Technology Meets Contemporary Design The Serif TV by Samsung

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“It means checking out the new syrup tv from samsung. And i ve got to to say. It s called sara for very good reason. If you look at the profile of the television.

It actually calls the shape of the letter. I obviously sara i and not a sound fair so because of that you ve got these beautiful kind of narrower line quality. But it s also got the feet top and bottom. And that is what s integrated into its base.


And what i like about that is that it completely reimagines. The way actually v. Should look and feel i mean when you think about televisions. Usually there s just a flat black box.

You know they haven t really progressed further than that what s unique about the seraph is that they ve actually treated it more like a design element. You know it s more of an object in a presence. So now can actually see in your home and interact with your home and interiors and your lifestyle and the reason. Why i think you can also interact really well at home is because of its interface.


Which is actually really interesting. It s got some interesting ambient features you can play around with the backgrounds. I ve been having a bit of a play in terms of some of the interactive nature of the television. You can literally shape it to form the bright color and hue and texture and feeling a subject matter in order to act like a piece of artwork and actually really be a part of your home and feel like it s part of you and your style.

I should mention as well at the moment. We ve got it honest and essentially saying. Hey. I m a piece of art hanging on an easel.


I really like how proud that is having it on a stand. It does take up quite a bit of surface area so it s best for really generous sized living areas like the one we re in now you know where you ve got presents to actually human prominence and actually be proud of as a tv as an object as a piece of furniture. Ah. It was really cool is that because it s got that integrated face you can actually leave that up and pop it on your entertainment unit your mantel this shelf and then it just completely changes how a tv should look and feel because not only if you ve got the face.

You ve also got a shelf at the top which also has that flat base. So you can start styling. You can put plants down at books you know you might even have a cat. But i just want to hang out on top of it one day.


I really like the fact that that truly is treating it like an object and a piece of day as opposed to a television in your room. So the seraph is actually a design collaboration between samsung and the forelli brothers and it s really quite unique and exciting and interesting to me that samsung worked with the independent designers. Because i think where you sort of wherever. The independent designers and you think outside the box a little bit more you get results like this you get something that is completely unique and completely original this tv may not be for everyone.

But i must say it really does speak to the designers eyes it really talks to people that love aesthetics and love the look and feel of this tv as an object as a piece of furniture. Because then it allows you to integrate technology into your home. We start ” ..


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