Skyrim – Destruction Perks – Worth It?

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“Is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to fight from up it it s s scott here with another worth it video all about skyrim the destruction skill tree particular today we re talking about is destruction worth it the perks in particular well to get into this video. We sort of have to start with an analysis of destruction as a whole obviously. It s cool as fuck and shooting fireballs and lightning and all that kind of stuff from your hands is awesome. And it s effective for a very good part of the game.

However there is the unfortunate truth that destruction is not very viable in the late late game or at least it could be viable. But it s just not as powerful and it really does rely on destruction reduction enchantments. But first let s go through the skill tree so i would say novice apprentice and adept are worthwhile investments to get the perks. Because you can for the game that you re actually using those level spells.

You ll be able to kill the enemies. Quite efficiently with the destruction spells. But once you get to the expert level spells even with a destruction perk. They are very very costly for not a lot of damage.


When compared to things like archery and saws and two handed that you could have as a warrior. So what really it has to rely heavily on destruction reduction from enchantments and what i would say is don t bother get him. An expert perk. Just wait till.

You ve got 100 enchanting and enchant yourself. A set of armor or jewelry or whatever that reduces the destruction cost then you can start using the expert spells more effectively and like actually be able to use them without using you know three shots and you re out of magic. Oh. And also that magic ax is just better off used on other things.

Like maybe illusion spells or conjuration. Spells. And even perhaps alteration and restoration. There s just a lot of other purposes for the magica rather than just damage dealing because theoretically if you invested in archery or swords you could just do that same sort of damage dealing.

But without the cost of magic er anyway..

Let s actually look at the other perks here so their main best ones that we ve got is destruction you re casting and impact and impact is sort of the reason why destruction drill casting is worthwhile. But to be able to basically always stagger an opponent with a dual cast as spell is really really good now it doesn t yield the biggest benefit early on when you can t cast lots and lots and lots of spells. But if you are going real like power gaming sort of late level and you still want to use destruction. The best way if you ve got if you ve essentially got destruction.

Spells costing nothing because of your enchantments and you could just like spam. That thunderbolt or icy spear and stuff and then constantly stagger your opponents. That s a way to get good advantage you can like compete with the swords and archery mainly because of the staggering. But like i say you do sort of really need a power game.

And and get that destruction reduction through enchantments and some people might not like doing that so that one s really up to you i mean the gist of this video is essentially going to be that destruction isn t fantastic in the late game. When you re sort of looking in the level of 4050 upwards basically upwards of 50. I d say it starts to become less efficient and even at the beginning you just deal more damage by using weapons. And so on like me personally.

I like to play you know a combination..

I usually use like illusion or conjuration or alteration restoration. Like the other magic skills. I don t use magic as my main damage dealer just because it is inefficient. It s like basically the only way you can cause damage is by using your magic ax.

Which is like a vital source as for the elemental specializations. They re all pretty worth it both fire lightning and frost are all pretty damn good what i would say though is while icy spear is cool and all the frost magic is cool you are putting yourself at a slight disadvantage. Mainly because there are lots of enemies in scar and with a frost resistance. So you know draaga basically every single dungeon you every go into you re gonna have to deal with enemies that have a 50 resistance.

I think it s a 50 resistance. But its resistance to frost and the same goes with frost trolls and no bears and you know a few harder enemies. But look it s still cool and worthwhile going into. But yeah.

There s not a lot of ways to increase the destruction damage of your spell s besides really wearing the mask..

The dragon priest masks from a dragonborn dlc and using these perks so if you re gonna go to a you know destruction combat character you re really gonna have to invest in at least one of these elemental perks to get the best benefit like if you get pyromancer or oh. Well whatever you re gonna do yeah you get you get the gist basically destruction is limited you can t smith it up you can t enchant. It. And it costs magicka at that so my professional opinion of destruction as a whole is it s not viable in the long run unless you re using enchantments don t bother with master don t bother.

With experts perks because you could just get up to adapt. And then by the time you ve got sort of that far in the game you could get your enchanting up and then enchant yourself. A set where you can get the cost down enough that there s no point wasting a perk. But yeah.

That s pretty much my opinion on the destruction school subscribe for more worth it videos just like this i m scott from fudge muppet and i ll see you next ” ..

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