SPARKFOX $30 VR Headset Holder Stand HTC VIVE PSVR Oculus CV1

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“Has the right welcome back to another video and today we re gonna check out out something that i ve wanted to check out for the longest time and that be a simple vr headset stand. Now the last time i checked with a while ago. And i did not find any affordable or available headset stands being sold on amazon or pretty much anywhere. And luckily back to john and touch and asked me if i want to review any vr product.

I served up the website and i happen to find this headset stand and right before recording this video. I checked your amazon and seemed like there are rebrand with the exact same headset here. And it feels like this is the original headset from its color scheme and box. It feels like this is the original company.

But who knows one thing for sure is that there s a ton of rear end of this thing. So without further ado. Let s get right to it so take a look the box here it looks pretty promising. But it s kind of beat up during shipping.

But it does claim to be able to hold an htc. 5. Gb. One as well as eps vr.

So again that s pretty compatible well. There s not as much as hopefully. It comes out like that and box comes out it s all nice orange and opens up from here. And you get a bunch of stuff.


So you get a manual as an english pretty straightforward and it shows how you can mount your headsets on it but also show you how to set it up so cycle then just a bit seems like some kind of warrants stuff so in chinese and some parts. So we go one you get two three four and five. And that seems to be about it to the spa alright. So see is that the base so much bubble wrap.

We got something more stuff. So the plants to cure. It does feel pretty cheap. It s like wait wait is to be expected obviously at this price point.

And it s not too bad honestly it doesn t feel too bad. But let s see how what it is when it s put together. So that s how you set it up um pretty straightforward. It seems so let s see how long that would take first we attach this it actually slides in pretty nicely actually pretty satisfying when you click it in and next step you want to take the base here.

I ll slide that right in there then you take this thing and rotate it pretty solid and finally things like this thing will just clip in right in there. And honestly this actually came in really nicely. And i m kind of surprised and everything clicked in in a very satisfying way it honestly felt really satisfying clicking everything it just went in without any issue. And everything was perfect during the assembly process so now the real test is how is it going to hold my htt five or whatever i have here.

So let s go ahead and grab an htc vive. We ll d do logs on this crap pop it in there and see what it looks like or so i assume. According to pictures. It s supposed to sit in life so and this graph looks loosen it up and a that s actually not bad now.


Let s do what the cable management is like so i feel like this is supposed to be easily taken on and off when you want to quickly unravel the cable. So let s see how i m going to be able to wrap the cable around here. Actually let me go ahead and set this up and see what it looks like on my desk. I think that will be a better test here so here s a quick comparison of how i had to have stuff set up before basically i have the cable traveled up like that and has that just sits on top of the cable.

And that s it and pretty much the controls and break our box on top of my computer. And that s how i ve been using it for lis past whatever time and here s what the head. So it looks like now with stan now. I ve got to say it does look much nicer.

And it s actually very nicely displayed it s pretty nice but overall. I gotta say it does make a big difference now one thing about the cable management here. I feel like it s going to stress out the vibes cable. Way too much i m having to wrap up through volumes cable around the cylinder probably everyday.

It s probably not a good idea. It s going to cause the cable to scratch too much and probably break very soon if you re wondering how easily wants to wrap up the cable. It s actually pretty simple if you take a look here this quick release so i can wrap it in or take it out when i want to get started. And just pretty much unravel like so and just put it in back in there.

And i m ready to go the cables already unraveled. But once again unraveling and rambling. It every day probably going to cause the cables too much stress so i m probably just gonna use my old method of just having it loose around the table and not cause the cable to my strength. But i got to say overall it does look much nicer and it is a big big improvement.


But i had to just sitting down on the table and collecting dust then we could have it very nicely displayed on my desk safely and you gasps eh looks pretty nice so for the htc vive what i recommended i would say yes big air for the htc. 5. Is much much nicer like this so go ahead and check out some other tactics. All right up next.

We have the hp mix reality headset and this one actually benefits way more than the htc vive since it is very easy to set up and it does have a very flexible cable and something like this actually might be very good for a developer. And this is where you can actually store the pc ports in these grooves. Right here which i kind of don t recommend because you can see how how tight. It is it doesn t feel too good and now that i m trying to check it out it actually is causing a ton of stress on this cable.

So i m trying to get it out safely maybe don t recommend putting it in there so turning to the cable management. A tray avoids the grooves they might cause some damage to your cable. But overall for an hb mix rattling head. So that looks pretty good and here s what the timex looks like so it s kind of weird with the pi max.

The cables here are too thin. So they might not grip as well as other headsets. But that s good at least. They re not getting damaged another thing you know watch out for is.

When you set the test setup is probably going to slip and fall in like that which is the strap. Because there is no structure to it basically and you just got to get it right and from one just set it up like i do and yeah. Once again it looks pretty good very neat and listen block then we have vd pony and then we re just going to go ahead. And do a quick round of a bunch of different cardboard headset and all in ones.


Let s go alright. So you can have to take a look at a bunch of different headset set up on the stand right here and i m going to say. It s actually pretty impressive. It s pretty good it s pretty cheap and i did see a lot of negative reviews.

I haven t got a chance to read them. But the only complaint. I probably have is this thing right here. It s not bad it does work but once again it s probably gonna express your cable.

So i don t recommend using it too much whoa that being said the setup process the build quality. It s actually fairly good and pretty acceptable for the price point. So yeah. That s actually pretty much it for this video.

It s a 30 headsets and and it does the job in certainly impressive it looks nice and it keeps things nice and tidy. The assembly process and the build quality weren t bad at all they re actually pretty good and i really enjoyed setting it up and using it so again it s pretty impressive if you guys are interested a little links in the description below and you against that assumption for this video. So thing as for watching because i m sure that s been offend helpful. If you did hit that like button and subscribe and cut like this and i ll see you guys.

” ..

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