Samsung Windows 8 Touch Screen All in One 27″ DP700 7 Series Unboxing Linus Tech Tips

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“To my unboxing and first look at the dp 700 from samsung. This is their their 7 series multi touch gesture capable high resolution all in one featuring windows 8. Know i sent a lot of stuff just now and maybe not all of it necessarily sunk in but i ll cover it in more depth as we go along so check this out that is some fine packaging. We got going on there soft foam keeps this thing very safe in transit.

I mean. It s got like 2 inches to like 6 inches of soft foam around it at every possible angle. Which is amazing. I mean look how much look how much foam is between the actual unit and the edge of the box.

So this is this is very awkward. What i m doing right now. So i m gonna go ahead and dump this out on the floor. Because that ll be less awkward and open.

We not break it if i broke it it would be really bad. I think. There s actually very few of these in canada right now so so yes. It would be incredibly incredibly bad.

So what we find in accessory box. Number. One is an included mouse and keyboard. These are wireless.

There you go actually. Oh wow very solid built in build quality for what i would normally expect to be pretty shoddy keyboards and mice. Included with you know just this little nice little touch like that aluminum piece right here. That s a actual metal.

And gives it a bit of a nice feel to it the mouse is well okay. The mouse is more like what i d expect to see included with an all in one. But realistically if you re buying yourself a really nice all in one like this you probably want to invest in a proper wireless keyboard and mouse from someone like logitech okay check this out. I mean look at this packaging.


This thing wouldn t break. I swear if you dropped it off a two story building like seriously alright next accessory box. We ve got a power brick and that is a brick. But i mean remember guys.

This is a desktop pc. Not a notebook so it s not like it s going anywhere you go ahead and plug that in there that s gonna power your all in one experience. Alright next thing. We ve got is the all in one pc itself.

It s like the sword in the stone. If you can remove it from the packing material. Then you can use it oh. That is absolutely gorgeous give me a sec to get all the plastic off it and then we re ready to go here.

One cool. Thing. That samsung does include with this all in one and one of the first things i wanted to play with when i opened it up is their gesture capabilities. Just like they have on their smart tvs.

So i was trying to see if i could get it to recognize my cat s hand as a palm so that i could see if whoa. I think it did recognize something there good job rumble. Okay. So let s put him down.

Gorgeous. Me oh yeah right so gestures so there s a variety of different gestures. I m gonna totally cheat here because there s a lot of stuff to remember so you click like this you can close programs by going like this you can increase volume up and down by going like oh sorry like this. And then you can go to windows home.

And then you can swipe left and right so that s kind of cool. It s still a it s it s still a little bit quirky. But i mean i wouldn t worry too much about it because overall. The machine is so beautiful.


I mean i have no validation of this but here come in and get like a really really sharp angle on this this must be a pls panel 2560 by 1440 hd. Plus pls panel. Absolutely beautiful. It is edge to edge glass here so what that means is if you swipe in from the edge.

You are going to be able to take advantage of all the different gestures that windows 8 enables the overall. I mean keep this handy and keep like a rag handy because it is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. But i i d go as far as to say that it s like kind of worth it actually it s very gorgeous. Very clean looking the metal stand down here.

I think is a really nice touch. I ve seen a lot of different bases for all in ones. Some of them are kind of quirky. Some of them look really nice this one looks really nice.

It s a it s just a plastic finish here that s not actually made of metal. But it looks metallic and it looks really really good in terms of angles. You can get a little a bit more than up right and then you can angle. It back.

Like this which would be appropriate for sort of like a lower desk and using it from above touchscreen feels very responsive. It is a 10 point multi touch so again fully capable of all the different gestures that you would want to play around with and something like windows 8. You can see just like the colors it looks so good. But some let s actually take a closer look at the physicality of the unit.

So it s very slim. This is one of the slimmer all in ones that i ve seen especially considering it doesn t have any apparent like uber cooling. Fans going on nude or anything like that it has a 78 see i have my spec sheet handy has a 37 70 t. So that s a low power processor.

Because that s what you pretty much have to use for something like an all in one it looks like this is doesn t have a button. So you re going to eject that with the operating system this particular model has a 7850 with one gig of dedicated ram. Which is important for all of the lb video acceleration of everything that goes on in windows 8. I m just gonna let diesel sort of look at the unit while i figure out the rest of it dual 14 watt.


Speakers with tweeters so those are dolby certified. As much as that may or may not mean to you eight gigs around included and that pretty much does it for ok gigabit lan bluetooth wi fi 720p front webcam and i think that s that s pretty much it so we had the optical drive on that one side. Let s go around to the other side. And see what we find there i m expecting to see some inputs and whatnot there we go alright so we ve got an sd card reader two usb 30 ports microphone and headphone out jack so let s go ahead and tilt it down here.

So you can see everything else. It has a display port out hdmi in which is great which means five years from now. When you no longer care about you know an all in one. That s a five year old spec.

You can go ahead. And just continue. Using it as a monitor. Usb.

Oh they re probably usb. Yes. Yeah usb 20. Ports.

One of which has the wireless receiver for the keyboard notes that are included hdmi out for a secondary display gigabit ethernet antenna in that one s blank on this one kensington lock is included here and cooling is done through a variety of oh look those are speakers. Okay there you go that s neat cooling is done with a variety of vents in the bottom and up here in the top. Although. The fan is quite quiet especially from the front of the machine.

So you shouldn t have any sort of difficulty with those aspects because i not connected to the internet right now. I m not able to take advantage of that but let s go ahead and pop back to the windows. 8. Start menu actually give me a moment here guys so just an example of you know potential usage model for a pc like this is you know i m cooking you know checking if my banana bread is done.

I didn t make the banana bread. I m incapable my wife made it but i m pretending that i know how to cook. So that i can give an example of how you might use the included. Jamie oliver app.


Which again because i m. That s also could be because it s a demo unit. This is pre production. But it includes a jamie oliver cooking app.

That you can use your gestures to kind of navigate to recipes and stuff like that because especially. When your hands are dirty you might think that it s sort of handy to be able to just gesture at the screen instead of getting your super greasy hands all over it. Another samsung exclusive is this okay sorry 5400 rpm. One terabyte drive in here.

So intense the sort of well the first thing. I probably do after i buy something like this is throwing ssd in it. But yeah samsung exclusive start menu so does that look familiar to all of you guys yeah. It s the start menu in windows.

8. Which is not necessarily available with everyone there s also some built in touchscreen controls here. Including mute eject. Oh.

That s how you eject. It oh hey eject for the optical drive it s a dvd drive. Although i believe it s available in some regions with blu ray menu brightness up volume up brightness down volume down. You can change.

The source and you can turn this off. Oh. That s handy you can turn the display right off. We re turn it back on very nice thank you for checking out this unboxing and first look on tactics of samsung s seven series absolutely beautiful 2560 by 1440 multi touch fully awesome all in one.

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