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” s up guys. My name is manuel we are back with more star wars rebels rebels run up so. 7. Is called kindred so last episode.

We saw rider. We sabine you saw ezra. I we saw. Tron ezra run sabine.

So well sabine really stole the tide defender and obviously thrones not stupid. We all know throw incest. If he s always a step ahead of you he put a switch on a kill switch on it so the wings just flew off the fucking tide defender so they crashed. But sabine decided to take the hyperdrive yeah.

The hyperdrive and they got the the navicomputer or something like that to have you know they ve like all the information about the tie fighter in that navicomputer or something like that or whatever. It s called and stuff and then we saw the biggest. What i loved was the lo. The loaf wolf was just amazing.

I just loved seeing that wolf and it was just funny how they couldn t see it so i really want to figure out what that shit was at the time and it was just i don t know what it is honestly. It was pretty cool to you know see something different in the episode. And i really enjoyed it i was i loved it i really did love it i just love see how thrown was in there trying to you know figure some shit out. He was a badass than that why he didn t give a shit you see him shooting.

The pistol at the tide defender as well that was a pretty cool scene as well. But i think my favorites are seeing the low fourth to be honest. I think that was my favorite part of the episode. I was actually really cool you know but we re gonna check out this next episode guide is called kindred so let s go you know to get the hyperdrive.

Figured you go i wanted to stay these two lovebirds. It s funny no matter. What happens we always end up back here on the phone. Well lazzara has a strong connection to this place.

It is his home well. We knew as well we were drawn here. The mission was here there were a lot of missions in a lot of places. But we kept coming back are you saying we were meant to come here maybe to meet ezra oh.

No something like that everything s meant to be. But there s more to it i m just not sure what we have recovered your prototype granddad. Oh here we go. But it s data recorder and hyperdrive are gone.


The rebels will attempt to deliver the recorder to the rebel command in hopes of studying the tide event a design for a weakness. I was too cumbersome for the rebels to have carried it far on foot. They must have hidden it in the area which is why i ve dispatched specialized assistance to your age over here someone jai keep watch over here somewhere all these rocks look the same it was dark and we just crashed. I didn t have time to make a map.

It s right there when in doubt follow the love game. You re kidding right. Oh. God who who s this as you must know i m governor pryce.

I assume you are franz assassin. He doesn t he doesn t care ezra. We have a problem how the guy sounds like zuko yes. Died you know that s definitely the voice of zuko.

Though avatar last airbender checked out this area and found nothing should we continue our search. Oh you suck. It s bridget. Did they at least get the hyperdrive still closed to somewhere spread out.

I ll summon the a patrol take this fucking ass out of that down there before spectre 2. I ve acquired the hyperdrive what about spectre. 6. Oh.

I m sure oh fuck you got a tracker on here. He goes crazy sas or whatever. He s crazy there s no guarantee. The defenders hyperdrive will even work in this thing nevermind.

The imperial blockade like crazy like he s a good alien is vital. What are you going to feel you ve done enough for this rebellion. I guess when the empire is overthrown. And she s never satisfied keep going and when that time comes.

How do you want to live your life. I don t know so i guess you really never thought about us kanan. We ve talked about that before are we you know how i feel do i we ve got incoming day. Okay.

Oh. My and writer really look what i got. Oh yes. I should have mentioned.


I stole. The transport good job. Looks like our hyperdrive problem is solved. No the track of star on the back.

Oh. No yeah. We have another and in small creepy. And very dangerous.

Oh. I ve located the rebel camera transmitting hold still i give it a fifty fifty chance of working. I ll have to live with 50 50. The boy escaped you once assassin besides.

Where will they go good to see if the massage. Who escaped you i know her voice. Even if they get airborne. They ll never make it out of this system.

I think it s until you re clear well signal rendezvous coordinates later. We don t hear from you you well zuko good. Luck. I didn t get a chance to double check navi computer sync.

But a sabine. I trust your work about what happened. I don t want you to think i just finally. Oh my god finally we finally sold kiss holy shit disney actually show someone kissed thanks disney may the force be with you i know he s feeling good it s down long against those tanks.

We have that transport and a bike. How many can we get on a bike. We re out of options. Wait.

The local wolf well can they see it most wolves. They can t see it they helped me before we should follow are you serious do you know the way out is there any other option best idea. We ve got let s go there that s what we re looking for heading to 076. Calculate the jump chop constructions this she ll be trapped i regret to report that captain syndulla has escaped that was cool why not bully oh joe stopped.

I don t know esra. Stay back. Oh. They re scary.


Yeah. There is a way out of here isn t there you wanted us to follow you didn t you this is bomber ls. 21. Approaching your position.

What is our primary target must turn those mountains into dust copy that command. What are you waiting for kanan kanan. It s looking at me look i don t know if they re gonna be trapped. We just hear of people people following alone.

I guess we re not the first ones hold on show your lighter. What now israa not sure. There wasn t a picture of wolves. Eating those people was that that s what i m thinking virus farming.

The mountains just doing this the cave is going to collapse. There s no way out of here that we know of whoa. What the fuck what the hell was that look at what happened that s all i m thinking where in blazes are we let s find out what you re not gonna believe this we were in the northern hemisphere now we re in the southern hemisphere somehow we ve moved halfway across the planet. What s not even gonna ask how we got here.

Ezra. How how did you know the wolves could do that i didn t kanan look around that s right tell me what you see this place reminds me of the jedi temple here on the thal. The walls are the happies they have to be some type of force you know use are there people coming down from the sky. I think they might be jedi that s a cheer for us because we re jedi.

What does that mean to the wolf said it before doom is my name caleb dume is the name i was born with what does he want how does the wolf. Know that it has a deep connection to the force yes okay to the energy of this planet. Don t all living things. This is different more focus like it has a purpose.

I m getting a feeling building. The thai defender isn t the worst thing. The empire s doing here. There s something else something more sinister now he s gone so we right.

He s he is a force user well force some of the some whites are coming together right something. She s connected to the force. I m just not sure if we re going to like where they lead wonder if hera made it i know she did finally we got some answer about the loaf wolf. I am.

So satisfied now because now they we know that they are connected to the force. Some way so they have a purpose on the thal and just by the description of the pictures. Yeah they went through this portal. Or something like that and then they dropped out of that portal and then now they re in the south of low.


Thought said of the north. Which is crazy. I was like wait highly do that i m like they have to be connected to the forest somehow. So we did get our answer finally on that i m satisfied with it the low food.

The way they made the look the loaf wolf on this this episode. They make him look pretty intimidating. I m gonna be honest just beating eyes how they make him look and stuff and but they re not you know they re they re looking for kanan for a while cuz. I m already.

He said. Doomed and i m like oh yeah. Cuz kanan dume that s his name. So.

I should have knew that hey i finally got the the navicomputer or the you know the the piece from the tide defender to mama. And now they can start creating more ships with that or use it or find out more about the tide defender obviously they find out weaknesses and maybe better things they could put into their ships as well. But overall guys. This is a really good episode man.

I really enjoyed it finally gave me some good dialogue and this day. More answers and i m satisfied with this episode definitely i just i love it i like she loved this episode. But post. A comments down below guys.

Some of you guys think about this episode. Tell me you guys think about the low flow. Now knowing that they are connected to the the force. If you guys have any more information about the low flow just put it down in the comments down below.

I would love to read more about them. If you if one of you guys know more about them. But don t forget to leave a like comment share and also don t forget to subscribe to the. Channel the goal is 100000.

Subscribers. But as always guys we ll see you guys. ” ..


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