Shickmo Show EP 3 – Getting the hallmark channels with Playstation vue.

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“Bienvenue come on in welcome to michele. So today on chick mojo. Just wanted to to make a quick addendum to the cutting the cord video that i just put so literally just yesterday. My wife and i were looking at the playstation view guide and she sends me a text.

She says you know hey you know look and see if we have hallmark and i m like what are you talking about because remember in the if you haven t seen. The core cutting video pause. Go look at that it s episode. Two then come back okay welcome back.

So basically in she was having me take a look because we wanted to see if we have hallmark since it looked like instead of sling tv. Being the only cord cutting service. That you can legally get like the hallmark channel in hallmark movies. And mysteries.

Supposedly it looked like we could get hallmark on playstation. 4. So it s awesome and we have the well here let me flip over to that real quick so so like i said. This is the article.

I was discussing so let s just shoot down the playstation of you so we have this plan the access plan. It s awesome. But we it looks like we re now getting not only i m homework we re getting hallmark. We re getting hallmark movies and mysteries and we re also getting hallmark drama.

I didn t even know that channel existed so it looks like hallmark is now a thing on playstation view. So if that was gonna be a defining factor for you getting either sling or you know going with a that service strictly for that reason. It looks like you can get that with playstation view. Now so that s kind of awesome so anyways just wanted to throw that out there to you guys again.

I know..

This is kind of just a little update. It s very very short. But i wanna to mention this because you know for a lot of people that s kind of a huge factor right. I mean there are friends and family that we ve talked to you about cord cutting that won t do it because they you know wouldn t be able to get the homework channel or they would have to pick one of the services.

They don t actually really want just to get the hallmark channel. So like for example. If shannon and i prior to this revelation of playstation view. Now giving you the hallmark channel.

We would have had to basically sign up for a sling account and pay the twenty bucks then pay the 5 add on fee for the lifestyle package. So in essence. It would cost us twenty five bucks for the hallmark and hallmark movies. A mystery channel.

Just so we could see it you know for like one or two months out of the year when you really care right. So usually around like thanksgiving and usually around like you know the christmas holiday stuff like that so it s kind of awesome that you kind of don t have to worry about that now so that s kind of awesome. But anyways yeah so again just a quick addendum wanted to mention that to you guys so. If you have any questions or any enemy help like i said comments down below.

If you don t want to do that you know throw me something over on twitter shikha mo. Seven and we ll go from there but otherwise you know not a whole lot else crazy going on why enjoy hopefully this improves your holidays. And you ll be seeing more content. Really really soon.

I m probably gonna be shifting gears a little bit away from cord cutting. I don t think i m probably gonna touch on that too much in the near future if you have any questions about it let me know. But otherwise i mean. This is kind of how you do the thing so until there would be something interesting or a new service or something you guys would want me to review let me know alright otherwise.

I have been schick mo..

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