Switch Tutorials #6 Handy Homebrew Apps

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“Guys welcome to episode 6 off switch tutorials so we ve covered quite a few few things so far in episode 1. We looked at jailbreak in the switch and 2. We installed games episode 3. We installed a mew laters episode.

4. Was about installing mods using layered fs. Episode. 5.

Cheats have to install cheats and find your own cheats. Within your games. All that s covered in the previous episode. So check the playlist link in the description.

If you want to check out any of those other episodes so in this one. We re gonna be looking at different homebrew apps. That you can install to improve the switches functionality give it more functionality. Really so you can do more than just using it to play games also more customization and quality of life improvements as well and all of the apps.

That we re going to install in this video can be accessed from the homebrew app store you can download them all from the whole route app store there s no need to use the computer to download any although of course you can go to switch brew comm app store to download them on the pc and install them manually to your sd card. If you wish so i m gonna show you all the apps here and download them all and then i m going to go through one by one and show you how to use them. So. The first thing is customization.

So if we head down to tools and select the nx themes installer and you can download this and this allows you to install custom themes that can customize your home. Screen. Your settings. Menu background.

Images. The lock screen. All that kind of stuff. It s pretty useful so when you download the actual theme installer you need to actually download some themes for it which you ll find in a theme in the themes section of the homebrew app store and then you can just download whichever ones you like so let s just pick one of these and download it and there we go so we ve got a theme and the theme installer.

So the next thing if we go into tools and then scroll down until you find nx shell and download. This i ve already showed this off in episode 1. So only briefly mention it here. It s basically a file manager.

So you can copy and paste files and move files around on your sd card. Without having to connect up to the computer so it s a handy homebrew app. We re also gonna download browser nx which is a web browser for your nintendo switch then we re also going to download nx play which is a music player app and we re also going to download ftp d an ftp server app and finally we re going to download p play. Which is a video player app for the switch as well and i ll show you guys how to use all of this stuff.

Once we have them all installed in fact another good one to get as well is checkpoint right here. Which is great for backing up and restoring savegame files. You can install that too so there s all of our apps installed so if i head back to the home brew menu you can see we ve got quite a few different applications installed. Here.

So i m not gonna go over an x shell again..

Because i ve already gone over it in episode one like i said. It s a file manager for your sd card that you can access on the switch that so nx themes installer for customization. So let s install a theme here so if i go on nx themes installer. Now when you first run this it will extract the whole menu and a bunch of other assets.

So that might take you know 30 seconds something like that and then it will take you here from here you just go to themes select your theme press the y button to select what sections of the theme you want to install so if you want the theme to be applied for your apps your home screen your lockscreen and your settings as well and then you just press the plus button to install it now once it s installed you have to reboot the switch in order for the theme to be applied. But as you can see here. I ve already got mine set so once you reboot you ll have your theme on here. And as you can see it s completely custom you ve got the game showing up down here at the bottom.

You ve got your status icons. Now in the bottom left. You ve got your system settings in the top right. You ve got your clock and avatar in the top left.

So yeah completely custom and if i head into system settings. You can see we ve got a custom background on here as well now. If the theme isn t displaying correctly or some of the text is like really difficult to read. Then you may not have just downloaded a bad theme.

You might have to go into themes system settings and change this from whatever you were currently set to to the opposite. So if i was set to basic white. You can see that none of these settings are easy to see in the menu. So this theme is clearly designed for the basic black theme because everything is a lot clearer now but you might download a theme that s for a basic white.

So just if you re having that kind of issue just head into the themes here and switch from basic white to basic black or basic black to basic white. Then hopefully your theme will display correctly alright so that is how you can customize your switch using the nx theme. Installer or theme this installer. So the next thing.

I m going to show you is ftp d. But before i go into that i m just gonna run nx play real quick because i need it to create some files so no audio files found switch nx play okay so now i know the folder to put my audio files for that for that to work so yeah because i m gonna do that using ftp d. So this application is basically a ftp server. So when i run it here it just gives me the ip address of the switch with cool long 5000.

Next to it which is the port number so i can connect to this on any other device on my home network and swap files back and forth between that device and the switch so rather than having to unplug the sd card and plug it into the computer. Every time i want to copy files over and having to switch the switch off and then switch it back on again and re inject the payload you can skip all of that and just swap the files around. While the switch is still on over your network. So in order to do that if i head back over to the computer here and you can download a ftp client like filezilla or.

Winscp if you re on windows 10 or probably windows 8 or 81. You can just add it as a network location in windows. So you can either right click down here and go to add network location or you can click up on computer and click add a network location and then you just click next next. So you type an ftp call on double slash and then as you can see it s already answered there for me.

But you have to type in the ip address of your switch with the call on 5000. Just as it appears on the ftp d app. And then click next logon anonymously and then for the name of the network. You can just call it switch or something like that and finish.

So now all my switch files show up on my computer..

And i can copy files back and forth. While the switch is still on and i don t have to keep removing the sd card. Every time. So for example if i go into the switch folder here and then i go into the nx play folder.

I can copy a file from my computer. And like an mp3 file so i ve got one of the mp3 files. I used as background music for one of my video like six months ago or something i should really clear out my downloads. Some more often.

