SkyStream Pro Official Release!!! 8K Video!!!

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“Is the future what s up everybody phil here from sky stream. One of the the co founders bringing you the new sky stream pro so pre orders just started. We will be shipping the pre orders. The second week of february.

So will you have a two and a half week wait and the boxes will be coming your way. The reason for this video is to show you what you ll be getting so the sky stream pro. We actually have one here this is our new box. We just released it has a quad core 64 bit processor i m ali g 31 gpu graphics processor unit one of the only devices on the market right now with up to 8 days streaming wi fi 24.

5 gigahertz internet. Lamp goes up to one gig like usual so we ve beefed up the wi fi and the internet just so you can get better streaming capabilities. Let me show you what it looks like so there s your new..


Sky stream proud sky sugar pro comes with one usb. 30. 2 usb 20. Comes with your s.

Pdif your optical out which works perfectly it comes with your hdmi 21. Your gigabit. It comes with your usbs and a mini sd with 128 gig. Upgradable memory.

So. The box comes. With 4..


Gigabyte. Ram. 32. Gigabit of internal memory.

With an expansion of 128 here s the house apart. We ve always had these remote so it kind of worked and done a pretty good job. But we got tired of those usb dongles got tired of ir. So we eliminated.

All that and we got a runner up. Now. This remote is now bluetooth and air mouse and voice control..


So the cool part about this remote is there s no more dongle needed it works perfect. It s got the air mouse built in it. Even has voice built in so we could talk to google the sky. Stream proud andrew at 900 android tv so everything works perfectly we ve tested all the apps comes loaded with a ton of free content that you can stream plug and play ready take this box brad you plug it in bluetooth remote automatically pairs set up your wi fi login to your google account and all your suggestions start popping.

Up it s as simple as that listen pre orders started today 1 2499 box ships second week of february. This is by far the best box. We have ever released and icing on the cake. The first box.

We ve ever released with true ota over the air updates. So this box will always stay up to date. And if we ever find a bug or want to add something new to this all we do is push a button and it downloads right to your device..


So you re always up to date. So remember head over the sky stream xcom pre order your box. We have limited quantities available for the first shipment that s shipping. The second week of february get on it 124.

Hyundai guarantee you won t be upset see this is the future. ” ..

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