Swords, scabbards and the “schwing” sound.

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“Guys so something i was talking about today is a certain type of sound that that you often get in movies and tv shows and the annoys. Many people who about swords and that is the the sound of swing. When the sword comes out of a scout. Okay now let s take a medieval sword.

Here so hand and a half sword. It s in a leather scabbard in a film traditionally when i put it after the scabbard it will go clean as it comes out here is the real sword here is a real scabbard that wasn t very impressive was it and it doesn t give any tension to the scene or drama. And you know what you have to realize is that in tv programs and films. I suppose they re trying to add tension by having the sound of a weapon.

And you know watching things like walking dead or whatever often when a person moves. A firearm. It makes a noise are usually a cocking sound. Even though they re not cocking.


The weapon. So saw something where someone recently pointed double barreled shotgun. At someone. And it made the sound of a pump.

Action. Shotgun. Inexplicably and the sound of cartridges. Hitting the ground.

When someone s using revolver. These kind of crazy things so this goes in the same box as those things. It s it s people putting sound effects into movies and tv to try and increase. The drama.


But remember that a sword coming out of the leather scabbard does not make a dramatic or impressive sound. And it certainly doesn t make a swing sound okay. However so most of you guys watching these videos will know that and we ll probably have ranted about this at some point. But where i believe the idea that swords coming out of scabbards does make that sound is probably from 19th century.

Three swords now in the 19th century. Lots of military swords lived in metal scabbards this one s brass. But most of them were steel and even towards the end of the 19th century. Where many swords started to go back into wooden scabbards.

Again. They still had a metal throat at the top here. So the blade still encountered metal now in britain at least and in some other countries. They realized that having a completely metal scabbard wasn t very good for your sharp sword edge explodey blunted.


It not so bad. If it s a brass go because obviously. The brass is a lot softer than than steel. The steel edge of the sword.

But if you ve got a steel or iron scabbard. It will slowly blunt your sharp edge on your sword. So what they started doing a breton at least is the throat up here of the scabbard. Which is really the only bit that comes into contact with the blade.

Much they started making of brass or what was known as german silver. Which is what we would call pewter now or sometimes they just left the top off completely. So you just have a wooden leather opening that but just to demonstrate if you have a scabbard like this one. I m holding it doesn t have any wooden liner in it at all whereas.


A lot of the metal scabbards actually had a wood or leather liner inside when you draw the sword. You get that sound okay. And that i believe is where the idea that the sword coming out out if you imagine someone who s watched soldiers officers on parade ground coming bring their sword ash and coming to attention. They re used to that sound of the sword coming out of the scabbard and then of course when they don t make a film about medieval swords or japanese swords or whatever.

They think are the sort of the noise of a of a blade coming out the scabbard should sound like this so that s probably where it comes from. But i should add that this specifically is a metal. Only scabbard and this example has no in it many british and other nationality metal scabbards did have a wooden or leather liner inside. And although they make a similar sound to that it s not as not as dramatic as that is okay.

Most of the sound comes from the contact of the blade against the throat. There okay i ” ..

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