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“Guys today i m going to show you how i got 35 a month unlimited unlimited home internet using this at t. Sim card right here. And this device right so a little background story. I ve been using net buddy online mobile hotspot internet service provider.

They charge 65 a month. But i ve been using them for a year in one month. Now and a lot of the talk on the streets is that net buddy otr mobile some rv living website and unlimited 4g lte. There s a bunch of companies out there that are selling at t based services for sixty to a hundred dollars a month.

Some of these sub websites are even more expensive than that and the talk is that they re doing nothing more than reselling. You the 80 mt data. Connect pass plan the very elusive kind of hard to find the right website to get to to sign up plan. So what i did is i signed up one week ago for the at t data.

Connect plan and i ve been using that service for a week. I ve exceeded the data limits there they don t really have data limits. It s unlimited internet. But you may be deprioritized after you ve reached 22 gigabytes of data for the month.

But a lot of people that i ve spoken to have been using this service for a very long time and they do. Several hundred gigabytes of data a month and have never been throttled never been slowed down so if it is true that net buddy and all these other services are just reselling. This plan. Then you re paying twice as much as you should be paying for the same service.

You can sign up for yourself. The only thing you have to in dart is a little inconvenience and i mean a little bit of inconvenience when it comes to signing up for the plan. I want to take you over here right now and i want to go ahead and show you guys how to how to get here and sign up for it all right so over here. At the computer.

And the website that i m. At is w. W. At t.

Comm slash. Via session. And this website for how easy. That name sounds is is kind of hard to find sometimes even the links on the 18 t.


Website. Itself are somewhat antiquated like some of them are set up to take you to by accession at t calm and you can t get to the website. Because that says you know restricted access you can t access that. So this is the website that you want to go to att.

Common and that will bring you to this page right here. And when you get to this page. You know new customer get your pass. We want to sign up for this service.

We want to pay 35 a month for unlimited internet. So the very first part of signing up here is you have to input your im ie number from your device you re registering now the imei number needs to be a tablet. I am. Ie number.

And you don t want to use an ipad. You just want to use another tablet that s wireless capable like a samsung or something like that i am. Ie number that you used to sign up here. If you put the wrong.

One in if you put one for an ipad and people went in for an ipad. It won t even let you proceed to make an account because you re supposed to do that directly from your ipad device so i am ie number where are you gonna get one if you don t have a tablet at the house right now where are you gonna get one easiest way to do that is to go over here to ebay and just look at all beat up ipad or excuse me not ipads but like samsung galaxy tablets things that people aren t going to use anymore and any of these that you click on what you re looking for is a picture of an im ie. Number. And the most important part of that number is the first eight digits.

So regardless of however long older. It s 15 digits long is how long an i am. Ie number is you just need the first eight. So i ve written down off of one of these listings.

The first eight digits of ni mie number. And the site that i m on now is wwami you info. Calc and this is the site that you ll come to that will generate a key digit for you and we re going to input. One here.

We re going to do three five four eight four three zero five. One two three four five can t count okay. So that s the first eight digits of an imei number and the next six so your 14 digit total there your next six can be anything you want it to be so just punch in the first eight digits that will match a device and then you can make up seven five to you whatever you want to put in you just need to put in six more digits. And then as you can see right here.


A key number has been developed so we have a 15 digit imei number now we re gonna copy it to the clipboard. We re gonna go over back over here to buy a session and we are going to paste that i am ie number that is now a valid. I am. Ie number that you re using for the icc id.

Number that s gonna be the 20 digit. Number that s on your uh. You re a little bitty sim card. So you put those numbers in and then nickname your device whatever you want to nickname it and then you ll click next.

And then from there you can set up an account and again. If you put in an ipad. Number you ll get an arrow or an error on the next screen. That says you cannot manage an ipad device from this website.

So you need to pick a samsung galaxy tablet or some other tablet that s not an ipad. But is wirelessly capable and has some imit so once you ve signed up your account you just start using it um. You ll take the sim card. And you ll plug it into a device like this this is the netgear nighthawk m1 this is a mobile hotspot router that s 4g lte capable and you ll take that sim card that you registered and you plug in that device.

And this right here this device powers. My entire home with internet. And if i take you back over here to the screen. You ll see that you know this is my current plan.

It s unlimited megabytes for 30 days. And it s auto renewal plan so every 30. Days i just renew it s 35 bucks a month 3499. If you want to get technical.

