Subnautica Tutorial #4 – Building Your First Habitat

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“And welcome to tutorials with larry. My name is larry king and i hope to to teach you something new today. Okay so the last time we left off starting make our first habitat. So let s just jump right in and go ahead and continue that process.

I went ahead and gathered a bunch of materials that we re gonna need to do this these are just materials in this local area here so stuff you already know how to gather so let s get right back to where we left off and let s disassemble. This one first and then we ll start making a new habitat so to disassemble something you just pull out your habitat builder. And then if you hit the q button and hold it down. It ll actually deconstruct that unit and it ll put those materials right back into your inventory.

Okay. I went ahead and swam around a little bit and found out i think a little bit more interesting place to build our first habitat so a couple different approaches. We can take care. One of the approaches that i like to take is to build foundations first you don t have to do that.

But it makes your habitat a little stronger cuz as you build more onto your habitat or as you add windows to it things like that it actually gets weaker and once it gets below a certain level it ll actually start springing some leaks so it s oxygen check out the eclipse real quick. It s just so cool looking look catch. These every now and then alright that was awesome ok..


So let s let s start building. Everything. So using the foundation approach. So it s just going right click.

And then look on your foundation. And you place this just like any other piece do that and no spring legs just like every other thing you build so i just start off with a couple of these go get some hair okay so now with these in place. Let s start dropping a couple pieces on here. So we ll start with one of these l shaped guys.

And maybe we ll do an eye compartment actually let s do one of these these are kind of cool. And then let s finish it off okay. Let s go ahead and finish it off with one of these and they just connect. It s been a fun to build actually okay so kind of a good starter habitat.

So we need a door. We re gonna be able to get you in there somehow. So let s go to build a hatch that looks like this you just attach it right to one open end of your habitat..


And that s it so you can go ahead just click on here and go right on in oxygen production of life that s your white glitch. There. But there we are nice little habitat now notice. We re still losing oxygen that s because there s no power on the habitat.

So let s go ahead and get some air first and i ll show you how to get yourself some power okay so solar power is great when you re this close to the surface of the water. If you start building habitats at a much lower depth. You don t you don t have a lot of sunshine. So you need to come up with some alternative alternate power.

Means like the nuclear reactor or a bio reactor. Things. Like that so let s go ahead and go here to exterior modules and we need some quartz looks like i don t have enough so i m gonna grab some real quick and i ll be right back okay got some quartz here. So let s go ahead and just come up here.

We ll build our solar panel and you can place this pretty much anywhere that lets you i guess. But if it s attached anywhere to the base whether it s the foundation. You can actually in some cases..


You can actually build it right on top of some of your habitat itself. But attaching it to the foundation works just fine so since we get some air. I ll show you how to build it looks like a good spot all right so you can actually hear the power kicking on there we go now. It s a completely safe structure to go into and do your crafting and store your stuff and whatever else you need so let s go ahead and build ourselves a fabricator basically what i like to do is when i build my first habitat.

I like to kind of duplicate the stuff that comes in your rescue pod. You know like the radio. The the medical kit fabricator things like that but the coolest thing about having one of these habitats is you can build these these lockers and that s an awesome way to just to store all your extra stuff cuz you re gonna you re gonna basically run out of room pretty quick in the rescue pod. So first thing i ll do is they ll come in and build a an actual fabricator you know you can fabricate whatever you want just like you would in your rescue pot.

So let s go ahead and put a looks like i need some more titanium. I ve got some stored in the rescue pot. There so i m gonna go grab. It and i ll be right back okay.

I went and grabbed everything that was in the escape pod just cuz. We re not gonna need to go back there anymore pretty soon hopefully okay so these wall lockers are pretty awesome. There we go instant storage..


So just dump all your stuff right in there. And then what i recommend is just gather up more resources and start fabricating. Some of the other stuff like a radio and the medical kit fabricator things like that so you really don t need to go back to your escape. Pod anymore.

And you can continue making this this habitat. Larger. And more interesting and over time you ll find actually more blueprints for sort of larger parts of parts of this structure. So they make like these big round rooms.

You can attach to your habitat. You can create something called a moon pool. Which you know i ll discuss a little bit more in a later video. But really just just have fun and gather lots of resources and build up your habitat and we ll see you in the next video.

And if you have any questions or you d like me to talk about anything specific in the game throw comment out there in the youtube channel. And i ll do my best to answer in the next video thanks for ” ..

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