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“How s it going everyone. It s all over here. And i m you at at the review for you of the swing box solo streaming device by sling media. This is a really interesting device.

I thought while i was using it i really took it to the test i put it through its paces and it really came out as one of the top products of its class. Now. There aren t too many products that do the same thing as the sling box as much as the capabilities. That it has so a couple of things that i can do here first of all what the sling box is to streaming device.

So really what it does is any source that you have connected to it through a standard cable or the composite av cable can actually go ahead and stream. It all over your network to either your mac your pc your iphone your ipad your ipod touch or really any device. That is compatible you can also purchase the apple in the app store which would let you have it on your ipad on your iphone. But currently there s no ipad app so so you d actually have to use the upscaled iphone app in that case so the sling box all has two capabilities it can actually go ahead and stream.

The media from your tv cable box your dvr your dvd player and recorder your apple tv really any streaming device even your video and security camera and stream. It to any of the devices or even your computer or ever you ll be streaming it to your dvr is really the basic kind of dvr box that you ll be using to really watch tv on the go. So. It is a really nice device it will run you 179.

Now. There are two models of the sling box currently in stock there s actually the pro hd model. Which is a little more it has it had some more capabilities as an hd you can actually go 1080i on that model which would run you about 299. Compared to the 179 model of the sling box so low you know slingbox actually has a couple of retailers authorized dealers that would include best buy fry s electronics and compusa so you do have some nice retailers over there to get you the product that you need at a nice price so at the current moment really the sling box solo only has a standard definition.

But it is capable of hd streaming if you do have hd compatible device so in the box you get a sling box. Solo. You also get the ac adapter. An ethernet cable quick start guide composite av cable and the control ir cable.

Which would actually be the infrared cable that connects to your cable box right on top to control the channel and streaming so anyway. It is a really nice product. Very small not too big for the slingbox solo and its size. But it really can do a lot so let s get right to it here and i ll show you what it actually can do alright guys.

So the first thing that you ll actually need to get started using your sling box is a mac or pc..

So you can either go. With each one you can also stream it right from this link box website. Which is a really nice feature. If you don t have the application installed.

But the application is a free download you will also need a high speed internet connection. Now. If you do not have a high speed internet connection. You really can t really take advantage of what this link box has to offer you know it really can be laggy.

Even over wi fi. If your wi fi connection. Is not even up to par or. It is up to par.

But if you use ethernet you re really better off with that it ll look you can actually take full advantage of what it has to offer um. You ll also need a home network router. Which would be what this link box would be capable to connecting to so here s the sling box itself pretty small compact not too big and it is pretty light for its matter so in the front. We do have the network lighting right here.

And we do have the power lighting. Which lets us see that we are connected to the power and our network. So the network is pretty important since that s how i ll be using your sling box. You see it does have a nice feeling to it has kind of like a plastic cover on it which really does bring out its nice design right here as you can see.

But really what we re worried about here is the ports. So really what do you get here that is compared to this link box pro edition. That you don t get with each. So right here we do have the reset button.

Which is pretty standard on both devices we have the power we have the network. Which is basically an ethernet port which lets you connect a usb and audio l. And our left and right and a video with is the yellow one right there we have an s video. Which is another way to next to our cable box or a set top box.

And we do have our composite cables with our ir connection right there..

And the ir connection will have to be connected right on the top on the infrared of your set top box or your dvr or whatever you re going to be connected to so. Make sure you do have that set on your device. Now this actually is a device that is pretty standard. Which you can connect it to so you can even connect it actually to your xbox 360 your ps3 your nintendo wii and streamlining that to your device to actually record your gameplay even so really let s say you actually had your xbox 360.

And you want to actually take advantage of your sling box instead of getting another pvr or whatever else that is on the market and let s say you actually want to you know record your gameplay. Well you can do that with the sling box. All you would have to do is put your source right to your sling box. Which it would be this link box solo or the pro edition and stream that right to your mac or pc.

And record. The screen. And you have your game play right with nice quality one really nice highlight of the sling box. Which i think really stands out and brings one of the best qualities of the sling box.

And what it can do is really i can depend on it. And you don t really have to worry about it overheating. Even if you keep it on for one of the longest times. So for example.

