Severe weather heads towards Central Florida

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“It out in the morning. The pickup rather than the night before troy bridges is is back in for elizabeth tonight. If there ever is a nato for this the weather app. It would be tonight.

You get the alert on the phone and giving out your push alerts. And what we do back at the space station. Throughout the severe weather running to learn more information as we get it in and we are seeing all this new information coming in with the model data paintsding big storms in our direction from three in the morning through eight in the morning. My concern is the folks try fog go to sleep tonight.

We want them to be informed if you don t have the weather app. We want to you download that and have on your weather radio. We are pinpointing in central florida..


You see this rain moving in not the big system that is rain along a warm front that is moving to the north warm south wind helping to set the stage for a cold front and an area of low pressure from the gulf of mexico to build in this is a strong storm system developing in the gulf stroger than the one on friday and we do anticipate a tornado watch. Which means continues will be favorable as early as midnight and this system does approach here s what we are pinpointsing now with rain ahead of it you can see the yellows indicating a half inch coming down in spots. And this is the main system that will leave us slick roads. And you can see it back to mascot and bay lake continuing to build in from the north with the south winds lock hart in downtown orlando by i 4 wet on i 4 now and back up to volusia county daytona beach and new smyrna beach around earlier and the next round with the heavier stuff moving in your direction pinpoint the timing of the in of the showers lake helen one one minute and you will see more of the moderate rain n.

Sanford to heathrow and longwood and altamonte springs. This is not the big stuff n lightning not a lot of wind yet but the south winds will continue to kick up and that will be ahead of the big system titusville and meritt islands and rock ledge to south patrick air force base and southern sections of brevard county from melbourne to palm bay and floridana beach to the south more moisture working in tons of moisture and that upper level energy strong winds from the upper levels. And that is why we will see the risk of strong storms. Main threat heavy rain and strong wind gusts greater than 50 or 60.

And that is even a greater threat. Tonight and in to the early morning hours for tornadoes compareed to friday. I know we didn t..


See a lot in the way of severe weather on friday. And we had strong wind gusts and we expect much more three in the morning. The onset of some of the showers and thunderstorms beginning to build in and once that rain continues to move north on that warm front now look what happens at 4 00. That low pressure.

Developing and moving in from the west that reds indicating stronger wind gusts and line develops. There is the line beginning to push in and that is where we will see the stronger wind gusts greater than 50 up to 60 with the imbedded rotating storms that could lead to tornado again on through five in the morning and continuing through six in the morning. We begin to see some clearing in parts of orange county. At 6 00.

In the morning a quick moving stmg. But the problem with it moving. So faf is there is a risk of stronger cells that could produce tornado through 7 00..


We push most of the energy back out to sea that is the good news. Another round of rain not likely to be severe through 10 00 in the morning after 7 00. This morning. Things look better for us and then we take you through the day on sunday.

And we will see some sunshine 65. The temperature right now heading out the door. 61 in ocala. 64.

In new smyrna beach and 68 in cocoa beach. A look at the pinpoint accurate forecast brought to you by del air heating and air conditioning troy. Most pushing out and take rain chances off by 10 by four in the airfare tomorrow with a high of 70 and temperatures across the board near 70 in the afternoon..


So looking better one00 coveraging of showers and storms. And tomorrow. A big cool down behind this front moving in a high of 64 on monday. The their tease starting off next week tuesday.

56 for the afternoon high temperature on tuesday. So much of the day in the 40s across central florida and we warm back up to 70 on thursday and rain chances by the end of the week up to 40 a strong front bringing in a big change in temperature. But we have to get through the early morning hours especially after 4 00 in the morning and chief meteorologist torm is on ” ..


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