The Best Nexus 6P Cases Review

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” s going on guys thor. Here. So today. I ll be bringing you a review review of the best nexus 6p cases first off.

We ll start with the earth fusion case. And what this essentially is other than a massive mouthful. It is a hard case and silicone side. So it s a fusion style case.


I mean. There s two kinds of materials. Here and the nice trick this one has up and sleeve. As it actually has a cover over the headphone jack the cover over the headphone jack prevent any kind of water from coming in while you re talking on the phone.

If you get rained on this and like that and it does not make the phone completely waterproof or water resistant because there is no cover on the ports and the bottom. This is not a silicon material around the entire phone. Me back is prone to getting scratches directly on the case itself next up is the flexi shield by alex are the fletcher shield series. I ve tested before on iphones and other android devices the only difference between this one really compared to the others as this comes in a frosted material.


So it s not going to show as much dust and debris on the outside of the device as well as it s not gonna pick up as many fingerprints. But the nice thing about the fleshy shield is that it s very sticky on the outside when it s in your hand. It s not stick you into your pocket. So it s not gonna pick up pocket lint.

But it will stay in your hand. Very well so when you are handling a phone like the 6p. Which is very large it ll be a little bit easier to hold last up is the spigen rugged armor. The speaking rugged armor is one of the more durable series from spigen now this case is not very bulky at all in my personal opinion.


It doesn t add very much bulk to the thickness or the width of the phone whatsoever. But it does offer this nice mat slightly sparkly material on the outside combined with carbon fiber accidents on both the top and the bottom all three of these cases do offer a nice aesthetic in their own way. But my personal opinion. I do like the speak and rugged armor.

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