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“At that good morning guys we re about to get to the swimming pool. I i got a big surprise for you but first you need this you re gonna that for the big surprise before you guys see the finished product. I just want to warn you that it didn t turn out as full as i was. Expecting but it s gonna be fun either way 17.

Million of them wait buddy hey get over here come on sis come. See your surprise come on stephanie come on what does orbeez look like whoa 17 million. Orbeez for you can you believe it that is crazy look at the orbeez you can you can walk in there. You don t need a motorboat you can walk in the orbeez look at symphony.

Yeah. How does it feel put your hands in it and kick them around look at this little guy look at all those orbeez buddy kick..

Em up and throw them around look at his little feet in there matthew your turn michael your turn wow. This is awesome catch. The orbeez daddy look at this one. Oh.

Its a big one you can t even see. When you go under it i know orbeez fight. There s something in my googles whoa. Look at this one has little red polka dots in it ah that ones.

Interesting you run your hand in there. How cool does that feel oh sorry..

There s a egg. Now you gotta go pour that over your sister. Oh yeah. Wow.

Looks like skittles. I m trying to drain. The pool. Now and make it another warp hole going down the river.

We re going down the river. I m coming for you i can t wait to play in it tomorrow..

There might not be any water in it tomorrow. We get to play in just orbeez that ll be fun yeah. It s gonna be really fun. I finally got a siphon going over here.

We ve been having a lot of trouble keeping the drain open from the inside. Because the orbeez. A keep clogging. It and so i had this in my workshop.

And i just started a siphon and it s finally draining now we re going to go inside eat some pizza. Then go shopping for some fireworks and have our own fireworks show at mom s house..

I just decided as i was getting dressed that i m going to make this into a two part vlog because this is going to be a really long vlog today. We got the swimming pool and the orbeez in the pool. And now we re about to celebrate fourth of july family so come back for the second part or it s probably already posted. I m going to post them together that s the plan.

If not it ll be in a couple hours or something like that but a two part vlog today. Two videos two awesome videos one of orbeez in the pool. One of us celebrating 4th of july. So don t forget guys.

” ..

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