Super Mario Odyssey Darker Side Guide – Full walkthrough

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“This contains big spoilers super mario odyssey. If you thought collecting 500 pound moons. To to actually get to the second secret kingdom. And super mario odyssey was hard enough the time you actually get to the darker side of the moon.

You ll be thinking again even as you enter this new land. There are myriad characters waiting to wish you good luck. Reminding you that they re proud of your bravery. Which is just a warning as to how hard the darker side challenge is going to be it s a test composed of 14 yes.

14. Different sections or gates making. Sure you ve honed. All the skills.

You ve acquired throughout the game and trust us each one is more testing than the loss plus. If you die at any point. You ll have to come all the way back to the first stage again. But we ve done it we ve beaten it and we ve got some tips that should help you beat.

It too and get that very special reward stage 1 goombahs in the hat. The first stage will need you to stack goombas in order to jump on a floating hat enemy equipped with rotating blades you ll have to hit it twice in order to beat this section start by going to the right and collecting ten goombahs. You are finding it a bit tricky stand. Still and wait until they come to you before you jump stay near the steps and wait for the hat to come to you and then leap out of your goomba stack to hit the hat for the first time you ll then get put back into the central area be quick to fling your hat on another goomba and then jump over to the left hand side of the section to collect all the goombas waiting there you ll need around ten again so collect some from the top part.

If you need to but then come back to the central point at the edge of the left hand side to get in a good position for the hats return run towards it avoiding the blades and then jump on it again. You ll be rewarded with a three heart container that ll boost your health to six hearts. Which are basically precious jewels on the darker side. You won t get any more until you get to stage 4 stage.

2 columns and polls show me around the right of the first two columns and then we ll jump between the second and the metal fence until you can jump to the third move around to its right side and then wait a second until you can jump through the gap to the fourth column again shimmy around to the right jump to the fifth and their wall bounce between it and the fence until you can reach the six. And when you can jump to the first red pole and then wait the next three poles move up and down to the lava. So you absolutely have to time your job. Do the same thing again with the last two poles swinging and waiting until they ve gone into the lava and are coming back up before you move stage three lava jumps.


The next stages again all about jumping and timing. You ll have to make your way across the lava by leaping between fast moving metal platforms with bowels face on them position yourself from the little jetty and wait for the highest platform to come along they go in sets of three meaning from shortest to tallest then keep jumping forward. But only leaping with mario s roughly level with bowser s face on the platform and then move to the right in order to climb onto the platform and get the hecker of this stage stage four lava bubbles move into the first pool and then wait for the spikes to be perpendicular to you before you move into the second leap into the third as soon as the spikes pass above the second pool. You ll want to aim for the pole on your right for your fourth move and again move as soon as the spikes have passed overhead after that it s just a case of leaping to the lava platform and dropping your flame yourself into the cannon stage five onions and platforms.

If you need a health boost move around to the right hand side of this whole platform. While you re still a lava bubble to find a single hot. The first one is easy enough. But watch out for the hedgehogs that spawn in when you land in the next.

Bit jump on the first block then stretch out to leap onto the second. As soon as you can here wait by the bottom platform. Until it recedes and then move into the gap and extend as far as you can flick on to the bottom platform. When it moves out then extend all the way to push up the platform above before jumping onto the next mesh platform try to move quickly again as those hedge hooks are following you and then total your way over to the hole in the wall.

Where you can see a gold ring stage. Six ice and spikes your change tomorrow. As soon as you hit the water so swim fast up and over the steps before ground pounding into the gap on the other side wait for the water to rise and then position yourself by the bottom yellow dot don t worry the spikes won t get you. But as soon as the water starts to drop again immediately jump up and swim to the right and sink into that next gap jump up and move to the right to exit this section stage.

Seven yoshi and flowers. The next stage sees you reunite with an old friend the ocean avoid the spikes and attach the right hand side of the column of the section. Ahead keep right until you get past the first spike creatures. Then press y to move to the left feel free to collect all the coins.

But make sure you re back on the left hand side by the time the coins run out now it might seem scary. But just stay there and don t move until you ve passed both spike chains. Then just leap to the platform. Once you ve reached the very top of the conveyor belt hit the p button.

And then run along the flower bruce. That appears remember though that yoshi runs faster than the bridge appear so don t go too crazy continual on the path ignoring the blocks again on your right jump on the first set of blocks and then to the second use yoshi s flutter jump to get you to the third highest set of blocks and then leap back onto the flower path beyond stage. Eight metal blocks and lava to jump out of yoshi jump down through the gold rings. And fling your hat on to the scarecrow hanging under the metal box behind you when the blocks start popping out move over to the third column and wait under the gold rings.


