay galaxy s7. I mean the si doing weird stuff.

And the touch does not respond underwater. So i guess i have to do it like this..

And it s going to continue to open things okay. I have a trick okay let s just put it like this there we go there we go so all these three phones are in the water. Now and basically. I m just going to quickly start the timer here on my samsung galaxy s7 and we re going to be doing this test for about ten minutes ten minutes would be a nice nice nice time so yeah.

I mean all these phones are great. I ve been doing a lot of videos on the galaxy. S8. If you guys haven t subscribed subscribe.

Now and check out my speed tests. And my full review that i did for the s8. Yeah. This is the ultimate test for it s a water resistancy.

You know checking out all that stuff. I haven t done a test on the g6..

So i thought about put this putting this one as well in this test so if we just quickly zoom in here and see nice clean water and i can not see any bubbles okay just a little bit but they re going to be fine should be able to serve it okay guys. It s been ten minutes plus time and it s time to pick them out so i m just going to quickly stop the timer 10 minutes 29 seconds and as you can see they re all looking pretty good pretty alive let s just move this stuff to the side. Without destroying other things time to clean them up so i don t have my legendary purple towel here for this video so and instead i m gonna be using some tissue paper. So you can see we have now the lg g.

Six. And then the beast sends a galaxy s. 8. There we go let s test out the speaker.

The camera and all the sensors and see if everything is working fine or not testing out the figure of the lg g. Six. Okay looks pretty clear to me. And the fingerprint sensor is working absolutely fine touch is working fine and the camera is working fine.

So no problem at all 100 going good check out the galaxy s8 definitely feel some water coming out. So please we play some ring tune..

The legendary over the horizon. Yeah definitely better after blowing. It a bit camera is also looking pretty good no problem whatsoever. Let s check out the fingerprint scanner.

Okay that is also working fine let s see the facial recognition sensor. So okay so you can see the facial recognition is working look at the speed. I actually have a camera on my in front of my face. So i m like you know moving my face to the left that s why it s taking a bit time.

But yeah. It is working absolutely fine let s take a look at the iphone. So little water coming out small drops. Let s see if we go into settings sounds play this ring.

Doing so yeah. Working absolutely fine..

We can also see the camera and no problem here so now all these phones are pretty good when it comes to the water in this 10 minute test you can see we had no problem whatsoever. So you can basically put your phone in tendinous under water. If you have the g 6. Or 7 or the galaxy s.

Edge. You re not going to be having an issue maybe even more than 10 min. There s like 15 or 20 minutes still this still be able to survive. But yeah 10 minutes was a sweet point to test out the limit not too not too much not too small.

So yeah thank you so much for watching this video. And i ll see you ” ..

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