The Canon 80D! Worth Buying in 2020?!

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“Cannonade idi is the equivalent of myspace in this day and age of netflix approved approved hybrid cameras. But i mean place was awesome in its day and age and was the canon a td. Which was in fact a game changer for its time. Now.

I see it all the time. But we passed the good enough for youtube image quality barrier. A long time ago and because of that it s time to find out does the venerable a td still stand up in 2020. Well does it let s find out i can do that cuz.

It s a dslr and it s built like a tank. What s up everyone on a every day dead if i can figure it out you can figure it out so the real i mean the real question of today isn t just is the a td worth it this year. I mean yes. It s literally the title so that is the question.

But the real overall question is is it worth it to try and keep up with the cutting edge of imaging technology. Because that is expensive. And it s not always practical to do i mean i get asked all of the time. What cameras people should use and a lot of the time.

The answer is something a year or two or three old coff coff gh. 5. So let s see if the att. Which was and still is a hugely popular camera retains a place in my recommendations list despite it having a newer version replacement on the market in the 90 d.

It s much easier to say before we do hop too far into the video. However i would like to thank. My friends. Over at b h.

Photo. For loaning. Me this a td to make this series of videos on now. If you d like to get your very own like rock solid tank of a camera.

There will be links in the description below now if you are new here welcome i break these videos down into three major categories video quality ease of use and ecosystem. Those are the three main things that all cameras like those are what you should be judging your camera by if you re going to buy it for your own online video. So first up let s talk that video quality. The eos atd has a 24 megapixel aps c.

Size sensor housed inside of this gigantic ef mount dslr. More we ll talk more about the body later it s almost like we have a whole section on it it can record up to 1080p. At 60 frames per second. And has canons.

Very reliable dual pixel autofocus. Now i might personally think that sony s taking the lead in 2020. I mean we are currently were using two sony cameras..


I still only trust two companies for continuous video autofocus you might be able to put two and two together and figure out that it s canon and sony in a rarity though among similarly priced. Cameras this has both a smaller ip b codec and a much beefier alli codec giving you a little more flexibility and post. All footage that you see out of this thing in this video will be shot in 1080p mov format. So i can get that all like impression one of the negatives.

It doesn t have anything like c. Log or a log format. Though unfortunately. You ll have to upgrade to the eos r.

The 5d mark 4. Or if you have like literal silver pockets. The 1 dx mark. 3.

Though much like other dslrs. It does not have any kind of in body image stabilization and unlike the current generation of dslrs. It doesn t have canons electronic stabilization either. But how does the image quality hold up i wouldn t be making this video.

If i didn t think it held up pretty done well i think it looks pretty darn good especially for the pressman you can get these used for dirt cheap these days. And i do recommend buying them used i do personally record everything in 4k. But if you are good with 1080p. This is a phenomenal camera and if we re being honest.

If we re if we re pulling the band aid off in the everyday dad here. I m probably wasting time and money and storage space to record everything in 4k because i personally like i don t even watch youtube in 4k. I watch everything in 1080p at best kind of ironic right what does matter. Though more about this camera is the colors look great.

The image is nice and sharp and while it doesn t have a huge amount of dynamic range. It s nothing like my s1h that has what like 14 plus stops of dynamic range. Thanks to it lacking. A true log format or even being designed for that you do get enough to make very.

Usable videos again we passed the level of good enough image quality for online video long long ago. It is more about the ease of use of getting that image that matters more hence. Why we have a whole section called ease of use that we ll talk about here in a minute. It s not perfect.

Though and one thing that i really don t like image quality. Wise from the atd is this is a dslr from before mirrorless started taking over and some of those mirrorless features starting to bleed into the dslrs. So this is a real anachronism in it and that you cannot get a clean hdmi out so if you want a live streaming camera. I d look elsewhere also if you want to record externally on this with something like the ninja v.

You re good have to accept some info like some of the info on the display. You re just gonna have to accept that if you really just have to record externally. The other side of video quality is audio..


Recording. And the ad has the standard set up that higher end canon cameras continue to field to. This day it s got a 35 millimeter. Audio in and a 35.

Millimeter. Headphone. Out. And that will let you monitor your audio in real time.

The internal preamps. I mean they re nothing to write home about they re not bad. But they re not great i mean they work perfectly fine you can raise and lower the internal gain through the menu interface and what you won t get as clean of audio as you would from a sony or panasonic camera much like the image quality you ll get good enough and coming from me look coming from me saying that something is good enough for audio is high praise. Because.

I judge audio much more harshly than technical image quality audio. Its audio is way more important you can also monitor the audio from the screen itself thanks to the addition of the gauge on the display. And if you were like me. And you can t actually like monitor your audio in real time.

Because you would look like a huge dork with headphones in while you re like making these videos. This is a nice way to make sure that you aren t blowing out your audience your drums with your enthusiasm. That s my way of saying that sometimes i m loud i have to have audio devices that control my excitement. Let s talk about that pesky ease of use because we ve established that the video called in the atd.

