Soundsoul Water Dancing Speakers

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“What s up everybody. It s your boy floss back again with another video and and today we re going to take a look at the sound soul fountain theatre this looks hot right here first up let me show you the website real quick. So you can see where to get it from go to you should have it calm. I ll throw the link up in the description all right so we got the sound soul water dancing speakers.

Now the price for this two hundred and forty nine ninety nine. So you re looking at two hundred and fifty bucks pause this to read it for yourself. If you want. But let s go through some of the features real quick you got high quality colorized water dancing fountain speaker for your iphone ipod ipad pc mp3 and mp4 now to speaker can shoot water into the air while dancing to the rhythm of your music the multicolored led lights reflect water off reflect off the water as it shoots out of the bass creating many awesome visual effects that it streams music from your audio devices such as cell phones pdas mp3 players pcs and laptops you got a creative design.

Lightweight and compact a great decoration for your desk. Iso 250 bucks for this let s check it out now big giant bucks can t even get it all the way in the focus let s see if there s anything we need to talk about on the box. Let s see total power 16 watts okay. 12.

Volt. Supply subwoofer rotating dancing effect let s see on this side we got fantastic reflecting images on ceiling. I saw they reflect off the ceiling you got touch volume control changes the volume settings and adjust the volume differences by 12 led indicators you got eight straight water jets in the subwoofer okay rotating jets in the satellite 21 channel speaker system looks good so far multicolored leds greater reliability compatible with any 35 millimeter audio inline device such as desktops laptops mobiles basically everything off the website okay so that s pretty much it so. Let me grab the little unboxing knife shout out to the little unboxing knife back on deck.

Also real quick if you i noticed that the video too a little bit crazy. I m experimenting with some new lights. Some new uh. Some new color effects with the camera so hit me up in the comments and let me know if you like it like this or you i want to go back to the to the dog dungeon status alright.

So let s not keep it moving all right. So let s pop this open real quick. Let s see what you get inside okay. So.

Here s your here s your power supply let s see what this is this looks like some speaker wires stay nice and thick though look how thick these wires are nice and thick. I like that already all right let s see if i can move around here all right now. I can t see what i m looking at right now. But here s the book you get the speaker s out of here real quick.

Okay that is water in here already..

I can see it it s one of the speakers second speaker second speaker. I guess pretty much it so let s follow this out the way now let s look at the speaker s itself all right so now we can zoom down a little all right so here s your main speaker. Here s your other speakers. Now sit not too much water in here just a little bit of water and your other speaker.

Nice matte finish to it though doesn t feel cheap at all one mini usb connection so where forget. It s out let s take a look at the book real quick. Let s read the book. We read the book now we re going to figure this out on our own alright.

So let s see here go. Some buttons right here. Power bass up bass down playing pause. Okay.

That s all touch led buttons let s see on the back. When we got here this looks like i m trying not to spill the water out too much this let s see that looks like the power cord. There s your right and left channel and audio in i real simple right and left audio in and power alright. So what i m going to do now.

I m going to pause the video real quick. I m going to try off all the lights and we ll do a little demonstration and we ll see how this looks now. I m hoping that just looks dope because this is something right here that s going to go directly into the man cave. This is a nice little visual effect alright.

So talk amongst yourself for a second let s get these these are things connected real quick. All right joss. We ll be back in now. I just plugged in the speaker.

I just tested it out real quick and i got to tell you how this is sick hi. This is completely sick now as far as connecting the speaker. Really simple all you have to do is plug in the side speakers using the cables that came with it there are mini usbs plug them both in no. Speaker wire.

Necessary now this is the 35 millimeter auxiliary cable..

That came with it you can use this if you have a non bluetooth device. But if you have bluetooth just connected using your bluetooth technology alright so let s look at the buttons real quick. Let s hit the power that s what it looks like when you power it on now you have your rotating. This is touchscreen right here.

I said you rotate the volume up and down using the touchscreen you got power button playing pause bass up and bass down. Really simple really simple now. I m going to turn off the lights real quick. So you can get an idea of how hot this is this thing s look completely it looks completely dope all right now it should have connected to my phone.

I already paired it up to the nexus. Let s just double check all right so it s paired up with the nexus. I guess 280 a wd. I danced in water speakers.

So let s get some music take it to the soundcloud here s the song. We re going to use so group universe purchase the tracks look for yourself let me crease. The face of it look at that oh all right yo now you i can t see it with the video. But it s reflecting off the ceiling.

The whole ceiling right now is colorful right now it looks crazy. But the speaker actually does sound pretty good so. What i ll do now let me turn the bass. Let me turn the bass.

All the way down and welcome will let the music play with no bass and then we ll put the maximum bass and you can hear it for yourself alright. So let s take it back to the music. Let s get small value. You know what y all.

Make sounds. Great crikey shush them open all right. Now you heard. It that s no base all right.

So let s turn the volume down a little bit let s go to maximum base..

We ll start off with. But let s say 30 volume with maximum base let s take it back to the music. Hey. The parsifal fang drop.

Okay okay okay do i i heard that track in a minute gotta kind of hide back in all right now whoo. This speaker sound dope with minimum value it sounds pretty good with minimum bass. It sounds pretty good but i got it on maximum volume with maximum base and yes. I said value not volume it s the difference maximum value d sound awesome.

Now you can t get the full effect from the video. But the whole room is like right now it s like a bluish a bluish hue to the whole room when you walk away and you see this from far away and look sick so if you got the man cave. I have you got the princess. The princess palace.

If you got the lion s den wherever you got the game room. This is going to be a nice little centerpiece right here and the thing. I like about it minimum connection. No speaker.

Why is necessary no fancy installation. All you got to do is plug it in the hardest part about setting this up was getting all that styrofoam that came in the box getting it off. While wiping it off the speaker. That was the hardest part about this other than that all you got to do is wipe it down get the fingerprints off set this up in a nice area.

And you re good to go so on a scale of 1 to 10. I m giving this a solid win 250 bucks for this this is more than just a speaker. Now if you want to rock. It as up as a bluetooth speaker.

Do that but this is something that s going to be a little showpiece. Right here imagine right now the netflix and killer activities. You got some keeps wet. So mary j.

Blige or kelly playing softly on the background..

Now look jack haven. I can t even demo that kind of music because of the copyrights on so i always use my nephew s music and all that but any music that you play think about how it s going to look with this water speaker. It s going to look sick. It s going to look sick so hit me up in the comments.

Let me know what you think about this one on a scale of one to ten. I m giving this a win everybody that rock with me on facebook foursquare twitter google shout out to all the goo gangsters i see a holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody rock on me on instagram y all. Know that s where i m at full time. On a percent full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the amazon warrior on sundays.

Yall already know stream gangstas on deck. Get your drinks ready no meat boys allowed oh yeah one more thing almost forgot. Fellas. Ladies.

Say. It. With me. All y all.

Haters or y all. Trolls. Close your eyes. A picture.

Me. Rollin. Your boy floss. I m out deuces might as well let the track ride away madness educational.

Just sing you some cases cause no matter and flushing polish cuz. One yeah. ” ..


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