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“Everybody today today. I got a another streaming site for y all. Bear. With me.

Me. I got a little bit of a cold. Here. Like this one here so little laptop of course it looks better on the big tv.

But it s easier to record from here. I open up my google. And we re gonna go to a place called stream. Live dot t o go ahead enter rodi streaming site.


Most of the channels on here are for free. But they also have a premium account excuse me with the premium count and you can get a lot of hd channels and of course they take out all the commercials. Know what i mean not two tv commercials. The the ads and things you know on the website itself.

And there s no lag time. So i want to had signed up for a month of it to get the premium stuff just to see what it would be like and then i put a lot of favorite channels in here. But pretty much just about any channel. You can think of it s on here.

Let s just go into hbo. Here. She had everything to live for and yet. She just disappeared.


Now. Anyone alarming questions are being raised about what happened to a young life and medical student. New york thanks to a tip from a defendant in an unrelated case that s just big another channel amc in high definition. They re pretty quick no leg time quality is excellent streaming hd.

And live tv just about any to know you could imagine is in here and then a lot of channels. That she can t imagine like there s all kind of movies series that they play over and over again now. If your bladder is calling the shots you may have a medical condition called overactive bladder or oed. I ve had enough quality is very good to the doctor.

Ask your doctor how we re patrick may help treat oab symptoms of urgency frequency and leakage. Which may mean fewer trips to the bathroom. There better clear background may increase your blood pressure. And it s easy to find a channel type in something a week times.


They have show time without buying the premium or with the premium. The premium of course is hd. Oops looks and the channels always come on oops excuse that guy s language err. So pretty much anything you want is there they have they have a deal right now.

Let s say. If you go premium. Yeah you take an extra 20 off of one year. If you pay for a.

Year so that makes it like 8 a. Month i think it s 999. A month at 16 a. Month if you just buy it by the month 999.


A month. If you buy it for a whole year. But you get the extra 20 bucks off so that makes it like a hundred bucks for a whole year. That s a good deal it s less than one month s cable.

And they also have let s see here. It is they have a plugin for cody if you buy a free one year premium user. Which isn t very cool so i m probably gonna buy the one year and get that cody plug in and then stream. All these and my cody so pretty cool huh.

” ..

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