Shinco 55-Inch 4K HDR UHD Smart LED TV Review (S55QHDR10)

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“Guys welcome to digit data. And what we have for you is a television today today which is the chinko 55 inch 4k hdr tv. This tv is available online has a tv. That s made in india.

We actually went and visited the factory where this tv is made and we re going to leave a link to that video in the description below. But for now we re actually going to review this tv. This tv is priced at thirty six thousand nine hundred and ninety rupees for the 55 inch variant. It s available in other screen sizes as well.

However if you look at the market for 55 inch. 4k hdr tvs. In the budget segment be it for the price tag between 35. And let s say 40 42.

Thousand rupees. There are many to choose from you have brands like xiaomi tcl. Ifalcon and many more bringing in their products. So how does this one stand out well let s kick things off with a build and design.

Now as you can see that the tv has a really thick border at the bottom. Now why. This is is because it actually houses the speaker s down there kind of front firing towards you which helps in the audio quality that also means that when kept on a table next to other 55 inch tvs. This tv appears slightly taller it has metal feet something that we saw on the daiwa tv.

That we recently reviewed in fact. The manufacturer of the shrinko tv also makes the divert tvs. That is why there are so many similarities between the tvs from the two brands again the metal feet are well made out of metal and they are pretty sturdy. So if you are looking to tabletop this tv.

You are gonna get something that not only looks good. But holds the tv in place as well even if you try to tip the tv over because of its size. It s not really going to happen the rest of the shell is plastic. Something we ve come to see from a lot of brands at this price point.


And it isn t the slimmest tv out there. Which is okay because you are gonna want a better panel quality than a better build if you are compromising on some things at this price point when it comes to the connectivity options. We are pretty happy with what s available you have three hdmi ports. Two usb ports and a host of traditional connectivity options including ethernet as well so when it comes to the build and design and connectivity options you get what you pay for pretty standard with what s available in the market at this price point.

However remember one thing to use the remote controls or features such as the keyboard. And the mouse. There is a usb dongle that comes with it and if you want the usb dongle to be fitted in you are compromising on one usb port at the back now moving over to the display panel and the picture quality. This has a panel that s made by samsung.

It s a va panel. And it s a 10 bit. Panel with 350 nets of brightness. So this is also again in line.

With what we ve seen in tvs in this price range. But there s one thing that this panel looks really bright especially when you watch content in 4k. Something that you can see running behind me. Even the other content that we are going to show you it is brighter than some other tvs.

That we have tested in this price range. Which is really really good now again the advantage of the 10 bit panel is the billion colors. That you get when you are going to watch hdr content compared to the 16 million colors you get with an 8 bit panel that that explanation is maybe for another video in case you guys want to know more about the differences between 8. Bit 10 bit.

What you need when you pick an hdr tv. Let us know in the comment section below. We will do our best work on a video about that now we played our standard slew of 4k hdr content from our xbox one x of course because we can get access to hdr content in it flicks on that we have shows like daredevil and star trek. Which are available in hdr and they actually look good i mean there are some sequences in these shows.

Which are in the dark. And if your living room is a relatively well covered. There is a natural light and of course. A light inside.


You will still be able to make out what s happening in these sequences. Which is what s important when you are watching hdr content. Which is short and relatively dark sequences. If you are someone that s gonna watch a content of your set.

Top box or in full hd from these streaming services. You can rest assure that you are getting a good experience. Sometimes when the resolution does drop below full hd in some of these streaming services. You do make out a dip in the quality on the television.

But that is of course because of your internet connectivity and maybe the services at your disposal. But once the streaming is at its full potential then you can actually enjoy it on this tv. We have a sequence like the red circle fight sequence from john wick. Which gives you a look at the reds and the blues.

Which are primary pixel colors. When you look at the backlighting and content like that his absolutely viewable. It s a lot of fun now when it comes to gaming. A game like gears of war a game like battlefield.

One they give you hdr controls and this is where you realize that the gamut of the wide colors. Other peak brightness to the dimmest dimness on a tv like this isn t that great. But that s okay because you would only get that in televisions. Where you pay more than a lakh.

However game like gears of war. 4. On the xbox one x. Actually gives you the ability to watch the content in split screen view between hdr and sdr and that really gives you a sense of the quality difference that you are getting on a budget tv.

So that is something to keep in mind. If you are going to be picking up a tv like this one so we are happy with the panel performance. We are happy with the picture quality. The build quality something that is very acceptable.


The audio quality is slightly better than other televisions with similar specs speakers that we have seen and that is primarily because it is front firing towards you so dialogues are a little more clear or there is little less bouncing off of the sound that happens. But it still doesn t pack in the banks and the punches that you need when you are enjoying a movie. If you are going to watch everyday television or play. A couple of games watch a couple of movies you should be fine.

But if you really want that immersive new movie watching experience you are going to have to invest in some external audio gear. Now coming to the weakest point of this tv is its user interface it has the exact same ui we saw on the diver tv and it comes with the exact same flaws. It s running on android 7. But that is a mobile version.

So we have aosp android open source platform running on this tv. Which means even though you do get access to apps. Like netflix. And prime videos.

What you are getting is a mobile experience on those services. Which isn t really that great i highly recommend investing in a 4k streaming device like a fire tv stick or if you have a higher budget than maybe a gaming console or any other 4k streaming box available out there to make the most off for what you can do with the panel on this tv. The ui never really actually started or lagged for us. But we did see quite a few app crashes.

During our user interface with it so that s something to keep in mind. The only app. That works flawlessly natively was the youtube app. And we could see 4k content on that as well.

So that is something to keep in. Mind so having said all of. This here s answering your 36000. 990 ropey question.

Should you buy this tv. Well the show answer is if you just have that budget. There are quite a few options to choose from and amongst those options. We actually do like the panel on this tv.


It is bright watching content or this is fun and even gaming on at work. I mean you don t really get a lot of in depth. Detailed controls over things like brightness contrast and things like that you have a few presets to choose from and dynamically dynamic is the one that worked the best for us and having said that if you are someone that is gonna enjoy content on this tv. You can consider it at this price point.

However if you are looking for more expensive options. And you will have to cross the 4550 thousand rupee price barrier to get a good viewing and smart tv experience for a 4k hdr tv at 55 inches. At thirty six thousand nine hundred ninety rupees. This team is definitely value for money.

It has a good panel. It has good sound output. But it loses out on in depth. Detailed controls for things like brightness and contrast and of course noise.

When it comes to smart features. The tv is a little bleak. So there you have it guys. That was our review of the shingo 55 inch 4k hdr tv as always you can let us know what you thought of this live.

In the comment section below and for more videos like this one you can subscribe to our channel. We will catch you in another video is good bye. For now for the latest technology. Updates.

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