The BEST 5 Cloud Storage Providers of 2019

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“At claude woods. We spend a lot of time reviewing and comparing cloud storage services. Services. To make sure you make the very best purchasing decision.

Possible no matter if a photographer flush with money. A lawyer. Worried about the security of your files. Or a college student.

That s as broke as a promise with our help you ll be able to find the very best cloud storage. Solution for you so stay tuned in this video. We ll be talking about the five. Very best cloud storage solutions on the market today over the past five years.

We ve written and rewritten reviews of over 50 services and we feel confident that the services. We ll be talking about here offer the very best deal for most people most of the time note that we said people if you re running a business. That s bigger than a few employees you may want to check out our enterprise solutions on the site. Those will generally offer more space.

And more functionality than the providers aimed at individuals and small businesses below also important to note is that storage is not backup and backup is not storage. Although a few providers blur the lines between the two we ll be mainly talking about places to store and manipulate files. If you need to backup files to keep them safe from hard disk failures sound alike check out our other video on this subject or the articles. We have on cloud.


What s done that with all that out of the way. Let s talk a little about how we picked the best services. If you want to get just to the good stuff you can just jump straight to the summary and i ve included these fancy jump marks in the description below so just click them. And it ll jump to our summary or to the provider.

That you re interested in you may wonder how we get from fifty to five well whittling down to this is actually pretty easy because we first get rid of the few services. We ve reviewed that no longer exists as these guys usually went out of business because they were bad. It s a double blessing for us and for you next off. We remove those that are just way too expensive.

There s no reason to pay more than a few bucks for a terabyte of storage. So why should you next up are services that simply offer too little storage. Some services feel 500. Gigs is enough and we disagree the last of the obvious criteria is security doesn t encrypt files or plays fast.

And lose. With your passwords. Obviously they re out what were left with then are about 15 ish providers. That are all good.

Though may not be perfect for each and every customer. This is where the details come to play and we get to look under the hood. So to speak to see the bits and pieces. But may not be obvious to you as a first time user first up is file sharing no storage services.


Allow you to share files with others. But how well do they do so. Differs widely sometimes the three step process fraught with malware sometimes. It s a matter of a single click i ll let you guess which we prefer file sync is next how quickly and how well does a service sync up files across various devices and accounts that process takes more than a few minutes.

We disqualify a service because if you re running a business. The last thing you need is for each document to have more than a single version or wait. For hours until everything is synced up they re the same to each other to all your devices speaking of businesses. We also selected services that offer more than just storage by employing apps.

Google drive is a great example of this not only can you store files jeune also edit them using a text editor spreadsheet app. Or even a photo manipulation program. Many other services let you do this either through building apps or third party plugins next up is security though all of our top 5 picks have decent security. We like to reward ones that go the extra mile using either advanced protocols password protected links or even zero knowledge security.

Where you and only you hold the keys to your content in an age where cyber criminals. Seems to lurk on every digital corner. Good security is a priority last off is the good old bottom line. There is no need for storage to break the bank and none of our top 5 will set you back more than a few bucks per month.

Though some deals will always be better than others we feel each of our best providers. Offer great value now. The best provider. When it comes to cloud storage is singh kham for scoring well in all five criteria.


We have men above. It has advanced security protocols as well as built in zero knowledge. In fact may be the most secure service. Out there offers great sharing options and also is true to its name thanks to its advanced syncing options to top all this off.

It. s also a pretty good deal offering a free five gigabytes plan as well as cheap paid plans for personal and business users all in all we doubt you could find a better service than singh kham. So we recommend you either give it a try or check out our review of this great service and i ll leave all the links in description box. Below a close second is p cloud.

Which takes second mainly because zero knowledge isn t built in but needs to be purchased separately almost doubling the cost of the cheaper plans. Besides that minor niggle. However p. Cloud is a great service.

That for some may even be a bit better than singh kham as a bonus. It also offers 10 gigabytes straight out of the gate. Making it free for most people to use to finish up the top three. We have treasure it a swiss provider.

Which gets its name from the german word for vault and lives up to two though it may not be as feature packed as the other to treasure. It more than makes up for it in security measures. And may be the safest provider. Out there though not the cheapest unfortunately we feel treasure.


It is a good fit for people that seek security above all even if it means doing without a few of the features in the areas of sync and file sharing the main selling point at the top 3. Is their tight security as well as their attention to sharing sync and productivity. The next two entries google drive and dropbox. However do better when it comes to sync and sharing and in the case of drive.

Actually have one of the best productivity suites in the cloud. Today on the other hand. Though both google drive and dropbox have questionable security records. Which keeps us from putting them any higher on the list these services themselves are fine of course in fact cloud woods use google drive for its writing and storage needs.

But if you want to keep your data safe and out of the hands of meet ears. You may want to avoid them or use an encryption tool like box krypter when uploading your files that aside. However. Dropbox has certainly one of the smoothest experiences out there with almost seamless sync and sharing features as well as a mediocre note taking app in the form of dropbox paper google drive not only gives you 15 gigabytes for free but also lets you plug in to your heart s content making it an excellent service for virtually any small business trying to get by on a budget and that s it for our list of the best con storage providers of 2018 if you enjoyed watching it please like it and if you want to see more please subscribe to this channel.

And we have plenty of links in description below. If you d like to know more and if you have suggestions of your own please always let us also know in the comments below and thank you very much for watching watching and hopefully. I m gonna see you ” ..


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