Sony MDR-ZX770BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

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“Back guys game were true here with my follow up video to the unboxing of of the sony mdr zx 7 7 0 bluetooth headset. I ve had these for weeks now and highly recommend it i got these for hundred dollars at best buy they retail for one hundred and fifty. But i had a 50 off coupon you can see here it s got a nice metallic look to it see your buttons here this rocker here switches songs you can play and pause and answer phone call through that your volume up and down there here s your charger you re charging usb port there s your mic your reset button and then your power button and you can see the led is blue there when i did the unboxing video. I thought they felt cheap and they do they re really really light.

But that s a good thing. That s what you want for it for a headset. You know. This is not super.

Cheap you put it on the sound is good you get good good bass. They re not super bass. Heavy..


There s a version for that that you can get that actually are branded as extra bass. Those sound great they re just a little bit bigger than this little bit heavier. But i wanted something light for me so i took these running no issues you don t get you know you re not bouncing all over the place and they re not falling off. They work perfect.

I don t even have to take my phone with me because i use it with my apple watch here it works fine. I also have used it with my sony ps vita and it works fine no issues no problems good sound also use it with my mobile phone obviously and i connected it to my ps4. But it said that it didn t recognize the profile that was being used i didn t find a way around it i didn t really go out there looking for a solution. But i did see that it recognized it so maybe there ll be an update that ll come out for it like that i really do like the hits.

It took it to work. I ve used it at work got a lot of compliments on it a lot of people liked it i used them outside to mow the lawn redoing my kitchen so i took down all my cabinets and was outside with a sander. This worked fine..


They don t hurt your ears at least. They didn t hurt mine now. That you know it might not be the same for everybody. But these did not hurt my ears and i had it on for hours at a time and speaking of that the battery life is 17 hours.

I ve had this for two weeks used it nearly every day. Not for you know the whole day during the that testing time. But i still haven t had to recharge it so really good on the battery life there 17 hours pretty good. But one thing.

I would recommend is if you re going on the trip or something to get one of these like battery chargers. I ve got this this is from ankur. I took this overseas during my vacation over the christmas holiday six months ago..


And this thing works wonders. But yet you can charge that headset with this so if you have one of these throw these in your bag. You re good to go the cable. The charging cable for this headset.

It s kind of a kind of short not too bad i ve seen shorter cables. But this one s not that bad it works fine. So yeah no real issues with the headset. It holds the connection fine.

I didn t lose any bluetooth connectivity works with multiple devices. My apple watch my laptop. My ps vita..


It works with a lot of stuff cell phone obviously and i definitely recommend it the battery lasts forever and it s it s a good package really lightweight no issues whatsoever they sounds really good and i you know i tried the the in earbud thing. And i just i can t get with those things man. Those things just don t sound good to me and spending 200 on on in earbuds and and they don t they don t hold a candle to these headsets. You know and this is not the the highest model.

They have you know they have more expensive headsets and i m talking in terms of sony and this one just sounds a bit 450 bucks highly recommended you know let me know what you guys think all right guys. Thanks for ” ..

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