Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 – Which Is Worth Buying?

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“Us to that one little video talking about the galactic skeleton. It is worth to to ask why okay let s talk a little bit about it okay first of both are glass foams. But it s a little bit more flat design on the f6. The sm f8.

Feels loo is better on the side is that it s curved a little bit. But that also means that some apps. Don t use the full display. Which can t suck this one has a home button.

It i don t think that the thinking sensor. No i don t think so what can i say i mean this one is very very dealt with the whole indie hands way better than the f7. Which has too confusing rounded design on the back around the curved design. Which is so confusing.

But this one i actually did enjoy the s6. But it came up with usually with horrible software. So it was pretty bad speed you can hear it from tired until the galaxy s8. It feel also has a pretty you know similar ui.


It s not that different either. Something has been doing pretty good with the symmetry going from you know from all the devices to new devices to keep this in countless. But if you think it ll get expect here. Okay.

So f6 came up stop and fix. The order 2015. April. 5.

With 8 inch display here a little bit bigger. 7. 8. Inch.

Display here carbonate inch. Here with one inch here. And you can see this one has a capacitive buttons built in so that it s not it s over there gorilla glass. 4.


Here famous with the s7 and i were last holiday. I don t think it s going to be a major difference. Oh yeah. It is a big difference here and that is this one is not water or system.

The s5 was it if you were carefully putting on the back in a group in a good way and the f7 also was that this one doesn t have any ip certification. This one has an ip 68 certifications that means that this month is coding more secure against crazy stuff. And you do have a melee t760 tp on the s6. Which means.

It s going to produce great games. And this one comes with 32 gos burns this one hundred sixty four gigabytes not like a massive difference their exxor 7420 so the s6 vs x. Minus x signals and three not 895 of the coal on the s8 answer. It s going to be again.

I mean. It s not a massive difference real risky. Upgrade. Reason yes from the pixel front facing camera here and each a mixer here.


But then again as i said in other videos you can use you use the phone like this and take a front facing photo with the superior camera. There so for me. It s a real camera also on the f8 and ash s is hilarious you have 16 megapixel sensor inside of the s6. But i don t think it s going to report 4k videos as good.

But then again who does that i mean. This is like a waste of time almost nobody does it okay so video mode you can record 2160p. It s 30 frames per second inside of the m f8. So i think that s 2k not 4k on the a while you can also record 21 60th 30 frames per second with the x x.

Okay. That s interesting okay so you can really do that already back in those days. What was interesting so i mean again okay yeah 2550 millions battery instead of dm inside of the ssx. I also have had more problems with ethics overheating here it s around 3000 milliamp.

I also have it one happened on the x8. But it feels like the f8 have a little bit more stable software compared to the f6 which had a lot of problems with sometimes little glitches. But yeah i mean i don t really again i don t see a massive reason to upgrade from the f6 ethics. It s pretty good from there.


I mean i m still using my s6 edge every day you see as a wi fi hotspot. It s they re pretty decent phone. I mean it s they re holding up pretty well so it you can still do very nice phone for sure so again. I don t see a massive reason to upgrade to the 2d.

Si. Even though its uses mhl thing here. But no and the speaker. I m pretty sure it s going to be better instead of the f a.

So that can definitely be nice in there. But yeah. It s not like a big recent upgrade. I fail to see our video channel also ” .


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