Sphero R2-Q5 Unboxing and Review ! Best RC Droids? Z1 Gaming

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” s going on everybody s z here and today. We re doing we re doing doing an unboxing. I know it s exciting. But with star wars just coming out was just at best buy and they had this guy.

Right here he was on sale for. 4999 so normally they were like 199. And i don t know why but they re like getting discounted like crazy right now. So.

If you were buy a. Best. Buy. And you want.

One of these. Little. R2. Q.

9s. Or q5. Sorry. R2.

Q. 5s. Then head on over. There.

So you guys liked the video. Don t really like it already don t forget to subscribe as well so as you see right here. I do have a bb. 8.

I did get this a while ago and they re just fun to play with if you never play with the sphero. It s just a remote control ball right. And it s fun. They have a little star wars.

Branding stuff like that so this is actually not a ball. Though so that s why it s kind of curious to check this guy out. But um little bb. 8.

Right. Here. I don t have they have an r2d2 and then they have a bb 9e..


I don t have those yet. But let s get into it so this guy look at that boom box right there. So we got some tape on the back here and these are controlled with just a smartphone app and naval kind of thing and supposedly they interact with each other so i m kind of curious about that to see like what they do is they re actually kind of like that guy good guy fan thing. I guess depending on what side you re on depending where side you re on so.

Let s see here tape twine you gotta be kidding me i ll stab myself. This is not a sharp knife each invested sharper knife apparently alright come on and actually we don t want to fall out. We don t want to fall. Oh.

My gosh so i ve never actually even seen one of these guys. Oh. He s super shiny. He s super shiny.

Where s like interesting look how shiny. He is he s like super shiny. That s cool ha. I like it ok so there s that guy.

See what else is in the box. And download the app little cut out for him open this okay we got ourselves a charging cable. So i don t think there s a base like this guy has a base for it to charge wirelessly because it s a ball. So you can t plug it in any other way okay.

I think this is i think it s all it s inherently almost in here. See what else is in there if there s anything i don t think there s anything else. No is not that s it that s it okay and then we got this guy is there anything else in here is that it that s it we get a cable and this i guess all right so i think the r2d2 actually has a the third little member. The third leg or whatever okay.

So this is a has like little tracks right here all right so let s see you know what didn t come with a power brick. Didn t come with a brick to charge to think in here. I really don t okay. Let s see let s read a little manual here this is uneventful that s so weird.

Normally it comes with like a quick start huh. There s anything else in here. That s weird let my this guy came with like a little quick start guide and everything. But this one just doesn t have anything else don t think nope nope empty box alright throws over here so i have the smartphone app already installed of course you have to um.

I don t know if it s gonna work we ll see i m gonna imagine we got to plug it in i imagine when i grab to plug it in and see if it works. But the app work the app for this thing is actually pretty neat. I ll turn the volume up so you guys can hear it makes little sounds. See you see it s like oh loading all right except i mean.

It s cool it s cool all the sounds come from your phone. They don t come from the actual little droid himself. I don t think maybe this guy does i don t know..


But uh okay let s get over here and connect you know searching for nearby droids this guy s gonna pull off right away i don t like this one s gonna fall off right away. Though all right we got a bb. 8. Okay.

Let s plug him in and we ll be all right back all right so i got him connected he had to update. But uh. This is pretty cool. I gotta say how cool is that it s right.

I was like i was like there s there s more than two legs. That s like i know there is it s right there how cool is that okay so drag to aim rotate on your screen until your droid faces away from you to have ready okay all right so he s away from me perfect okay. It s good. Oh.

My gosh. This is so cool. So the app looks like this and right here you just control it and there s like different emotions and stuff. What s cool about this guy is his head moves.

It has these like lights. How much you can see there s one. There. There s also a green one on the back.

Oh okay come back here. Oh whoa okay. So this table is very tiny oh. It s so cool i love it okay.

So let s see what some of the little emotes it does like these little mouths. Let s hear the system. I don t know what that it oh we kind of like walked it stuff. I think that s like the little angry mode.

All right. It s so cool was this oh. It s like a little crash like it knocks itself over that s funny. What s this one do they like dances around okay.

And there s different pages. So there s always little emote like icons right here and there s like there s pages of them pages. He s gonna fall over okay all right so yeah. He s definitely cool it s fast all right now let s see let s see if we can get him to interact with another guy thomas mode.

Enable autonomous interactions with humans or droids and connect to a different droid okay. So we ran connect to bb. 8..


Here and see if they interact all right so. What it looks like it looks. Like i actually have to like kill the app and get him are are qq5 to actually initiate it so we know this we re going to turn off the app and we re gonna see if they start like interacting with each other we ll see it says. It says it could take up to three minutes for the snap.

So a little bit of a cut here. Oh okay. Things are happening lights are coming. On.

They were off. Let s go. No. All right bb.

8. Ran away its head popped off. And i think it stopped the actions. But we re gonna try it again.

We re gonna wait here to see if it happens again that was pretty funny. I gotta say that was like absolutely hilarious. I need to block it too it s like don t roll out of this area. We ll see what happens.

But he makes sounds by himself and it says in the app that bb. 8. Cannot actually like start the actions. But it can participate them which makes sense.

Because he doesn t have any like built in microphones right like that but it says be benign. He can so i wonder if he s built a little differently maybe. He s like head is different. I don t know i don t know we ll see we re gonna wait and see what happens again it should i think hopefully happen again.

We ll see all right lights coming on again. We re gonna block this area don t run away. He s probably run away because he s the bad guys haha nope. Not running away no no you re staying here.

You re hanging out with us. I think that s it i think i think that s all they do interaction wise. So let s uh let s get back into the app. Let s play things two more it will do some like final thoughts alrighty.

So we re back in here. We got drag him to aim him i hope you need to go the other way this. Way..


Perfect. Yeah. We just drive around how neat. Oh oh ii.

Almost fell off. So. How this guy. Works.

Is yes. Okay. All right. He has tracks right here in here.

And then this foot is like a sliding foot so it ll cause a it ll just allow it to like drag. A source now i would say that don t play with this on carpet. It s not gonna work on carpet at all probably. But hard services.

Definitely will i mean this thing is super cool so i do eventually want to get them all i want to get them all i want to get you know maybe 90 and r2d2. But i m just wait for them to go on sale because they re like still like over 100 apiece. But oh yeah and they re super cool i like though i don t know why they re like all going on sale and stuff. But i mean how cool is that i m actually really surprised.

I was a little worried that his sphero has been known for their their ball the ball. This essentially bb. 8. Without the head.

And they have other like versions of it too. So. I was kind of curious of like how they did this. And i think they also have like a cars and a spider man.

I don t know i don t know. But the star wars. The drought and just the droids that s that s what i like that s what i m into so on. But yeah i hope you guys enjoyed we did don t really like given already don t forget to subscribe as well i m probably doing a couple more boxes.

There s a few more things that i have that i like show off and pretty much get out and play with yeah. I hope you guys doing. ” ..


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