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“I hope this plumber gets here soon or ni m gonna have to cancel dinner dinner doorbell. Oh thank god are you the plumber yeah haaa wa hoooo. Okay uhhh nthere s a problem with my toilet. The tank won t stop filling with water okie dokie.

I m sorry are you mario yeah. Oh. I always assumed you were too. Nbusy.

Fighting. Bowser. Or whatever to be an actual plumber. It s a me marioooo jump jump.

Okay well good luck yippee yahooo. 8. Bit sounds nwa wa wa wa waaa. It kinda sounds like you re having fun in there nnot actually plumbing yeahhhh.

It s a me marioooo..

I just need the tank fixed nit should be pretty easy. 8 bit sounds nwoooaahhh toilet flush n explosion water gushing noh fuck. Oh. My god are are you okay.

Oh ho. Ho. Fuck. Me.

Hello. Mario oh. No no no. Oh.

My god. No what happened. I must ve turned the wrong pipe cuz then the walls started crumbling down and all this poo kept pouring out on me what pipe you were supposed to fix the tank. I know i know i was trying nand then i slipped and cut my hand on the pipe.

Oh my god and now there s poop in my blood nthere s poop in my blood okay..

I m gonna call an ambulance. No don t don t i don t have insurance nplease. Please don t call i can t do it i ll just wash the poop out of my blood ahhhh nit hurts so much you have to go to a hospital. I can t go to a hospital.

I have a warrant out for my arrest nright now some guy cut me off. And i threw a brick at his car. And he swerved and died on the side of the road. Oh.

My god what i learned how to drive in mario kart. Okay. When people cut you off you throw things at them hey do me a favor. Ncheck webmd and see what happens if you get poop nin your blood.

And it goes to your brain uhhh. Okay. It depends on how much a lot a lot. I ate a lot too.

There s a lot in my mouth..

I ate a lot. I ate ni swallowed a lot of poop. Okay. It says you re going to get sepsis.

Nand. Die. Oh. God oh.

God are you kidding me i lived such a good life and now i m gonna die cuz there s poop in my blood tell me how are your lives do i have left what look up there there. s a number nwhat s the number say how many lives. It says. You have zero lives.

Crying. Oh. God i m going to die cause. I got poop in my blood nbecause you clogged the toilet.

The toilet wasn t clogged you were just supposed to fix the tank fine..

I clogged the toilet. What yeah you shit in that toilet and clogged it yes of course. I did okay i can fit through the pipes ni. Thought my dump could fit to the pipes.

Okay hold me no you re a bitch lady. Nno. Just kidding do me a favor tell tell princess peach i love her nokay. But don t tell her i died because i got poop in my blood kay.

Okay. I won t tell my brother. He s player. One now okay and and tell daisy.

I love her were you having an affair. I have a lot of affairs. I even did that big monkey. Mario death song super mario more like ” .


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