The best Roku of 2019: Reviewing every single Roku device

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“There today we re going to look at which roku player you should buy there there s a bunch of models between 30 and 100. But my favorite is the stick plus for 50. But maybe that one s not for you so we re gonna go through look at all the different models and find out which one meets your own requirements. Unlike some of the competition.

The prices of roku boxes. Do fluctuate. So you will find cheaper prices over the holiday period. In particular.

If the screen behind me looks at all familiar. It s because it s roku one of the most popular platforms for streaming roku offers hundreds of different channels. Including free ones like roku channel. And pluto as well as the big ones like netflix and amazon prime video all the products.

We re going to look at today come with a remote control. But you can also control them with the roku app on your smartphone. It s worth noting that all the 2019 and beyond models have hdmi out only so. If you have an older tv.

Which only has analog inputs you might need to look elsewhere so first we re gonna start with the cheapest model and then we re going to highlight the differences between each successive model as i go. But the biggest difference between all of them is usually the remote control. But first we ve got the 30 roku express. Now this is the one that i would recommend to anyone who has a bedroom tv.

If you just want roku. This is some wonder game you don t really need any features. It s a 1080p box..


It s very bare bones. It s got a standard classic remote just a couple of shortcut buttons at the bottom if you want a roku experience for the cheapest possible price the 30 roku express. Is the one to get so. This is the roku express.

Plus. It looks exactly the same the main difference is this remote control this units identical. But this is the upgrade here this is a voice remote and it also has tv control other side this is 40 still 1080p. But what you get is a little microphone button and you can ask for actors you can ask for streaming services and it will come up on your screen.

What it also has is volume controls through television at the side and a mute button that s 40. The extra 10 you re paying for is for an upgraded remote nothing really changes with the main box. This is the roku premiere. I m gonna get it out of its box.

What this is it s the first 4k hdr model in the range it s also 40 but what they ve done they ve upgraded the main body. But kept the basic remote so this doesn t have any of the voice features that the other one did. It s just your basic stock standard with the shortcut buttons and stuff. But all the goodness is in here.

So if you have a 4k tv. This is the cheapest one you can get this is the basic remote that comes with the roku express. What you re really paying for is the upgraded box. It s worth noting that a roku remote will work with any roku box.

So you can use this with the hundred dollar box or the 30 box. Which also means you can use the ultra remote. Which is too tricked out one with the entry level they all work interchangeably..


What i have here is my recommended model for most people it s the roku streaming stick plus let s now come down from 60 to 50. If you have a 4k tv or looking to do any streaming of any sort. This is the one i d recommend to you this one sits behind your tv. You don t need to have it out in view.

Because it s a wireless remote essentially you plug this into your back of your television. And you get voice features with this upgrade of remote 50 bucks. As 4k hd are all the other goodness of the other model. But getting that voice remote with the tv controls.

Again the roku streaming stick. Plus is the smallest roku by far. And it s the first that i ve shown you that sits behind your tv. It doesn t need to have line of sight for the remote to work now we re getting into serious territory.

This is the roku streaming stick plus headphone edition. This is 60 it s a best buy exclusive and again what they ve upgraded is two remote control. This is the first remote that comes with a headphone jack and a pair of headphones. The idea is if you re sitting in bed.

You can hook the headphones in to your remote control and watch without disturbing other people but if you want to save yourself. Ten bucks use the roku app on your phone and connect a pair of bluetooth headphones to it if you ve been a user of roku for many years. You ll be more familiar with this model. This is the ultra lt.

It s a walmart exclusive. It s 80 comes with that same remote. We saw just before with the headphone out one of the best features about this is that it has got expandable memory..


So if you don t like waiting for youtube to load for example. You can put more memory. In it. s also got an ethernet jack.

So. If your wi fi is blasted out in your apartment. Building. For example.

You can hook. It straight into ethernet circumvent those problems if you can find last year s ultra. It s essentially the same as this you might be able to find it cheaper than the 80. And there s no real reason to buy this one the you power users out there.

This is the one you should look at this is the hundred dollar roku ultra. For 2019. Which has all the upgraded features including a remote finder. Essentially what you do is you press this button.

And this little remote chirps and let you know where it is stuck under the couch or behind the body or whatever laughter. So what does it do essentially. This is mostly an upgraded remote and has all the features we ve saw previously such as the headphone out the television control. But what it does add is two new voice buttons.

What you do is you hold down on one of these shortcuts and you say for example black mirror. And it will store that as a shortcut you just press that button and you get whatever you stored appearing on your television. If you love the remote experience from a roku box this is the one to get it s got all the tricked out features..


It s got that remote finder. It s got the headphone jack you re not buying it for the box. Really you re buying it for this remote. And it actually works really well.

It s probably my favorite of all of the remote controls and as i said before if you want to go crazy. You can t buy this yet separately. We re hoping one day it does become available by its own. So.

If you have one of the cheaper boxes you can upgrade it instantly by getting this for 100. This is much more affordable than say for example the apple 4k tv or the nvidia shield. But if you re a power user those are probably better devices for you because they offered games. They offer a lot more features than this one does and really.

This is you re just paying for the remote for this one. It s not really worth getting for a hundred bucks. You re much much better off getting the streaming stick plus. So this has been a look at the 2019 2020.

Roku range. If you want to spend the least amount possible the roku express at 30 is what i d recommend about a 50. The roku streaming stick. Plus is the one to get happy streaming so you know my pick for the best roku to get which one would you prefer sound off in the comments below and ” .


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