But so you can see right here. I ve used new by the time the day is over since this is only six days into my 30 days by the time today is over. I ve used four times the amount of data that i am you know kind of as i say soft throttled or like i said. 20 to 22 gigabytes.

A month is the limit for this plan and then after that you risk me od prioritization as i ve said and i ve read so many stories. I ve been on reddit. I ve spoken to people i have easily spoken to about a hundred people give or take maybe a lot more than that about this service and people that have used it whether or not they ve been throttled or have any issues with it or ever mid this connective. None of these people have ever been throttled and most users of this service are using hundreds of gigabytes.


A month and not just the 22 gigabytes that the plan is limited to soft capped. However you want to word that so here. I am. Almost four times into my usage.

I m only six days in so this month. I m gonna easily go over you know like 300 gigabytes and by the end of the month of course. If i ve been throttled or anything like that or if i notice any speed slowdowns then i m gonna get a little skeptical. But if this is the same plan that i ve been using through net buddy for the last year.

Then i should have no problems whatsoever. So the only thing. I didn t really stress to you too and to start this video off is that you do need a 4g lte mobile router for your home that is capable of you know using the at t unlimited data network. This one right here s a good one.

There s a mo v. Router. That s a good one. And yeah.

These aren t cheap but depending on what you re spending on your internet right now that would probably pay for itself before the year was out so. If you can stomach the upfront cost is definitely something worth looking into i m so far. I m totally pleased with the service. I just it s still just like i have net buddy.

I mean there s no slowdowns no throttling. I can still game. I can run you know streaming internet or streaming tv. Like on the roku and still be watching youtube videos and be gaming.

All at the same time in the house and no slowdowns no buffering no no worries whatsoever. And it s just like i have a reliable cable based internet. Only i m not spending nearly as much with this as not only that i was for net buddy. But nowhere near as much as what i was spending on my local cable provider.

Which was 93 dollars a month. And my speeds were actually a little slower with that service than they are with this one so definitely check it out guys. It s it s very simple to sign up for one of these accounts and you re gonna save a lot of money on your internet and one day down the road maybe this plan will become so popular that at t might start raising prices for it they might find a way to you know get rid of it or something like that because it s mmm this it s service abuse. I mean let s admit it it s service abuse.


You know these are meant for tablets. But they don t lock the sim cards you know for specific tablet devices. I mean it s just you sign up for an account when you just use it so maybe one day down the road. It will become an issue and this service may no longer exist.

But for the time being it does it has for many many years there s a lot of positive experiences out there for people that have used this service in fact. I haven t i the only time that i ever came across reading that somebody had a problem with their service. It s because they signed up and they signed up with like a used sim card or they remove their sim card from their device and stuck it back in and all of a sudden they just felt like they were being throttled and you know guys sim cards can go bad you know not necessarily bad. But you can have problems with a sim card as a matter of fact when i first set this service up.

I set it up with a used sim card. And when i was connecting to my mobile router. I m going to show you this because it s it s it s really important. But if i can zoom in far enough there for you to see you know maybe okay well that doesn t work.

But there s an icon up in the top right hand corner here that says 4g lte. And if you have a bad sim card or if you try to to use a used sim card to set this service up or and this could go for any service out there this was only connecting to 4g. So i had to buy a new sim card. Which you know was only six bucks.

So i get this service working for me. But um. That s really the only experiences that i read that people had where they thought they were being throttled when actually they just weren t connecting to 4g lte. They were just connecting to 4g and there s a huge difference in speeds there i mean 4g will be like 2 to 5 megabits per second upload and lte gets me about 28 megabits per second on average and right about the same amount for the upload speeds as well so speeds are gonna bury with this service guys it all depends on where you live how strong your connection is to at t.

How far away from the nearest tower. You live and then of course. The placement of your device. I mean me moving this device from there to there it can make a difference in what my speeds are based on how much signal.

This is receiving you got to move it where the least amount of obstacles are then another thing that i ve done with my device. Too is that i have an external antenna set up outside my house. So that way i have a pointed right up the tower. And i m getting stronger signal that way too so there s some tweaks that you might have to do to make it really work for you.

But uh guys that works for me and right now i m paying 35 a month for unlimited home internet and there s no worries on my side so we ll see how this plays out. I ll update you guys in a month or two and see whether or not i ve ever been throttled or anything like that but i m gonna say it s not gonna happen because i haven t been for over a year using the same type of service yeah guys quit paying so much for your ” ..

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