Samsung Level Box Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Gold

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“What s up everybody. It s your boy floss back again with another video and and today. We re gonna take a look at the samsung level box pro. Now is the newest bluetooth speaker from samsung now on the side note.

This is not available yet in the usa. If you want it right now. You re gonna have to get the international version first up let me show your website real quick so you can see where to get it from go to amazoncom. I ll throw the link up in the description all right so we got the samsung level box pro.

Now the price on this 98. So you re looking at 300 bucks. Once it s available in the usa the price will probably drop about 50 bucks. I ll update the link now if you want to order this make sure you order from prime gadgets now.

I originally ordered it from a different seller about two weeks ago. And some shady business. Happened had to get my money back prime gadgets that s a reputable spot that s where i got my icon ex. Before release.

And my 360 before release pause. This can read it for yourself. If you want. But let s go through some of the features real quick you got uhq that s ultra high quality audio got u hq bt that s ultra high quality audio bluetooth.

You got the codecs technology helps minimize audio loss enjoy rich balanced sound powerful listening experience a 20 watt output offers you an incredibly rich. Powerful listening experience now you got dual sound functionality. Which means you can pair two of these. Together for stereo.

Sound. You got simple dual pairing. That means you could connect two different devices. At the same time.

And you got a curved premium metal design alright so all that for 300 bucks. Like i said once it s available in the states. The price will most likely drop to about 2 or 250. But i wanted it right now so let s check it out and i actually want to get two of these and pair them together.

But i want to test this one out first and see if it s worth it alright. So. The samsung level box. Pro.


Rich and balanced sound with two tweeters premium design with sophisticated metal finish bluetooth uhq audio supported now this will work with the samsung level apps let s see papa blah all right same stuff from the website let me grab a little unboxing knife. What we got today carbon fiber got the carbon fiber joint right here definitely feeling this let s get some unboxing activities. Any more more more tape. One more okay here we go here we go all right i don t want to activate beast mode.

But i might have to do it okay there it goes there it goes no beast mode necessary all right nice samsung box okay here s your speaker oh nice and heavy and you get a little box. Let s see what s in here now on the side note. This is available in two different colors. You got black and gold.

I went with the gold. Why not okay now if you get the international one you re gonna get an international charger. But who cares you got a thousand on one samsung charges laying around all over the place and this is usb two micro usb charging cable alright that s pretty much it no books. Alright.

No books. This. What. It s.

A bluetooth speaker. Oh matter of fact. Okay. Usual books.

And somebody translate this for me plug. It file. It to the side all right now let s take a look at the speaker. Oh beautiful beautiful nice heavy desire to this this is all aluminum okay on the top.

You got your power button volume up and down play and pause and a bluetooth led indicator samsung brandon on it on the back here s your 35 moving the audio input for non bluetooth. Devices. And there s your micro usb. Usb micro.

Us. Oh. Yeah. It is usb micro usb charging slot alright on the bottom.

You got two rubber grips that s gonna keep it in place on your table on the front. You got the nice speaker grille. Same speaker grille in the back. With some level branding on it.


But the weight on this is crazy alright. The weight is crazy this looks awesome now if you got yourself a gold galaxy. Phone. This is gonna look dope.

If you got a nice desktop stand like the wireless charge stand. Now that s my plan. I m ordering the white wireless charge stand. I m gonna have that in the back and i want to get two of these for my desktop setup.

But let s test this one out first and see how it sounds i shot at the xerxes trolling in the video let s hit the power button see if we got any juice. Okay we got a little juice. Now it should be in pairing mode. Let me grab a phone and we ll pair this up real.

Quick. Let s go to settings bluetooth. All right here. We go matter of fact.

Let s see all right now the red and blue light is flashing. We scan it for devices let s okay here it goes level box pro okay connect it just like that all right so pair in less than five minutes five minutes left. In two minutes. So this should be connected let s take it to the soundcloud.

And do a little sound test. Okay here. We go yeah. I know the song purchase.

The tracks. Let s get some music. All right my bad. Y all.

I had to get xerxes out the way you know she goes crazy. When she see those white wires. So she was trolling all over the place all right purchase his tracks let s go. I also move the mic to the front.

So yeah key here a better okay fellas ladies. This is a win right here for speaker this small. I m blown away how about how loud this is but not only the loudness. This is crystal clear now the bass is not the heaviest bass in the world.


But the sound is so clear now slit away from the table for a minute from far away sounds. Great now look. This is my hand right here. So this is how big this speaker is let me give you a size comparison.

This is a small speaker. That s my phone alright so not too much bigger than the phone now i m gonna pause the video real quick. I m gonna pair it up to the app and we ll play with the level app. And see if we could change the sounds up talk amongst yourselves alright.

Javis will be back in now. I was playing around with the speaker for a few minutes. I took it over to my amazon prime music player. So i can play some high quality music.

I played some rap music some r b. Some dancehall. Some classics and i gotta tell ya this speaker. Sounds great now if you re looking for the most bass heavy speaker.

This ain t it. But if you re looking for a speaker. That s small and has a loud crystal clear sound. That s extremely balanced.

Then this is a go right here. And one thing. I gotta stress is the build quality this unibody aluminum definitely feeling this and the gold one looks beautiful the weight. Super heavy alright.

This is a nice desktop piece right here. If you got a classy desktop setup get two of these i m definitely getting another one now i ll pair it up another phone to make sure that you re gonna have two devices paired at the same time. And it does work. So let s take a look at the app real quick now this is the samsung level app you got your bluetooth notification you got your battery indicator you got dual sound so if you get two of these.

And you want to play them. Together take it right over to dual sound. You got uhq audio. You could toggle that on and off right from the app.

You got notifications now you can turn these on if you want and you get your notifications right through the speaker. When you re listening to your music. Now. You got sound alive.


Now sound alive is the eq app. You can change it from normal to auto pop classic jazz rock and custom now if you hit custom that s going to bring up this eq you play around the settings for yourself. That s pretty hot. Now you got your user s manual and if you hit more you got your connections manager manage notifications your favorite applications settings and about the level box.

Pro. Now you can also control the volume of the phone and the speaker right from the app. And it does work let me show you play some music real quick right from the app. The sound of life on a scale of 1 to 10.

This is a win right here now like i said once it s available in the usa. The price will most likely drop maybe between 2 and 250 bucks. I would wait a couple of days until it comes out. I ll update update the link in the video this is gonna be a win right here like i said i m getting two of these.

I m gonna have these paired up together with a goal phone in the middle. This is dope anyway pick me up in the comments. Let me know what chopping about this shout out to everybody that rock with me on facebook foursquare twitter google shout out to all the google gangsters i see i holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody hitting me up one boxer. And a special shout out to everybody rocking with me on instagram.

Yeah. I know that s where i m at full time. 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody walking with the new stream on sundays. Yall already know stream gangstas on deck.

Get your drinks ready no beat boys allowed oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy. Underscore. Carter that s where i m at and a special shout out to the notification squad icl in the comment section early hashtag salute. Oh yeah one more thing i almost forgot fellas.

Ladies. Say. It with me all y all haters. All got roles close your eyes.

And picture. Me rollin. Support. For some mountain deuces spot one to beam up energize.

” ..

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