It produces totally usable images and here s where i actually i tweeted about this today like right before we hit record here s where canon hybrid stills cameras exceed over everything else on the market and it makes me want to sell all my gear and go straight canon every single time i get one of these things in the studio. These are the darned easiest cameras to use they got the fully articulating touchscreen. Which is a part of it being able to judge your framing and exposure and your audio. While in front of the camera is just yes.

Please it sucks. So much when you have a camera. That doesn t let you do this like my a7. 3.

Right here doesn t have to rig up this whole system to get around that but it s not just seeing yourself. It s actually being able to change the things in the camera. While in front of it so. If you were like vlogging with the camera.

It only takes a few taps to change the settings and get yourself back on track you re not i cannot overstate like how much easier that is than having to get up go around the camera fix it come sit down. And just not ever being sure that you fixed it i ve been using sony cameras a lot recently and while i am a big fan. I wish they were this easy to use a few taps if you need it and you can totally save a shot that might have been according erroneously like right now on the a 6600 if i wanted to change anything i couldn t just tap. I wish please everybody just have this and not only that that great dual pixel autofocus comes in and combines with all of those.

Other features that it basically ensures that if the autofocus boxes around your face old tech. Here. So no eye detection in video..


You will be in focus. And it s just you can trust it and that s what s awesome and just add lip not even that just to add a little cherry to the top of this awesome sundae. The body while much bigger than a mirrorless camera at the same price is one of the best camera bodies ever made and it s super simple to use and navigate. I definitely if your if you add all of that up i rate.

This is one of the easiest cameras to use period. And i know i ve already said this but i love i just i love using these darn canon cameras i ll be sad to go back to my normal setup after this but i like some of the things that i can get out of sony lenses one more thing. I do want to say about the bodies. It s not as customizable as today s cameras.

But this body does have all of the dials buttons and switches that you can hope for if you re really instills. Some some people are i don t understand it either you even have an lcd on the top that allows you to use this optically without needing the lcd. If you are a dslr purist. Unfortunately this lcd screen doesn t work with video modes.

But if you are recording video you ll probably use the flip screen. Anyway so i guess don t worry about it and you know what while we ve got this we re talking about how easy it is to use we ve talked about how good the image quality is let s do a quick vlogging test to show that the old king of vlogging still has it in it see out there okay and welcome to the vlogging test of the canon atd. So yeah we have not used this camera in quite a while. But yeah we ve got this set to 1080p 24 frames per second because i m doing a i m doing like this 24 frames per second test thing here on the channel.

So yeah we ve got this set up. We do have it on like a little mini tripod thing. We ve got the switch pot on and you can see this is the image quality. It is the middle of the day so it is very very contrasting out here.

But yeah i ve got a little microphone put on here. There is no stabilization on this camera. So if it looks stable that s just because it s heavy and my shoulders about to fall off. But i just one of the things i miss about canon cameras because i primarily use panasonic and sony cameras.

But just how easy these darn things are to use is such a big big benefit like i took this out of my camera bag and we were ready to go like we were rocking and rolling in seconds. It s just so good so good. But yeah this i mean i m doing this for fun because this has clearly been proven as a vlogging camera. Now doesn t have the best dynamic range.

Know all of this highlight. I don t keep i don t even know if you can tell that the sky is blue back there. So it s not gonna have like crazy dynamic range. There s no log profiles in here.

But yeah. This is the vlogging test let s go into the sun. Let s go into the sun. And see what happens oh we re so bright.

So we re not even we re not even in the sun. You see that s the sun that s the sun over here. Oh..


It s so bright it s so bright yep that doesn t that s not working. It s not working as well okay back inside and we re back so it works. Great like i i loved using this outside. I love using this in general.

But dslrs are dinosaurs right the dying. Deer sellers are dying i see videos on youtube. All the time that means that means it has to be true right so what happens. If i buy one of these am.

I even able to buy accessories is there even an ecosystem for this camera left. Uh yes. There is absolutely an ecosystem. The ef lenses that this thing rocks are still the largest and most diverse amount of glass that you can find anywhere period.

I say sony has the edge. But that s in mirrorless when it comes to dslr glass nothing beats the ef mount plus you can use some really unique and nice crop efs lenses that still aren t really found in mirrorless systems today like it so kino wide angle 28. Like those are lenses. That you can t find anywhere else.

And you can use things like canons own website to find insane deals insane deals on refurbished first party lenses. And there is always a nice selection of used glass on websites like bh plus. As this is a much older camera you can find third party offerings for most of the major accessories. You might want such as battery.

Grips cages. Etc. There is a very lively and very affordable eco system to build this up into. But at the end of the day.

So what right is the candidate id still worth buying when things like the 90 d exist well yes to know if you were looking to buy a brand new camera. No i wouldn t recommend spending a thousand dollars on a camera like this that s missing. A few key features like 4k and clean hdmi out. I think the ninety d is worth that extra two hundred dollars for those features.

But if you can find an ad in good shape used then yes. I would absolutely recommend it like i said image quality is more than usable. The ease of use is like no other and to this day. It s still perfectly good for online video creation and if you like this video you might be interested in checking out.

If another popular vlogging camera. The gopro hero ii black is also still worth buying six months later click right up here you ll click up on the light. I ll put the box right up here on the light click. ” .


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