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” s do a draw wait walk down that wait look wait no wait wait look look we re gonna turn our backs. We re gonna walk to the end in shoot all right stop yeah because you re gonna blow yourself up look look i want it stopped maverick bam. What is going on your boy be on trent juice wifey in the building all glory to god. We are on this brand new game.

Called stick fight. Let me. Y all. Suggested it to us let s go stick fight.

No. It s not mean. He s sick you ve been weird. He s not reaching over me man so i i am.

The yellow stick juice is the pink stick on the right trent is the blue stick in the top left wifey is green and we re just gonna fight let s take first to win 10. They re like little squeak matches. You ll see ready fight they re like super oh wait that s gonna let red sit. There and we bow all right so jew says boy keep track.

None of this the maps get crazier and crazier those things. We kill you trying to get to the gun. Oh shoot me verse green suv yeah. It s all about the weaponry.

This is wood what kind of house are we living it oh i think it s squared or our right trigger somebody greet somebody green running everyone track any wins yeah oh jeez who s blue. I was surviving that round yes. So don t worry so why does it work in real quick shadow. Oh.

The guns hot ultimatrix shoot up a piece of mud piece. Him up. See shooting a way to cut. Oh oh.

My survival. How do you token..

If not me choking. That s just the outcome of what happy i m buried. I m buried and boxing. I can t get out i m a loser today yes yes.

I m such a survivor. Y. all. Got a new man owe me for that one oh really really let s do a draw wait walk down start wait no look wait no wait wait look we re gonna turn our backs.

We re gonna walk to the end in this shoot all right it s that yeah because you gonna blow yourself up look look i want to stop listen what bye take it i got caught on that thing it almost what i m dead. What are we playing to ten. I got six oh it it over you stop we got a piece of murder juice. I m trying to hit it just hit it over good job just let it kill car.

What. Oh. My god you turn around. And win.

Oh yeah. Oh oh. Oh whoa. No got the gun.

Watch. Out. Juice. Oh.

He s about to get the blade juice. You re. The only one alive. He s over there on the live.

Yeah. Trap oh..

No let s go we re tie. I didn t mean to i would try my goes fast. I was hanging in there too we gotta get trained we try to get shrimp. Oh yeah.

Why are your guys s feet just nikki. It are suck. Know why do the guns piece right towards him stand on the box. Oh gosh there s a lot of power tie game tree photo win.

She s weak you just be smart about this juice. Why would you go after me dang. I just he just felt it dip juice be smart about that was cheap. So we good your so you gave him that i think you re just so reckless.

Though cuz you were out of me you weren t a fact. But you just gg trent is the champion it see that happen straight juice you get like that when you re a factor for victory. Do you talk it about your not only one that ever bring stuff like that uh. I thought both y all.

That last round in the last two rounds. I bought union bar trent. And i came fought you in our part trick. It was that s why he s quiet could you gave its own horse cuz.

You don t work. Me the last. How do i win cuz jews. Did your dirty work around most of them all right me.

Verse. You mono. E. Mono alright.

Let s see who wins. Oh..

Oh. Wait why is it just mean. We re not moving. Oh.

I need to see oh my bad. I thought i was wearing any shoot that shoot that bazooka shoot the buzz ooh help you guys enjoy we hope. Y all. Enjoyed the stick fight if y all.

Would like to see more y all. Know what to do man. Just show support. We don t really know i guess we can keep doing what we did do like first two ten.

It seems like it was kind of fun so y all. Want to see more now let us know in the comments section. We appreciate. Y all.

Rockin with us. Y all. Are awesome til next time god first god kages. If you need something other than.

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