The iPod “Shuffle” That Killed Every iPod After it: iPod Nano 6th Generation In Depth Look In 2019

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“What is going on guys so typically when you think of an ipod. You think think of a device like this or this do you think of a device that a circular click wheel with the menu buttons and the player buttons along with the skip buttons you also think of a bunch of included features like a video camera games calendar. Contact photos. There are so many endless possibilities with the fifth generation ipod nano and i d argue that this is the peak of ipods as far as ipod nanos go.

But today. We re gonna be taking a look at the ipod that comes after the ipod nano fifth generation. Because this is the one that i believe killed the image of the ipod. And no longer made it popular let s get started so right alongside the release of the iphone 4 back in 2010 apple released this sixth generation ipod nano so one design feature that this has that is very similar to the iphone is the volume buttons and the power button.

It s got a same type of finish and sculpting inside the buttons. So this gave you a feel that this was somehow related to the iphone. But just for music. Now the actual form factor of the device completely changed from the original ipod nano lineup apple even knew this and so they advertised it as a joke for a watch.

And it ended up becoming an actual watch product apple geeks and enthusiasts. Purchased so when this ipod released. There were only two available clock faces. But over the course of a few software.

Updates. Apple added. So many more clock faces to choose from that ended up making. The watch feature on this device.

More known on the actual ipod..

Feature. The most controversial part of this ipod was definitely the way you navigated the home screen original ipods had a click wheels that you could just simply scroll through whereas. This was a tiny screen that people kind of had to relearn. It was very strange.

I personally was used to it but from someone who probably used ipod nanos. One by one and eventually went to this it was probably a very strange experience and they probably just stick with with the 5th generation ipod. If they could purchase it off ebay. The main reason.

This killed. The ipod is because it took away more features than it added it took away the loved size of the original ipod lineup. It took away the ability to play games to watch movies. The previous ipod.

Even had a built in speaker. It was complete garbage. But at least you had the option to listen to music out loud. If he didn t have any earbuds.

It was perfect for games or maybe watching a movie. Whereas this it s just dead silent. I personally believe people probably viewed. This as a glorified ipod shuffle rather than an ipod nano every ipod nano from the previous year has added.

At least one or two new features to it that have made it better over the course of a few years..

Whereas this one they ve taken away features and on top of that me personally i had a bad experience with the build quality. I noticed the screen always came off and i would say this just happened on one unit. But i ve ended up purchasing two to three of these ipods over the course of my lifetime. And i always encounter the same issue so i don t know if that just has to do it the way i ve treated it because i ve used it as a watched.

But i just know the build quality on this isn t as good as the other versions of the ipod nano before it so many ipod users love the way you could use the device because of the click. We know it was easy to play and pause music you can raise the volume just by scrolling up or down on the wheel. And you could skip tracks. Very simply and you can go to the menu.

Just by tapping on the menu button. But apple kinda took this away with the touchscreen ipod nano but they try to do their best to replicate the functionality of the buttons and they actually added volume buttons and they have a sleep wake button that can multitask as a skip or play and pause button. It s not as good as the one on the ipod nano 7th generation that acts as the volume button on the headphones. But this one at least is a step in the right direction now as i mentioned earlier.

There are plenty of clock faces to choose from but there s 18 and so in the beginning. It was very exciting because the original software for this ipod. Only had two clock faces so when an update came around the corner. You now had a total of 18.

But eventually after a while i got sick of those. But you could use the white on black feature. It s basically invert colors and you can get some cool looking clock faces aside from the mickey mouse and disney ones now when using the white on black feature. It actually makes the clock icons look really cool.

But unfortunately it can ruined the overall experience of the ipod..

Because every other menu item on the ipod. Including the homescreen gets ruined by this look. So i do like the way it looks in settings. It s like a fake night mode.

It s basically invert colors. But i would really appreciate it if this was just a setting for the clock icons. Now this ipod was actually kind of customizable in a way you could set the ipod up so that way every time you turned on the device. It would automatically open up to the clock face.

So that way you didn t have to always have the clock open up on your screen. So it would actually be more functional as a watch so let s just say you re in some random menu inside your ipod and you turned on the device. Later on it would automatically go to the clock. And then you could swipe back to whatever you were doing.

It was very convenient now in the older version of the software. The volume hud didn t take up that much space. But in the newer version basically it took up the entire screen. So you could see the difference.

So the newer version is on the right with the larger icons. So that is an interesting change this software s pretty cool to see how it s progressed over the years. It s mainly just one software update with the bunch of new features. But i think it s pretty cool because this is the ipod that i think apple put the most care into.

But it ended up being the worst ipod as far as ipods go because it s not the traditional ipod design..

I do however love the clip on the back this was used for the clock. But also it kind of acted like an ipod shuffle in a way a lot of people bought the shuffle. Because of the buttons. It had and you could clip it on to your side while running or something.

This is just something that i like personally there is a secret menu access inside the ipod. I actually have a video on that and that video actually did pretty well on the channel. You can go ahead and check out that video now that same secret menu can actually be accessed on older ipods. You just access them a different way.

But overall. This is a pretty cool ipod. I think it s not your traditional normal ipod with the rectangular design with the buttons and the scroll and click wheel. I honestly love the way all the ipods look.

But i believe the general marketplace wasn t looking for a glorified ipod shuffle. A lot of people just wanted a new upgraded nano. So that is about it for today. Thank you so much for watching.

I m gonna have more videos on i pause later on and as always peace ” ..

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