Steelcase Series 1 Chair: Quick Review and Initial Impressions from NeoCon 2019

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“Here we have the steel case series one chair. So this is one of the the less expensive options from steel case. But it still has a ton of adjustments. I ll show you here as i recline in it how some of these adjustments work so on the right side first one you have is height adjustment.

Let s see it move up and down. And then it has three different options here on the right side or two options. Allow curve until the jessamine on the desk..


And then that third option really just loosens it up to make it easier to reply me so first option lock second option allows you to recline third option really loosens it out so if you re lighter in weight. It makes it easier for you to refine in the chair still comes with a four way adjustable arm. It isn t the classic four way adjustable arm from steelcase. But it does provide a lot of flexibility you can see as i push my thumb in too.

It s a little bit firmer feel to it though it s not uncomfortable. It s nice and like soft to touch. But it s a little bit firmer as you push your thumb into it see the height adjustment..


And then as we spin around to the back. It s got an integrated live back technology you can see the back here. It s a lot like the think chair. If i scoot forward to be able to see me move the lumbar up and down.

It s got a ton of height adjustment on it though it s not too pronounced. It s got a good feel to it definitely you can feel the additional support. But get it in the right spot..


There sounds like get up out of the chair like most of the steel case seats. It s not super soft. But it was really comfortable to sit in so they ve done a good job. She doesn t have any of the flexibility in the front of the seat pad.

Though it s got a hard shell underneath. Does have a seat slider function. So on the right side..


There s a little lever and then on the backrest. It s got a nice soft mesh. So it s actually got a little bit of padding to it it s pretty unique really like the feel that though for being one of their less expensive options. ” .


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