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“Everyone today we have a very special video because it has been requested a lot lot but not by a whole lot of people. It s been requested a lot one person and that person is it s your boy. Yet here s the thing about it s your boy you eat. It s your boy eat really wants me to do a cheapest finger board on amazon video in fact.

He s been posting this comment on pretty much all of my videos since the very first finger wood week when i see them all the time. And i m like ah man. I wish i could but amazon like it takes a while for amazon to ship stuff to new zealand. I know in america they re like really quick.

But to ship stuff from america to new zealand. I know it just takes a while so it wasn t something i could do like that. But guess what it s your boy eat today is the day because i got this in the mail. But before i open this there s actually a completely made up backstory as the hell.

I got this so pretty much i wanted to buy the cheapest fingerboard at the day before i was about to buy it i lost all of my money so i got this email. I m somehow related to a prince in nigeria out of some crazy circumstance. They want to give me 40 million dollars. Oh laughter was transferred them a certain amount of money to legitimize.

It and then they ll send me 40 million dollars. This this is insane thank you so much prince. I do see i see tomorrow. The prince of nigeria stole all my money.

But i really wanted to do this cheapest finger board on amazon video. So i needed to find a way to make 15..

I was walking down the street then i stumbled upon a homeless man. He was looking very very homeless spare change. I did romani he had a head laid out in front of him inside the hatch was a crispy 20 note more than enough to pay for the finger board. But do i do it do i abandon my morals and steal from this homeless homeless man hell yeah.

I do no i do not so i just walked past him and then he stopped me. And said. I think you need this a little bit more than. I do oh thank you mister hobo.

I guess. A special hobo senses could sense my brokenness and then i went home and i got online and i bought the fingerboard and that brings us to right now cheapest fingerboard on amazon. I ordered this quite a while ago. But i remember i think i paid around 15 new zealand dollars for this it might not sound like the cheapest but i went on amazon.

I searched finger boards and i sorted it low to high prices and this was the cheapest one that was advertised as an actual fingerboard and not like a little plastic piece of crap let s find out what 15 gets you ah here it is finger board p rep. I guess that s the brand. I have no idea what the p would stand for an fing good morning. Maybe like penis or something just what s up guys.

I got my new penis represent finger board in the doesn t actually look that bad looks pretty nice p. Red stops a complete spare d millimeter by a hundred millimeter cherry fingerboard. Which comes with bearing wheels and turnable trucks watch. It s gotta love some turnable trucks it s from new york apparently.

Oh wait nevermind just underneath. The new york..

It says made in china for a second. I was like new. Oh hell yes. Stickers here s the board right here.

It doesn t look like a really cheap board. But they even have their logo burnt into the top light. That s pretty cool comes of two pieces of grip tape. Oh these are the turnable trucks hold on a minute.

I don t know if you guys can see that but those are plastic ass bushings. These are not turnable trucks. We have been tricked we have been backstabbed and quite possibly bamboozled. I m not angry.

I m just just is these bearing wheels. They got a pretty weird looking shape. It s almost as if they didn t really shape them properly like there s a bit. They forgot to stand off of them and one of them is way more shiny than the other ones.

We re gonna set this thing up and then we can make full judgments will the bolts fit into the bolt holes look at that almost i give them an a plus for effort. Oh damn okay no way i got that wrong is it it s ridiculously hard to try and tighten. The trucks any more than that oh my gosh feels like i m just gonna like strip. The bolts that s not epic.

Who knows maybe the next truck will be fine nope maybe. I m just like super weak or something then not getting bolted all the way down and i m trying my hardest..

And i know i ve done it correct let s hope putting the wheels on goes a bit better oh oh dad listen to that bearing up what a bag do you have there s so much room in between wheel in the truck tighten the bolt. All the way down not barely expecting this to be very good anymore. The setup has not gone that well maybe i m just being really picky because i have this board. Which costs 10 times more than this one so maybe i m just being way too harsh on this one.

But i feel like the trucks should go all the way down to touch the deck. Maybe. The redeeming factor of this board will be the tape. What kind of fine neoprene have they used for this there we go so first impressions on just using it for that tiny amount of time it actually does tricks pretty good.

I m pretty surprised by that oh brett after that setup. I quote this fingers gonna be a piece of to get a full grip of how this thing works. We gotta go have a little session with it and i ll let you know how i think of it after that i don t want to know this boats actually surprisingly good this thing works surprisingly good despite not having turnable trucks. I could pretty much do every trick that i can normally do on this on this what are the differences between this 15 board and this 200 board.

One of the things that makes this one better the whole thing that was very dialed. There s no parts that are loose. If you bend the truck one way it will pop straight back unlike this one with the trucks to counter all over the place the grip tape on the pierette board. It feels pretty nice.

I like it i only use this thing for about 30 minutes. But the grips already starting to get really worn out i don t know if it s meant to get like that the deck feels solid. I had no issue with the deck at all the wheels weren t good enough. If you already have a good finger board.

I wouldn t recommend going and getting one of these. But if you own the other tech deck..

And you want to look into getting something a bit better with bearing wheels and a wooden deck and stuff. I definitely recommend getting one of these if you got some rubber bushings for this then it ll be fine oh man what are you doing in my seat. You even are you can you tell me the differences between these two boards the differences this one well to be honest. The only difference that i see is the fact that there s you know a picture on one of them not on the other this one s a little bit more rounded at the top.

The metal bits well this this metal is very it hasn t been used as much as this one doesn t have as much scrapes. These metal bits are differently more fresh okay alright. Very wobbly and very stir which one do you think s more expensive looks more quality this one looks better qualified yeah. There s some likes better quality.

But this one has the picture looks like someone s going to a lot of effort to draw their picture. Alright and there we go. That s the untrained eyes opinion lately on trade that one s 15 dollars. And that one s 200 that s the end of the video.

I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to come back tomorrow for the next day of fingerboard week also i have a bunch of new merch. So if you guys want to go check that out the channel. You can use the code can be spelt like this to get 10 off and that s available until sunday. Well saturday in the states.

Yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching the video and i ll see you tomorrow. But until then it s pizza time pizza time. We are built invited you know what s going on it s to ” .


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