Sweet Anita Tourettes Highlights #1

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“Ask me fucking anything about my dick. Oh shit are you planning on playing any any other games on this channel. I do play other games sometimes i m currently on it with a potato pc. So i am it s given up on me a few times.

When i ve tried to play other games. But i do play the forest. I play bioshock. I play with my dick on a tuesday fuck you and jesus fuck you bitch lasagna bitch lasagna bitch lasagna.

Thank you sir effort to fuck a biscuit to touch my cunt go on touch it go on i fucked a biscuit biscuit. Why don t you use instagram you 88. I don t fuck biscuits. I fuck the queen and i don t have an instagram because the kids.

Frankly i kind of feel like when people are asking me for instagram..

They re actually asking if i have like a portfolio of softcore porn. They want to see if there are any sexy pics and i just don t do that sort of thing. I don t have anything against people who do i m not gonna shame anyone for that that s how they enjoy their sexuality. It s just not for me.

And i kind of feel weird. When people are asking for that it s like hi. I like your face can i see you naked. It s just such a weird dynamic and we all know that that s what dudes and loki asking for when they ask for your instagram.

You do ours. I do draw you can check out the discord. My drawings on the disc or just an unfinished sketch of my bearded dragon and my cunt no i didn t draw i mean you can draw what you want yeah. It s do the words ever speak.

The truth candy crush saga..

Yes. I can end up having truth tics. It s very very fucking awkward. Often i give away what i m thinking of feeling to a degree of honesty and openness that isn t polite or acceptable like when someone smells particularly bad and everyone knows it but no one s pull you know everyone s being polite about it and my tourette s is not polite about it like when i m in a public loo and i can i will shout.

I can hear you shitting. Which is very embarrassing for everyone involved. I would say that any advice. I could give you is know your market.

Know your dick. Know your dick and fucking make it thick all right no. But maybe that s business advice for certain lines of work. But with my cunt fuck s sake try to get visit advice.

It s not working out so might be to whistle..

The trololololol song so here we go thank you when did you get one yep. How old are you know. 28. But why what s the diagnosis so late isn t it like obvious well my dicks on fire.

The thing is i the nhs which is our national health service isn t that great it s kind of underfunded and people could be dicks so when i was 13. I touched fucking cunt when i was 13. I when i went to the doctor. I was like dude.

I d do this thing like i m not asking my hand to do that that s my hand is just doing that right so like what s what s going on with me no like interesting no like do you think you see do you see things that aren t there magical powers. Just suck dick do you fuck a biscuit you didn t ask you that that s a reasonable line of questioning so basically i ve said the n. Where does it take occasionally. But it doesn t really come on my radar.

It s a common might it s either fuck you the thing with the n word guys is the my cocks on fire..

Oh we ve got a bit of lag again um. The thing with the n word is i m half black. My dad is black and he listens to a lot of rap music and you know a lot of the rap music that he listens to you has that word in it a lot and and it just doesn t come across as anything inappropriate or abnormal or it s not like a word that really triggers me in any sense. So i guess it just hasn t sunk in i m kind of glad so far that it hasn t to be fair.

Because i wouldn t be here probably so i worked up to it for three years before i finally gathered the courage to do public speaking and give talks and that was quite a milestone actually. I think it was quite recently because it was after i started streaming. I think streaming really bolstered my confidence in that respect so thank you ever so much to everyone who touched my cunt and fisted my kitten. I will fuck your ” .


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