Should You Get an Air Fryer?

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“Music. If you ve been shopping nfor. Small appliances recently for your kitchen. You probably probably nhave seen air fryers around they re relatively recent.

But really popular upbeat music air fryer has a basket nin here that comes out sort of like a fryer basket. But it s sitting in this bucket here and then it has preset settings here you can set the temperature or the time basically. It s a fan that blows hot air around the oven cavity so it s sitting above a heating element. And it s circulating.

The air nall around the oven cavity despite what their name would imply air fryers are just mini convection ovens. Just a convection oven n. Just a convection oven just much smaller just much much smaller. Yeah okay so if it s just a convection oven.

Why are air fryers so popular right now a lot of celebrity nchefs have endorsed them so they ve become very popular they have a very strong nmarketing campaign. We ve been seeing them everywhere. They re advertised as a nmore healthful alternative to deep frying. But since it s nactually convection baking not deep frying.

These companies are sort of comparing napples to oranges right. It s two different cooking processes so when you re traditionally deep frying. You ll get that really crispy exterior. Because the food is ncoming in direct contact with the oil which dehydrates its surface and makes it really crispy this doesn t do that you re baking versus frying.

So what you re telling me is baking french fries in here non the convection setting is the same thing as ncooking your fries in here. Absolutely why not just call it convection well that is a great question. People don t realize what nconvection actually does the term air. Frying is a more it s easily digestable right like people can kind of nimagine.

What that means and use it and we re actually starting to see that a lot of companies are ncalling the convection setting on the oven at your home nor in a toaster oven..

They re just calling nit. The air fry setting for that reason. It s become a buzz word that people know and want so all of these. Things.

Ndo. Convection baking right. What s so great about convection baking. Well convection baking nsort of speeds up the process.

And it s also less prone nto hot spots in the oven. Because the fan is circulating nthe heat around the food you tested a few of these n mhmm. What did you find like nwhat were your experiences. One of the biggest ntakeaways from testing was that since the capacity nis.

So small in these you just can t cook as much food right as you can in a convection toaster oven. If you were to fill it to capacity you would not be able to ncook everything evenly it s so cramped in there that the air can t ncirculate around the food you end up having to do things in like little layers basically. But then you re not making nthat much food at once so if you re trying to feed a family. It s very challenging to get nfood on the table quickly upbeat music overall.

They don t cook as well as just a regular convection toaster oven. Do things get crispy in here. They do n. Compared to this.

I mean n. This is hot. I keep touching it laughing. It s on laughing.

It does get crispy on the nbottom and like on the top where the air is surrounding the food okay..

But a lot of times. If nyou overfill the you know the basket in here. It nwill be soggy in the center. And so one of the issues with these is that you can t fill nthem to capacity right you have to do sort of an neven layer on the bottom to make sure that everything gets crispy.

But then you re only making nabout two servings of food at a time or less like let s just talk about the food. I mean cause that s really right like what this is about right. We have plates of fish sticks. What i saw the most in testing was just that the direct ncontact with the food on the pan will give you better browning right.

Whereas. If it s all ncramped in this little basket and the air is trying to ncirculate the whole thing you re gonna get really nice pieces. But then you re also gonna nget some really pale pieces mhmm and it s just sort of all mixed and some are like soggy on one side cause. It just can t nreach the full capacity of what s in there the same with the fish sticks.

You know we re getting like nice nbrowning on and consistently for all the food in the nconvection toaster oven. Compared to this one upbeat music. This model is 250. Nwhich is the higher end of the air fryers like they range in price.

So. They i think the least expensive one we tested was maybe 50 or 60. But those models did not cook very evenly this model is 160. And you can cook more food in it and in general it ncooked better than this which is 100 more what can you do in here that you well like in here.

You ncan bake a pie in there if you wanted to right it makes a beautiful pie and this even comes with a pizza stone and that s another thing about nthe accessories of these you can buy other naccessories like a pizza pan or a cake pan. And there s nracks that you can buy to like layer the food in there but again. It s just like more stuff for this little appliance. They re all sold separately so that s not that price 250 doesn t include any of the extra right n accessories.

You can use all of the ncake..

Pans and sheet. Pans. You have at home in a regular toaster oven. And you don t need to go nout and buy any more things.

If you wanna use this right this in the long run. We nthink will serve you better when you were roasting those chickens in both of these simultaneously. I noticed that this one is very quiet right n. Like an oven and this one is very loud yeah n.

Like a turbine engine. Yes laughs. This sort of annoying humming sound laughter. The whole time that it s operating.

So that s also something new about these what about non stick coating the non stick coating non the inside of this you know it s well right nnow it s kind of gross because it s oil but it s neventually gonna wear down if you don t wash it by hand you should really try to wash. It by hand even though the manufacturer nmost manufacturers say that you can wash it nwith a dishwasher but you can t wash non stick ncoatings in a dish. I mean you can but nit s gonna wear it down yeah it just it s a fact of life you gotta wash. It by hand and like you gotta be careful with the with metal utensils too you gotta wash that by hand folks yeah and this and that laughing whereas in this it s njust.

A pan that you take out you can throw it in the dishwasher. So it actually ends up nbeing a little bit more work than i think a lot of people expect upbeat music. So they re still very popular. I mean they re not in stores for nothing.

So like n. Right. What does it do right well. It does cook faster nthan.

A convection toaster oven cause of the smaller capacity..

But you just can t cook nthat much food at once. But yes. It is faster so that s a how much faster. We re talking like a few minutes faster.

I mean it sort of depends non what you re cooking. But n a few minutes it s a few minutes. So you re not shaving off that much time. I think one of the most nimportant things to know is that air frying is njust convection baking it s the same thing.

There s no difference there n. Not frying. It s not actually frying not frying n. Yeah.

We re not saying that air fryers ndo. N t work as they should mhmm. It s just if you re coming to this. And you re trying to decide should i get a convection toaster oven or should i get an air fryer.

Well. Then you should definitely get the convection toaster oven cause. It can just do so much more you don t have to buy any other you know accessories to go with it and it just cooks more food at once and overall. It did a better job cooking and it makes toast and it makes toast it looks like yes.

It also nreminds me of a small egg like a small tiny egg laughs. ” ..

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