Sims 3 Live, Laugh, Love Set REVIEW

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“The guys i am sim sweetie and today. I will be doing a review on on the live laugh love set from the sims. 3 store. And this set was to me by the sims lover 75.

So thank you so much we re like youtube. Besties. Now we chat. All the time on skype.

So yeah. I am just going to be filtering. The spy store content. So we can look at what this lovely set from the sims.

3 store comes with so first this is sandra kimball and i just randomize the name. So you know that s just what i came up with and i liked it so. She s just very pretty. And today.

She will be marrying clark called erson. So this is a dress that i picked out for her it is from the set. I think. It s absolutely beautiful and so is her hair.

Here is also from the live laugh love set it has this really pretty kind of like clip thing and it s just this nice texturized bun and i will definitely be using it all the time because it s gorgeous and then so this is just one of the dresses and this set also comes with this one. It is very beautiful like i don t know i love this whole like strappy kind of. Thing. Yeah it s very amazingits oh.

My gosh. I love it so much and then there s this one which i really wish was available for teens. But there s no new things for teens in this set..


And i totally wish there were. But i will definitely be using this a lot because i love the little collar kind of detail and oh. It s just it s so beautiful and gorgeous. I love it okay so now there s this dress.

Which is again amazing. It s a halterneck dress and it s kind of like a green color with the gems and it s so amazingly pretty. I completely adore. It and now there s this one which is kind of like a light blush pink with a little bow on it it s so cute like i love all the wedding dresses and this one is definitely just running it s gorgeous and this was the one that i had him before so i believe that s all the dresses for the young adults yeah.

It is and then yeah now this is trinity mccall yeah. I got the right um and this will be one of sandra s bridesmaids can think of the word there for a second so her hair is from the set and again. It s completely gorgeous. It has little flowers and it s a nice side braid and it s gorgeous and against this is a dress that we tried on sandra and i really love it on trinity.

So yeah and this is sandra s other bridesmaid and her name is angelina bender. So i just picked out this dress for her and this hair is also from the set. Which is definitely one of my favorites. Because it s in a nice bun and that just has this flower kind of headband and it s in a nice pink and green and white and i don t know i should really love it and now this is salina kimball.

Which is sandra s little sister and i have this hair and her which is not from the site its custom content by new sees that s what the icon looks like and i think it looks really pretty. But the thing is i notice that they do have a hair that comes with this set. But it s not available for formal wear so this is the hair that comes with a set. But i thought was not available for formal wire.

So that just is kind of weird because this is like a formal wedding kind of set. But you know whatever it s still very pretty so yeah. I just put that hair on her and then this dress is also from the set and i m not sure what s popping up twice. But you know so this is just what it looks like and it is so cute and girly.

I know i will be using this like for all of my little girls because they are just it s so cute as a little polka dots up here and then the bow in the back. And the little bows on the bottom of the dress. It s just absolutely adorable..


This is clark called erson and he was the chi. He is sandra s fiancee. So i just have this hair from master suite stuff on him. And the other hair earth.

Only hair for men that came with this set is this hair. And it looks like an old hair from the sims. 3 store with a hat on it cuz. I m pretty sure i have that hair but without the hat.

But i still like this little touch of the hat. I think it looks really nice and i m just gonna change her back ok. There we go and now for his tuxes that s a stuff not set back um set. I keep my wanted to call the stuff pack.

It s not a stuff back this set from the sims. 3 store came with so first i just have this one on him. It s a nice tan brown was kind of like a blue color. And i like that scarf tie.

Thing with the little handkerchief and the vest. I think it looks very nice and i have a bunch of different colors. But my favorite would definitely be this one i think it looks really nice and ok so now there s this one so it has a little flower. And again has that same scarf kind of thing and a jacket that like nips in the back whoops didn t mean to do that and yeah you can change the color.

But not on the flower. So yeah my game is being slow. But i definitely really liked this tux cuz you know the base game really came with hardly any texts. So i think that this set is a nice way to kind of expand on that and then the last text is this one so this you can see the little suspenders.

And it has a green tie and a jacket this one s not my favorite. I mean i still like it. But i m just saying it s not like my number one favorite..


But i still think it s very nice and i like it so yes okay so this is sami called erson. Who is clarks little brother and this set did not come with any new hair for the children boys. So i just put the town home from generations. And it did come with one little suit.

It just looks like this it s very similar to the one that i actually put on clark. So that s kind of cool. I like the tan brown and blue mixed together. I think.

It s really cute and again there was like one tux for the boys in the base game. So yeah. If you re really looking for more wedding kind of formal wear. Then you should definitely get this set.

And yeah. So now we re just going to go witness them get married and look at the little venue that i put together to show off the stuff in this set. Okay so we re back. And it s just a little venue that i built to show off the items in this set.

So basically on the sims. 3. Website. You could see the venue that they had but they didn t actually like include it they just included the objects so i tried to come on you know duplicate.

It the best that i could and i think it turned out pretty good and i kind of added. My own little spin on it so guests are just starting to arrive at this wedding. So let me just show you some of the objects. So first we have these chairs that were included and they re really nice so this is supposed to be like mediterranean kind of theme and i really like that it s just such a nice kind of vibe.

And i know there s a dent in the lies because like the lot that i built it on was like weird and yeah. And this is and i blew the planes too we couldn t tell by all the trees so it comes with this fence and the arc. So i think that s really nice can they not sit in those chairs on even though i probably play some i don t even know if they probably can but i don t know i don t know i don t know i don t know i ve said that too many times now so it also comes with these plants and the loom column..


Things butter cookies are at auction end table. And the lights. I believe it from seasons. And it comes with this nice rug.

It has like a mosaic kind of thing. It looks really cool and it comes with this fountain. It s like a lion kind of thing. Yeah.

And i just decorated this is all these flowers and again some podiums and looking very nicely and fence and then up here is where they would actually get married so it has against these art arches arts arcs. I m no hice it sorry i missed sound really stupid and then we have these sculptures and then it s the same on the other side and then if you go inside let me go out of this mode. If you go inside. I just decorated a little bit in here.

I put the stereo and it also came with this picture and i added a dance floor and also get this cake. But i don t think that it s like the cakes that came with link the humans generation. But yeah so they can she like eat the cake so that kind of stinks and so i brought a laptop. And i also added a professional bar dancing with another person so now we re just going to get married yay ok guys so all in all i would definitely recommend the live laugh love set yeah set from the sims.

3 store and the he s so much for the sims lover 75 for gifting this to me please go subscribe to her. Cuz she s. Amazing and she deserves like 19000. Subscribers or a million subscribers.

So yeah just please go subscribe to her and please subscribe to me and yeah. I hope you enjoyed this ” ..

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