Wall jump from the right column to the left wait for the block above you to pop wall jump between them and continue up until you reach a platform on the rye keep on running through the gold rings. Until you get to the solid stone platform. Stage. Nine wings and wind aim straight for the first air jet try not to adjust your direction between jets because you ll lose altitude.

And you ll need it all to get to the end change. The direction. When you re in the jet stream and then only use the tiniest nudges on the joystick. If you really have to realign if the game really wants to make you suffer.

It will throw the flies at you just power on through take the hit and fingers crossed. You ve got enough health for the rest of the challenge. There are only four jet streams to go through here and then you re on to the next platform and we re on to stage. 10.

Where you re avoiding the lover again. But as a fork this time filling your hat on the first fork and then line yourself up for the next. Just before you hit it fling your cap again to possess it pull the left joi come back. And then wait until the moving fork comes over to the left before letting.

It fly launching you forward and then you fling cappy again then it s just one more flick before the last platform. When you land on solid ground. Again head down the green pipe. Stage.

11. Hedgehogs and firings welcome to my least favorite part of the whole challenge. The hedgehogs. But there s a way to make things a lot easier as long as you re cappy aim is true whatever you do try and avoid hitting any of the firing machines because doing so will start a chain reaction that can make your life.

Very. Difficult indeed get onto the first platform and go to the top right hand corner. First aim to the left and take out all those hedgehogs. Then move to the bottom right hand corner and aim up to take out those spiky monsters.


When it all gets a bit frantic go back up to the top right hand and aim down stay in that spot as a platform turns the corner. But as the hedgehog start to spawn in run to what is now the top right hand corner and aimed down. Then just keep flinging cafe. Until the platform reaches the end.

And you can leap up safely out of the fog and away from the hedgehogs stage. Twelve birds and swings now it s time for pokeo to shine the little extending beak bird from the bowser kingdom jump to the first swinging board and press. Y to poke in you don t have to keep holding y. Because you can start preparing your fling.

Then wait until. The board swings to the right and aligns with the next one before you jump and poke again. Then fling yourself up the board along the rock face filling yourself up to the top as fast as you can because if you get hit by any of the other swinging boards your fall stage. 13.

Mario and donkey kong for stage. 13. It s all gone a bit old school. It s a massive 2d section.

Where mario has to go up against donkey kong. And his rolling barrels sound. Familiar head right leap over the flaming barrels and get yourself over the incoming rollers keep heading right until you hit the second moving platform and jump on board. As it will give you a better position to attack donkey go under the yellow blocks.

And only jump up to hit them with your head. When donkey kong is grounded do it four times and he s down leaving you to escape through the gap that opens below into the green tunnel stage. 14. Bowser and boulders stage.

14. Might make you panic. And think you ve got to face bowser. Himself because of that big portrait of him at the end of the corridor.


But thankfully you ve just got to be bowser instead and the game. Gives you the full six hearts of health again for this section head through the portrait become your spiked shell nemesis and then smash through the rocks ahead work your way up the platform. Dodging left. And right to avoid the boulders turn left and bounce across the platforms with more boulders.

There s no trick to doing it apart from a bit of luck. But you can attack the incoming boulders if you want keep going until you get to the section with the blocks this second to last section is the trickiest as it s easier tacking your way through a mass of stone blocks. We just smashed our way through. But the best option is to attack a block then turn and hit the ball coming behind you rinse and repeat.

The last second is fairly easy if you just keep the left to center. Until you re on the third platform. Then you can move into the middle. A little more smash you the last set of blocks and then run to freedom stage.

15. Electric messages. There s just one more section to go. And it can t actually kill you unless you press.

The wrong buttons and mario hurtling to his death. Don t do that instead just move along the atrocity cables and read the sweet message and then you re all out of the danger at last give yourself a pat on the back mop your brow sweat and have a chocolate biscuit for all that you earn yourself a lovely little exchange with cappy as you frog jump up the tower. But also you ll get a multi moon and a very special outfit. The invisibility hat as to what you ll use it for we re still trying to work that out.

But it s kind of cool right so that s how to beat the darker side challenge and see from area odyssey. Let us know if you do it and get the invisibility hat for yourself click. The bosses on the left for more content from us. And don t forget to hit the big button in the middle to subscribe for more gaming.

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