Step by step getting showbox movies to ps3

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“Right welcome to the showbox tutorial on how to get videos off of show box box to your laptop to your playstation. 3. It should work with the playstation 4. Least one for one of the processes will i don t know about the other now things are going to need and have the content want whether it be movies or television shows for the example.

We ll use the television show that i m already trying to catch up on big banks here see i already have them downloaded there s ways to stream. It but the streaming doesn t work all the time i should have showed you the way to streaming yes. You can do screen mirroring. But screen mirroring does not work all the time now if you have a galaxy s 4 or five.

I think even in three on the player it should show you and you want to use your standard player imediashare also works for streaming. I ll get into that later standard screening up here topic counter hit that and then you select the device you want it to mir. 2. And there you go now.

It s on my smart tv. But again. This doesn t work all the time for some odd reason. I have no clue why and it s a little slow and video quality is it always the best give it another second.

See if it loads up use europe. Here..

Your charging cable hook your phone up to your computer. And then once you ve done that you go into your my files bring that up go to the left. And look for your cell. Phone.

There we go my cell phone has a specific name. But you can see the galaxy s5 click on that and now. I know the files are already where they re stored. Because you have the option use a card or phone.

I know mines on the phone internal memory. Bring that up and now you want to look for show box show box right there. And there we go big bang theory big bang theory mom. I forget what episodes.

I ve already copied so we ll just go with episode 4. I m going to copy over into videos and now you can see it s copied and it s done that simple now it s on my laptop and i could watch it on my computer. But we want to watch it on the playstation on the tv. So i plug in my thumb drive now for some reason i try plugging my phone directly into my playstation.

But that doesn t want to work so that sucks. But whatever we find ways around stuff you can see the episodes..

I am going to grab episode 4. Transfer that to my video. And it s transferring it takes a second next. I m going to plug my usb stick into the ps3 and it ll look for my young look for my thumb drive find the file and then easily copy it over i m just showing all the steps just so everybody knows exactly what to do and that it works.

I apologize for the video quality. I m using one of my older cell phones which i have does himself. But camera on this thing sucks alright that s done transferring now thumb drive it s kind of dark. I m taking my thumb drive.

And i m plugging. It and we turn the light on taking my thumb drive and plugging it into my ps3. There we go. It s reading find my remote now i go over to videos.

And you can see it says. Usb device click on that and again takes a second to load. Once you get through the process. It s all quick.

Simple and easy. There you go big bang..

Episodes 2. 4. Now you want to see that right there. Says triangle.

4. Options bring up options you can play it directly from there. But why do that when you could copy it and be able to play it a lot easier and now it s copying now this is how you transfer it using chords and thumb drives. It s kind of complex not that simple.

I know we want a simpler an easier way to do it so a simpler and easier way on second all right simple and easier way would be to download imediashare imediashare. I already have this setup. One second alright. I media sheriff soon as you launch.

It you ll see that go into gallery videos look for show box. And there you go you ll have all the videos that you ve already downloaded on show box. Then you can just click one. And then you ll get a list of devices that are available for you to stream to we want to stream.

It to the playstation now it s playing and it s get telling me to go to my playstation use a controller and look for i media click on now playing and i ll be able to watch using my playstation controller. I found the i media..

It s right there click on it go to videos now playing and it brought me right to it and there we go and you can not only stream. This way. But you can also bring up the option menu again using triangle and copy and as you can see it is copy. So it s nice simple and easy again that s imediashare.

I m going to have the name of the app download links everything in the description of this video thank you for watching hope you enjoy showbox props to whoever made it it s an awesome app hope to keep updating it with awesome content. As long as we keep showing our support and watching and rating. Reviewing all that good stuff. Any questions leave them in the comments.

I ll do my best to answer people that are watching this from facebook. You just hit me up on facebook. I ll do my best to help i m a tech guy. I love tech love computers love toys and gadgets as you can see i got.

” ..

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