Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 Review

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“You love from people you trust. This is tweet hi. I m. Tanya hall.

The the host of marketing mavericks. Here on twit tv. And i m going to review product from sony. It is the sony in wz a 17 walkman yep that s right.

I said walkman and i tell you what it is actually pretty cool. I mean. It s been a while since we ve seen walk winds..


But this one is a little bit different. It s a high res audio listening device. Which isn t exactly anything that s out there right now that s like this so. It really is appealing to the music fan that s into high res audio.

It s it s better than cd quality music. It s at 192 kilohertz or 24. Bit. It s something that you re not going to be able to just listen to an mp3 player or your phone in fact they would say most of us probably listen to music now on mobile devices.

And this is sony s attempt to give you the high res version of that same experience. So the device does a lot of different things that are the similar things that you would find on like an mp3 player or other mobile devices. It s got fm radio..


Photos. Videos you can listen to podcasts like this week in tech or maybe marketing mavericks you can see here the menus pretty simple. There s a video on the display the sound quality. I have to say is pretty amazing you can actually hear the breaks between instruments.

It s a really interesting experience. It does have bluetooth capability. But candidly if you re interested in using nfc or bluetooth. It s not going to pay off because again this is high res and you re not going to get that high res quality.

It comes with 64 gigabytes of storage. But it also has a place for a micro sd card. And you can add another 128 gigabytes of memory..


So you re going to need that for these high res file sizes the amount of hours that you re going to get on this is if you re listening to i don t know like lower end like mp3 type music. They say you can get 50 hours. But if you re listening to high resolution. It s probably going to be maybe closer to around 30 hours.

And it is pretty easy to charge it does come with a charging cable and it was fairly quickly. I charged it so let s talk about pros and cons. The pros are it s got great sound and you can actually hear like i said the space between instruments. I loved the music with this it was a it was really really didn t want to take take off my.

Headset but you know there are some some cons to. Price it s 299. That s pretty expensive so if you ve got a way to listen to music or you may be used in mp3..


Or you use your phone that might be a better solution for you i wouldn t buy this just for listening to podcasts or fm radio or some of the other added features. I would get this for music. Only and you re going to need headphones that are going to accommodate the high resolution. So that s going to be another added expense.

It also doesn t have wi fi and there s no it s doesn t it s not a touchscreen which i think is kind of a mess. But that could be coming so i would say that if you re interested in really refined listening quality with music or you know somebody who is and you re looking for a gift idea. It is a walkman so there s kind of the nostalgia in that at 35 years. I think sony s trying to make a comeback with their walkman device.

But i would say it is a buy i m tania hall and this has been the ” ..

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