Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs LG V30: first look

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“Guys. It s john beer with phone ring. I m live here at mwc 2018 2018 at samsung s unpacked event this is a quick comparison between these samsung galaxy 9 plus and the lgb 30. We gotta say we can t make up our minds.

Just yet as to which one has the better looking design. They have a lot of great qualities about them like their premium constructions. They have that metal meets glass finish you have also water assists and constructions headphone jacks. Yeah.

The fingerprint sensor is placed in the back underneath the camera sensors and they both have usb type c. Ports. Technically bs9 plus is both taller and thicker well the v3 is marginally wider. But regardless of that they re both a handful to operate.

It should be noted though that the s9 plus. Does feature dual speakers. Which are tuned by akg and they offer support for dolby atmos since they re very similar in size the specs of their displays are going to be nearly identical to one another. Yes.


9. Plus. Flaunts a 62. Inch.

1440 by 2960 super. Amoled display. Well the v 30. Has a 6 inch 1440 by 2080 plastic oled display.

Technically speaking the v third has the higher pixel density count. But you really wouldn t be able to tell the difference when you look at them and seeing that they ve leveraged oled technology. They have very similar qualities like they re exceptional details. They have wide view angles and those saturated looking colors.

But if you re very meticulous. You ll probably notice. The bluish tinge with the authorities display when tilted and wide angles moving on to the respective user interfaces they both support very clean looking new eyes they re not really heavily skinned. Which is great.


But we do find that the s9 plus. Does have a few more features than what you can get in the lg g3. Yes. The core features between a two are gonna be identical.

So as far as productivity getting stuff done they re just about the same but like i said earlier you re gonna find a few more features with the s9 plus take for example. The new ar emoji feature. That creates a 3d avatar of yourself as well as the desktop like experience with samsung dex of course when you re the newer handset. You re bestowed with newer hardware as well and that s what we see here because the s9 plus is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 845 chip whereas with the lgv 30.

It s using last year s qualcomm snapdragon. Need 35 superficially you re not going to notice a whole lot of difference. And that s what we saw if checking out the two phones. But naturally the snapdragon 85.

Does offer some new optimizations that should help it out in the long run they both offer rear dual cameras. But their implementations are totally different from one another on the p30 you have a 16 megapixel sensor paired with a wide angle. 13. Megapixel.


One it essentially delivers wider coverage. When it comes to shooting. Photos. And videos.

Meanwhile. The s9 plus features dual 12 megapixel cameras. And it s really meant to produce those portrait shots. With bokeh in the background on top of that the s9 plus pushes things a little bit more because of its varying aperture.

It delivers an astounding wide aperture of f15. Which edges out baby therapies aperture of f. 16. And this should technically result in a better low light performance for the s9 plus.

But until we get our hands on the handset. It s really tough to say for sure the v3 does offer a compelling package when it comes to video. Because it s one of the few to offer true manual and video controls. Which something that content creators will really appreciate and that wide angle lens does come in handy to offer some intriguing perspectives that you can t get on other phones.


But when it comes to slow motion. The s9 plus edges out the v 30. Because it captures it at 960 frames per second at 720p whereas with the v 30. It s at 240 frames per second at 720p lgp.

30. Has been out for a little bit and right now you can pick it up for around 800 as far as the s9 plus is concerned it s expected to range somewhere between eight hundred forty dollars to nine hundred thirty dollars depending on the carrier when you factor how the s9 plus is flaunting some newer hardware. The miniscule difference you see between the price of the v 30. And the lowest cost of the s9 plus.

Almost seems insignificant it would appear as though the s9 plus would be the better buy at that point. But actually there are things to consider before making a final decision. If you re big into photography. We re inclined to say the s9 plus because of but if you re into video.

Then the b30 should be an option for you it ll just be a matter of time before we could really pass judgment about it and that s our quick comparison between these two handsets if you guys want to learn more about them you can check out our website phone. Reno comm. This is john be signing ” ..


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