Samsung HW-E450 Soundbar Wireless SubWoofer Review

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“Is a review of the samsung hwg 450 crystal surround air track so it is is a soundbar designed to be installed right below a flat panel television and we going to take a look at how this performs you by the website wwl about home electronics. Comm. So we unbox the sound bar and we placed it right below the flat panel television as you can see right here. Now the sound bar itself is a total of 36 inches in length 3 feet.

And if you look how deep the sound bar is it s not that deep at all that s maybe an inch and a half all the way across okay. So we ve flipped the sound bar around to the backside to take a look at some of the features built in samsung has a usb right here now you can do two things with this you can do firmware updates or you can play them to mp3s that you have stored on a usb thumb drive. And then the power button right here. Which this device comes with a remote control.

But if you lose it or the batteries die or you just like to use the manual buttons the power button is here on the backside. And then the function button and then up and down volume. So we ve slide from the left to the right and here on the left right here is your auxilary analog input. This is an audio only connection samsung does provide this cable in the package.

And it s just a really easy connection to make they also provided a digital toslink audio cable now you can plug a source in here. And you can plug an alternate source in here and with the remote control or that function button. I just told you about you can toggle between two different sources so you could put a gaming console. Here with the toslink and you can put a cd player.


Or your tv or your cable or satellite set. Top box. Right here whatever your preference is okay. We look a little farther down the line on the sound bar.

It has an hdmi input and an hdmi output. So what you could do if you have a cable or satellite set top box. You can connect that to the sound bar using hdmi and then take the hdmi out and connect it to your television. So there s a picture of the remote control that samsung furnishes as part of this package.

This samsung remote control will in fact control. A samsung brand television. And there are a couple of features that you can activate once you ve properly connected this sound bar to your equipment. That allow the sound bar to power up at the same time you turn your tv on regardless of the brand of the television that does require a digital audio connection digital audio connection cables are not provided by samsung in this package you have to purchase them separately.

But they are very commonly available. Cables and you can typically purchase those cables at the same time you re purchasing this sound bar. Now you can go to a local big box retailer or you can purchase this online. But please do note.


We make a recommendation that you purchase the digital connection cables. Because we found the sound bar. Performs much better with the digital connection. We ll talk about that in a second.

Okay. So you re taking a look at the subwoofer. This is a wireless subwoofer that comes part of the package. It has a gloss black piano lacquered finish.

And then actually the side. Which is facing directly to the camera is a speaker grill cloth. And then there is the port this whole system was really easy very fast to set up the first thing. We did when we unpackaged the subwoofer is we just plugged it into the electrical receptacle as you see here and that s it we walked away.

So when we turn the sound bar on the sound bar. And the subwoofer automatically linked to each other wirelessly of course. You don t have to have any other special equipment in your house for it to work it works right out of the package and there s nothing else to set up on the subwoofer yet the remote control allows you to control the volume of the subwoofer. So if you want to louder thump.


You can turn the volume of the subwoofer up and if you don t want too much thump. Because that s your preference you can turn the subwoofer down now we ran a test on this package. We tested it with a news program sporting program. A streaming online high definition action thriller movie and a music dvd and i ll tell you this package performed quite well.

The price point is just in the low few hundred dollars. But for that investment. This was far superior than the speaker s built into the flat panel screen television. The the movie was thrilling and exciting.

There was a lot of movement in the sound field produced by the sound bar and the subwoofer when the music dvd was on it was a rich immersive sound. There s one point. We want to make that s important. Though.

Samsung. Provides you an analog rca connection cable. In this package. First we use that cable to connect the sound bar then we switched to a digital toslink optical audio cable and there was a noticeable performance difference between the two types of cables.


We recommend you use the digital connection cable as opposed to the analog now of course. The benefit of the analog is if you don t want to spend extra money the cables already provided if you have other devices you want to connect you can use the analog cable to connect it still does sound good. It s just that the digital cable. Sounds a lot better in our opinion.

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