Taotree Fitbit flex Replacement Wrist Band

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“Guys tired busy mother reviewer here again and right now i m going to be be reviewing i m probably pronouncing this wrong taco tree. Fitbit flex and holders so this one s the three pack and let me just pull it out of the bag at bay payment. So here is the first color here is the second color can you see that yeah pretty and this one s my favorite one so. I already have my fitbit flex inside of it the it it literally just wants all walk.

I had a fitbit charge they kept falling off. And i kept getting lucky. And i would actually hold on a second well sorry my daughter it would keep falling off. But i would keep finding it and more one day it fell.

Often i just never found it again so i always said if i get another one i want to make sure that i have one that has the locking mechanism. It also comes with the little latches..

The safety ones safety latches on each one of them so it doesn t really matter as long as you still have the actual watch band so i the one thing that i want to say about these that i absolutely love is that yes they don t look at all like the real fitbit flex band. But this is the only one that i found that actually secures the fitbit flex inside of the actual folder and stay they re. So. Behind.

Here is the little slot that you put the fitbit flex in so i m just gonna pop it out for you really quick. It s actually hard to pop out. Which is a good thing. Because that means the chances of it falling out or slim.

I m going to do a comparison for you guys. This is a fitbit flex band if you want to call it holder then i received for free and i just want to compare them side by side for you really can you kind of tell the difference this one s thicker..

This one s a lot thinner. This one s the jellyband this whole that they have made for it see how large this square is in comparison to the toe tree fitbit band and the width of the band and i just want you guys to understand the quality of this band is amazing and i can t tell the difference that it s that it s imitation. The only reason that other people are going to know that it s an imitation fitbit flex band is because of the fact that it doesn t have the actual mark at the top where it s kind of like they call. I think it s a 3d band so these aren t it but their class either you know you can get different styles.

I think they have like eight different style that you can choose from in the three pack. I chose this one just because i have the the block kind of like mosaic design. So anyways. I m gonna put it in for you so when you put it in you make sure that you put it in the bottom.

And then push and then it ll pop it oh sorry put it in the top and then push it in this the agent. It has never fallen off for me so for this product..

I m going to give the product four stars. The reason i m not giving it five stars is because you only can choose from one length. And i don t want to cut the band. But it is a little bit too long.

I i kind of have smaller wrists and because of that i m giving it. 4. Stars. The seller was awesome and the shipping was awesome there was nothing wrong with the packaging.

The the seller sent this product to me within 48 hours. I have postponed..

My review on the products because i always take about anywhere between 7 to 10 days to fully test the product. This one. I think i ve actually tested for about two weeks before doing this review and the reason i do that is just to make sure that you guys get all the right advice for the product. Before purchasing it so if you guys found this review helpful click that little helpful button at the bottom i can if you guys have any questions or comments go ahead and put them down there in the bottom and i will respond.

” ..

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