Samsung Galaxy Zero – World s 1st Phone with Zero Ports!

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“Has proved to be a pioneer nplayer in the smartphone industry with its galaxy fold. Fold. They turn foldable nphones into a reality. Now the company is working on its flagship phone nwhich will be the samsung galaxy zero this will provide a new definition for the nphones as well as change the way you interact with your mobile device naccording to the reports.

The galaxy zero will be the first handset ever to nfeature a completely bezel less design it will come with zero button zero ports and nwithout any notch. This is stuffbox and you are watching nthe preview for samsung galaxy zero so let us begin from time to time samsung has surprised nus by bold innovations like the edge screen or a foldable display samsung has napplied for a patent application some time ago in which a bezel less phone ndesign is described a dutch tech blog has revealed that samsung is working on na completely new bezel less phone. It s expected that it will come with an ninfinity screen. And there would be no notch on the phone talking about the nspecifications of the phone.

It will feature an infinity display with almost n100 screen to body. Ratio the display of galaxy zero may come with a size of 65. Ninches with qhd resolution. The zero phone will sport a gorilla glass.


6. Nprotection on both front and back this samsung device will be powered by the nlatest snapdragon or an exynos processor. Along with 10 gigabytes or 12. Gigabytes nram options.

The phone may feature. One terabyte of on board storage. That cannot nbe expandable. The handset will come with a 4500 milliamp hour battery fueled by nqualcomm quick charge 40.

Technology. It will also support fast wireless charging nnow talking about the cameras on this device. It will come with quad camera. Nconfiguration.


Which includes a 48 megapixel primary sensor 16 megapixel nultra wide angle sensor and a 5 mp telephoto lens triple cameras were all nthe hype in 2019. But where do we go from here a combination of ultra wide wide nand telephoto lenses seems to cover pretty much everything a smartphone nphotographer might want or need right well time to start messing with naugmented reality. Rumor is samsung will be adding a time of flight camera in the nback also called a 3d sensing camera. It ll be able to accurately scan the nenvironment and objects around you so you can interact with them in digital.

Nspace or vice versa. See how digital items will look in the real world. Nthrough your viewfinder. It should also help with making even more convincing nportrait mode shots in the front.

It will sport. A 23 megapixel. Under screen camera noppo. A company that s done its share of ant nbezel experimentation with display notches and pop up.


Selfie cameras is the nfirst to demonstrate an underscore to the public at mwc shanghai. 2019 event. Noppo says the display uses a custom transparent material that works with a nredesigned pixel structure. So that light can get through to the camera.

The sensor nitself is said to be larger than other selfie cameras with a wider aperture nlens in front the area of the screen reserved for the camera still works with ntouch control. According. To the reports. Samsung is also working on similar ntechnology.

Which would likely be used in the galaxy zero. Since samsung used nqualcomm s 3d sonic fingerprint sensor in both the s series. And the note series nthe galaxy zero also seems likely to include the upgraded 3d sonic max nultrasonic in display fingerprint sensor. Which boasts a 17 x larger surface area nleaving enough space to scan two fingerprints simultaneously for an noptional extra level of security.


The samsung galaxy zero has no physical volume nor power buttons on either sides the smartphone will feature virtual buttons nfor volume on the left side. Which will be integrated into the ui of the phone nofficially. No date has been announced by the company for the release of galaxy nzero. But it is expected that the phone will launch at the end of 2025.

The smart nphone will be priced at around one thousand 399 in the us for the starting nmodel the samsung galaxy zero features a truly innovative design we cannot see nthe future but like the galaxy fold. It can begin the new phase of innovation ntell. Me one feature that you would like to have in your dream phone and will you nbe willing to buy a phone like the samsung galaxy zero let me know in the ncomment section below thank you for watching this video. Please do hit the nlike button.

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