Suvivor Case by Griffin for iPad Mini: Unboxing and Review

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“There everyone it s matt from creative reviews. And today. We re taking a look look we re opening up and we re reviewing the survivor case from griffin. This for the ipad mini as you can see right here.

And this is one of those heavy duty cases and let s take a look at the specs. The survivor case is military is a military duty case and stand. And it is designed to meet us military standards and the people from best buy said. This is what they do send out to the military this over the otterbox you can see right here.

Here s the three pieces or actually two pieces a cover if a piece of i guess plastic them on the front your ipad would go in the middle. And it comes with the wrapping and it says. It is good for sand and dust with sealed ports to help block blown sand and dust. It s shock and drop proof rigid internal frame minimizes shock and drop damage its wind and rain resistant integral display shield helps deflect windblown rain and vibration so we ll come cladding absorbs vibration unfortunately i don t see this being waterproof.

Which is something that i would like to see now i would compare these two to the lifeproof case. Which is an excellent thing they have it for the original ipads. The larger ones and supposedly you can run a car over those things and then there s the otterbox. Which is not people s favorite.


It s pretty rigid and not really not really user friendly. But what we re going to do right now is we re going to open this up. I went to best buy to see if i could find something to replace the smart cover which i am mix. I m not a fan of this whatsoever.

It s pretty bad this flimsy piece is not something i d ever choose so i m going to get rid of this and i was looking for a thin case. But my search continues for that but here we are with a survivor ipad mini case that s open it up here. I think yep take this little piece of tape off i ll just push this out. Oh that s easy please get slides right out comes with your manual or instruction booklet on how to take it off put it on i think we can figure this out.

And you can see it has a camera flap on the back. So i just cover up that s good comes in here put that off to the side. And there s that little plastic efilm. Let s see this supposedly has a stand.

So here s the stand. Let s take a look at this before you put the ipad inside flips out like this and you can sit it up to watch a video or let s see if you can actually type with this. Yeah you can type no movement. So that s really good so.


Let s take this off let s take the rubberized portion off. Here. Actually no you take the plastic off first that s what seals everything in and you can see me in the reflection. Okay so we have that off that s another piece of instructions the warranty.

What covers what it doesn t cover and strange it says warranty policy for australia. I m not in australia. And why they would give us that but let s see we take off this rubber portion. This is the one that supposedly protects it from vibrations and drops and let s set the ipad mini inside it s working they re got this in a nice blue blue is my favorite color.

Let s see so i ll destroy this ipad. Before we get this protective case. Snap everything in together. This is not going in properly.

Here. It s not really as tight as i want it to be it seems to be popping out a little bit this side says be good all right well we have to continue on now let s put the rubber portion back on and i think we have it on this all around and there we go. And there are sits buttons work ports are all closed up this has to be a little bit more so there we go and now we seal. It or this is not really sealed because it s not waterproof.


But clip it on like so and now there we go everything is in place. So now begins our review. Now usually if you drop a tablet on its corner. It will hurt it whoops there we go well.

I m not going to drop this too far because this is my personal ipad. Don t want to destroy it too much. But let s see seems like this rubberized portion is easy to come off of course. It s not watertight.

So. What are some be able to get in there. I m not a fan of that because i want something that s waterproof not water resistant or rain wind. Rain.

Proof here s the little camera flap which you can point down like that it s a good little feature. I like that so it keeps the camera covered you have your headphone jack flap also clips into place your volume. Rockers your orientation lock or silencer right there it s no flat for this. But there is your sleep and wake button and at the bottom.


There is your lightning port cover. And it does have space for speakers. Another indication that it s not waterproof. Which is something i m just pointed in but this looks great it feels great i like the grips on it let s put the stand up after the stands in there it feels pretty salt.

It s a good grip on it i like this i like this a lot otherwise from the one down point. If not being waterproof at least my opinion. I think that s needed this is pretty good and we use this as a stand. It s nice stand this feel a little bit flimsy.

Though feels like if i pulled you or i could break that so maybe if you were taking this out somewhere you don t need the stand don t bring the stand. But there it is this is the survivor case from griffin. And it s designed to meet us military standards. And it fits the ipad mini it fits it pretty well what do you think do you like this on it it does add its weight.

It s not the legs. It was before but this has been matt and taking a look at the survivor case from griffin. Let me know what you think what you like what you don t like find me on twitter instagram facebook and wordpress and ” ..


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