The Greatest Rocket League Clone Games

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“Greatest rocket league clones boom it looks like they just clipped. A photo like they they took a mini cooper picture and just slapped it into the background. See now is epic. This is some high level physics right.

Here you can immediately tell these people spent time on this game. They tried to make it perfect and they succeeded ok f. Jumps. I can even double jump look at these choppy ass physics boom can i ariel see that s the most important thing man.

I don t think you can ariel man you can t jump off the ball. You can t drive on the wall high level mechanics. Let s go oh no i m stuck in this. I m stuck in the floor.

I broke the game. Guys. Stop. Freestyling.

Jay s ur could never reset. Oh. Look. At that they knew that this game was a broken piece of garbage so they put a reset button for you i bet you could pinch this ball what what just happened what is this why is my wheel inside the ground.

This is rocket league turn on the boosters. I love this game. This is better than rocket league. This is what rocket league wishes it could be what look at these physics men they got the dodge physics.

And everything man. See that was a waved. I just pulled off a wave boys let s go champ. Oh.

This i think it s this oh should i found it they even got hoops i want the car skins how do i get car skins epic goal oh oh oh my items are you telling me i have to buy the car 20 keys for 18 euro is someone actually playing this game and spending this much money on it a police car..

I m about to buy this it s it s only one euro guys okay it s gonna be fine so now i actually have a car. I just don t have any friends yo does anyone want to join this game is free to play and you can literally download it in like two seconds. Oh there you are wait why s his car a different color. When he s on the same team this game is the last thing humans see before they die oh.

He s joined. This is it this is the high level gameplay. You ve all been waiting for i m just bumping is good no what are you doing you knucklehead exile on you suck bro. Oh look at all these people bro.

It s another finnish guy. That s just j s are in disguise team. Finland. This is what epic games did to rocket league.

I like it oh i m supposed to press ready the match is beginning the most awaited 3v3 game of all time in rocket league well what are you doing you can t just do you can t just sit on the ball. Do that s against the rules rotating back okay let s go you know what i m ball. Chasing a brahma bronze in this game. I m sensing it.

Oh oh no no is the game of the year. Easy. Let s go baby. No i m on the edge of my seat thrilling gameplay.

Absolutely fantastic oh no let s go. Jay sir. No what have you done oh good saves boys good saves. Let s go no.

No no no no all right this is it work through. We re through. We re through no this piece of garbage well smash it smash it absolute banger jesus christ ok criminy corina go go go go go yes we re through we re through once again you almost go. No.

Fake jays are fake jays or go go go go..

Yes. No oh good what a banger. I m having so much more fun that i was with rocket league like 20 minutes ago is this the epic update. I want to save water.

Clear. Let s go boys. Oh. No this.

But this is bad oh. That s it no yes. It s counting up. I know i think the time it yes cue fake j.

s are you piece of garbage. It s like takumi. If he was depressed customized. What else do they got what is this truck.

When you have no inspiration for car designs. You literally just take like construction vehicles and slap them into your game. Like here. We go tractor look at the cavalry.

The three musketeers ready for battle on guard. What did the puck just pitch a car and that is not it oh no no no no no okay we re fine. We re fine this guy s just he s just off to the side getting demolished by a ghost listen to that engine play we re playing roblox boys is the most exciting time of my life holy jesus okay. I m play no this isn t roblox.

This is rocket league boys let s go is my car like not reacting to that physics whatsoever. Oh. There we go let s pinch it all right let s pull off some chrono v. Moves.

Here that s amazing alright..

I m done with this crappy ass. You let them hear one two one what if that s actually left them here. It s probably laughs in disguise the champions sleep. It s all stretched out yeah you gotta respect the hustle man.

What do you think is the best hitbox for this guys are we going with the merc hitbox. This is uneven. This is a bus that s what hitbox that is let s go with dominance eight boxes. I feel like it would be really good in this game.

Just drive go forward okay. This is another psionics bug. Oh bro look at this car. This one works way better than the old shit they copied the ball.

The model from rocket league. It took a few car presets they slept it on the field and they called it a day. Honestly i think psionics is gonna rip off this game. They re gonna do you know reverse card on them this is what we need in rocket league psionics get on it i want to live a virtual life through the virtual world of rocket league see see alright rocket league with ferraris and monster car lamborghinis little nod to psionics oh my god what bro the car s gone loose its committeth.

It has committed just above you good what s a bugatti holy shit. Are you serious you can t even drive over it the line on the field you can t drive over it mayday mayday respect tornado drift pogo yeah let s go for it let s go for it it just stopped oh. I think i m broke my car. I think i think i broke the suspensions boys a rocket league alpha with a capital o of course.

Oh there s another guy. What s on it sorry hey you guys ever seen those oh. What hey what do you know it s just rocket league. There s more respect signs light love soccer play soccer bro you re huge say no to i don t know why that s so funny to me.

But it s a fucking roblox game. If this is a game for kids man you know this is a game for 10 year olds. When they see say no to racism. They don t understand what racism.

Even is i don t think this ball has any physics..

It s literally a rolling stone bro. Oh okay. So finally okay. This is the first game.

That s actually somewhat worked near teammate forfeits after one goal conceded hit the panic button support military daughter yes. 12 year old roblox players support the military no i had to post full spirit crush falls free crash. What why is it my the one that got flipped over oh. We ve just exceeded the speed of existence and matter and lights and and the black hole the time space continuum and warp through this post.

Oh my god we re guys. We re entering heaven. This is it this is the road to nirvana i finally reached ascension. This is true enlightenment.

Let s go cylon let s go meet jesus. Oh. The car is stuck okay. What s his run.

There jesus christ. My savior where are you oh is this the sonar room again this is where i have come to cleanse my sins make me a servant of god oh. What how d you get these cars here man. You don t bring an octane to the locker room dude.

That s a sin brett. This has been a good time. Thank you guys so much for stopping by you walked into the greatest content of all time shout out to these guys for joining my game. I just wonder when as a baby you do this brother bed 2 to 3.

I montana state your ” ..

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