But there we go so i copied a file in here so now if i go back to my or if i go back to the switch you can see all this information popping up from the file transfer. But if i go back and then launch nx play again which previously said there was no audio files. But i ve transferred an audio file and there it is loading audio and there we go we ve got the audio playing right there. So as you can see that works you can copy files from your computer to your sd card and from your sd card back to your computer and edit files.

Without having to remove. The sd card and also this is nx play. It s just a media player for your switch. But it s basically an mp3 player but also plays flv files or gg wav files all that cannot form all those different audio formats and you can use it to you know listen to audio books or podcasts or music whatever.

So you can use your your switch for for that as well. Which is pretty useful so there we go so let me just excite with this ok. So next. We have p play.

Which is a video player app. So i launched this if i click the two dots to go up directory up directory. So we get into the root directory. So basically this will just play any video files.

I mean obviously not all video files are supported. But i think quite a lot are like mkv and np and evi formats. I think are all supported you can use this to play you know movies tv shows whatever you want and the videos don t have to be in any specific folder. You can browse the sd card here to find any video files.

I just put you know i would just put them in like a folder called videos or movies or something. Like that so i ve got an episode of the expanse here and this is 11. Gigabytes. So i m actually not sure how well it s gonna handle files that size.

But let s see if i actually please now well there you go it plays no problem. So actually let me should probably. Skip 400 and spoilers by the way. I m probably gonna blur this.

Though because i ll probably get claimed for copyright. It s a good show. Though it has my endorsement so yeah as you can see if you press down you can look at all the you ve got all these different options so you can pause pausing playback you can resume you can go back you can go forward you can stop there s also other options if you press right then it s got audio video actually i don t know what these options are okay so it just gives you information about what type of file. It is what type of audio.

It s using subtitles in all subtitle streams found in media..

So if you have subtitles. Then you can i think that actually works and you can enable subtitles. So yeah. It s pretty good yeah.

And it gives you information about the video. There you know the video format 1920 by 1080 40. Kilohertz audio. All that kind of information size duration.

It s all there so pretty useful. It s pretty good so finally. We ve got the browser so browser nx and this is just the web browser in fact. I think it s the same.

Oh yeah that happens so just like running nintendo 64 games. On retroarch. You have the same problem with browser nx. It will just crash.

The whole system. If you run it without full permissions. So. The homebrew menu needs to have the full permissions.

So to get the full permissions as i ve shown in episode 3. You need to launch a game and hold down the r button launching the game so that it will actually launch you into the homebrew menu and then you can run browser nx. And it should hopefully work there we go so i believe this is the same web browser that the switch actually uses only differences you can just load it straight from the homebrew menu now rather than having to enter the switch. Brew dns settings continue to google and there we go so as you can see this works absolutely fine you can go to youtube.

No problem obviously. It s a slow crappy browser. Which you know pretty much all of these routers on game consoles are terrible. But that is just how it is but at least you can access it here you through this through this kind of bypass method so there you go you can do web.

Browsing. You can play movies. Tv. Shows you can listen to podcasts.

Audiobooks. Music and all that kind of stuff. Plus. Customize your switch.

With nx themes. Installer and make it much easier to copy files back and forth between your console. And your computer or your phone or any other device on your home network. So yeah those are a few handy homebrew applications.

If you have any more handy homebrew applications that you think people might find useful leave them in the comments..

Because obviously you haven t gone through and checked every single app in the homebrew app store to find out you know what other interesting applications are there so i m sure. There s plenty of others that are gonna be useful. I did mention checkpoint as well actually this can be used to back up your save files. So i can select a game like wolfenstein and press the l button to back up and say yes and then i can name it something or just go with the default name.

And it backs up all my save files in there. So now all my saves for wolfenstein are in there. And if i want to back that up to my computer then of course. I can just hop on ftp and then switch over to my computer again go back.

Here just refresh make sure. It s connected and then if i go to the switch folder. And then go to the checkpoint folder. You ve got saves in here.

I think. This was the title id. So if i look in here yep. There it is so it s got all my saves backed up and i can just copy this entire folder somewhere to my computer.

For safekeeping you can backup your save so that if something catastrophic happened like you accidentally deleted your save data by mistake then you have a backup somewhere else that you can restore using checkpoint. And you can even tick saves from other people s consoles that people have posted you know like a 100 completed save or a modded save that you can download from the internet and put it on there and restore it to your game. So that you can load that save file. I ve actually covered that in a separate video.

I ll link it in the cards in the top right hand corner and possibly in the description. So anyway. Yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed that i found the information.

Useful. If you did please leave a like and subscribe. We still have a few more things to cover. I m gonna be covering how to restore your back top nand.

So you can get back on intended servers on original firmware. If you ever want to go back and also how to update your firmware version to a higher firmware. Version because as you can see i m still on version 70. Point 1.

So if you want to update to a higher firmware version and get on the latest firmware. I m going to show you how to safely do that so hope you guys. Enjoyed. The video stay tuned for the next ones check out the playlist link in the description for the previous episodes.

And i ll see you guys in the next video. ” ..

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