I actually kept the sling box on for about two to three weeks. And i didn t even have to worry about it overheating. Well sometimes it would get unplugged just because it would fall out or whatnot. But other than that i really don t have to worry about any problems with the sling box.

It just sits right on top of my dvr box everything is going fine with it all the ir cables and every cable is connected to it and nothing has to be worried about even if you re streaming it like 24 7. Through your network. Your network won t even get tired of it it is really nice you can actually make a separate proxy server for that now i m just to run on either your ipad your iphone your mac or even your pc which is really nice so let s get actually to the iphone and see how it performs on the iphone and also the mac alright guys. We re on the iphone now and this is actually going to be the first device.

We re gonna be testing the swing player app. On now as i said the swing player app will run you 29 on the apple app store. Which is a little i see. But i think you do have if you would like to actually enjoy your slingbox on a couple of other devices.

And you do have an iphone..

I think that s the best way to go at it to take full advantage of your device. So as you can see the sling player app is loaded on my home page. We re going to go ahead and launch. It now the nice feature about the sling player app is on the iphone is that you can actually stream.

It on 3g as well. Which is a really nice feature so even. If you don t have a wi fi connection present to you you can run it over 3g. But we re going to be running it on wi fi for this time so we re gonna click connect put in my sling box information there it s going to be locating it connecting it and then starting this link player.

And there we are we re loaded on the sling player right now watching tv. That s being streamed right from my cable box and we can have really every feature that we would have on our normal remote so we can go to guide click guide and we are routed right to our guide right here. We can go and fast forward play replay go back whatever we would like right here. We could even close the window and we re watching nice tv.

And it s pretty decent quality. If you say and this is on an 802 11 wi fi network. We can go ahead and click our options see what we have here which would be our different audio. We can have audio only in not video.

We can stretch it have it standard really every feature. We would like you and there we go we have nice quality here on the on the sling player now on the ipad. It s actually really easy to access the sling player app. It is an upscale iphone app.

So i do have the same application loaded on both the ipad and iphone so it is really nice that the ipad can actually handle the iphone applications so let s go ahead and click sling player on here and see how it stands out as you can see it is up scaled. So i can go lower and bigger. So really that is a hopefully gonna be a feature that sling box or sling media will implement into their next application to have a ipad support so let s go ahead click that and click connect and as you can see we are on the same window as we were on my iphone. Now only one device can be streaming at a time.

The sling player and as you can see we re on the same channel on espn here. But only one channel or only one user can be streaming to the sling box. So you cannot even if two people are licensed or can be allowed to watch on the same sling box. Only one can be viewing at a time.

And it will prompt you and say that you have a couple of people right on your sling box right now..

So as you guys can see right now. I am viewing it on the ipad and right now we re going to switch to the desktop and as you can see right here that the sling box. It says. It s currently being used by someone else um.

It says by iphone spm so sling player mobile is using my sling box right now so it needs an administrator password. So let s say i go ahead and put the password in now go ahead and click ok. Here. It s gonna connect to kick off me on my ipad and actually start the stream on the sling player and then i go back on my iphone or on my ipad in this case.

And it says another authorized user is viewing this sling box. Do you want to disconnect the user. So i can really kick off with it whoever is on it so i can click yes. And we re back to watching our sling box on our own ipads.

So that is a really nice feature you really can take full charge of your sling box. A security wise. Which is a really nice feature so to really sum it up. I believe that the sling box is a really really nice investment.

If you would like to really take care of your whole. Homie tv and media resources on the go now what i mean by that is if you want to watch tv. While you re gone at work or if you re on a trip or even you want to watch a nice game that will be playing on the tv. But you can t really see it and you want to see it on the go i think the sling box does a really nice job of bringing that to you now the only thing is is that it s a little pricey as i said you can get the sling.

Box solo for 179 in the slingbox pro system for about 299 and the slingbox pro system does come with hd streaming compatible with itself plus more inputs and outputs oh i thought that was gonna be a little more pricey investment. But i think slingbox did a really nice job of bringing their products to the level that it can perform at the really nice price so i hope you guys enjoyed this review. And if it s your first time watching one of my videos please make sure to comment rate and subscribe and also rate a thumbs up in that case because it really does help me out you can also follow me on twitter for exclusive updates. And actually giveaways on all my new content.

And also videos. Upcoming videos and more anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and for ” ..


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