The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop for $619 // Acer Nitro 5

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“Dollars. That s exactly how much the acer nitro. 5. Cost.

This is a gaming gaming laptop its budget. It will get you gaming for a very affordable price point. If you want a game. You want to spend a ton of money you can do this on this laptop.

Comfortably at 1080p with settings set to medium. Now we ve seen this design before it s your typical black and red laptop in fact the nitro line has looked the same for the past few years it s not as aggressive as their predator line. But it still looks like a gaming laptop. Nonetheless.

You have a full plastic build even though the top lid does feel like plastic you have striations running vertically on the lid. You have a 6 pound laptop. Making it light enough to take around every once in a while but still heavy enough that you wouldn t want to carry this on a daily basis. The ports on the left hand side you have a noble lock rj45 usb type.

C which is not thunderbolt 3 full hdmi usb 30. And an sd card slot on the right hand side you have your barrel connector for power 2 usb 20. Ports and your audio jack now getting inside of here requires you to remove a lot of screws but thankfully there are two access bay s to access the hard drive and to access the ram these come off quite easily. Now once you re.


Inside a lot of things are upgradeable the 25. Inch. Hard drive is 7200 rpm. But you can swap it out for an ssd.

You do have a blank m2 nvme slot. So if you want to put a faster main drive you can do that battery life 48 watt hours. Now this is a small battery. But don t let the size fool you have to remember.

This is a used series amd processor. And i was able to push out about 5 hours of use before needing to charge. And this is just with productivity for ram. You have two slots upgradeable to 32.

Gigabytes. And you have two fans keeping the cpu and gpu cooled. Now what it comes to the display. This is not the best display and again this is a 619 laptop.

But it is full hd. It is ips and it is 1080p you get about 69 srgb and around 52 adobe rgb it looks absolutely fine for gaming. But if you re buying this to do some content creation on my recommendation is to hook up a more color accurate monitor. So.


These bezels are quite thick. They re not the most attractive. But again. This is a budget gaming laptop.

Least. The webcam is in the right spot. It s at the top. It looks like this nothing special pretty much in line with every other gaming laptop now sound is coming out of two speakers on the bottom.

There s nothing to write home about they re loud enough to fill a small to medium sized room. But they re not gonna blow you away. But they re good enough to game on comfortably and enjoy the experience keyboard this is a full sized keyboard. Which means you do get a numeric keypad.

So if you re doing some work or your study you need to crunch numbers you have that opportunity it has good travel distance. But it is quite mushy it s not the most solid feeling keyboard to use but again for this price point it s more than acceptable touch pad is on the bottom. You do have windows precision drivers. It is a good size it s not glass so it s not as smooth or accurate as let s say some of the more expensive and gaming laptops.

But nonetheless. It still provides a pretty good experience. Now because this model is using an amd 2500. You you re getting a process that runs at 15 watts.


Instead of 45 and with that you get a processor that produces less heat. But yet gives you better battery life now. The rx 560 x. Inside of here is a gpu that s very comparable to a gtx 1050.

So you are going to be able to gain comfortably at 1080p with settings set to medium some games high like overwatch. But most of the time it s gonna be anywhere from medium to low. Now. I did have a lot of problems when i got this laptop in fact when i first started setting it up it would lag like crazy.

And i thought it was just the mechanical drive being the c drive. But it was more than that it actually had a couple of software issues. And it wasn t until easter released. A bios update.

Then it made the laptop actually a lot more enjoyable to use the unfortunate. Part was you had to search for the update yourself. Because the acer care center software would never show that an update was available now once i updated the bios and i also updated the amd gpu drivers to the latest version performance completely changed it took a laptop that was completely unusable to what it s supposed to be now this is very frustrating because if you re someone buying a laptop or a gaming laptop for the first time you might not know what s going on and be very frustrated with the experience. These are the little things that need to be working.

When you purchase a brand new computer. Heat management is fantastic on this laptop under full load. 74. Degrees.


Celsius. And this is what the cpu constantly boost to its maximum potential surface temperatures are also fantastic 43 degrees celsius. Which is much lower than other gaming laptops which usually hit about 50 fan noise is also great because it is using the uc aries that doesn t get that loud under normal circumstances when it does hit max temperatures or max load you can definitely hear the fans. But it s not nearly as loud as other gaming laptops.

So here are my closing thoughts. The nitro. 5. Is such a fantastic deal for a budget gaming laptop.

But i do have three things to mention the first one. If you do buy this or do have this and you re having lagging issues hit the acer website immediately download the latest bios update and download the latest version of the amd gpu drivers number to get rid of this mechanical drive or at least make it your second drive get an ssd inside of here. You ll see a big performance increase and the third thing. I m giving one away.

There s about five to six days left on the contest link is in the description down below. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know your thoughts on this laptop like the video. If you liked it subscribe.

If you haven t already hit me up on instagram for some behind the scenes and i ll see you guys in the next video. ” ..

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