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” s up guys so real quick. I wanna tell you about today s sponsor. The the napp house party by epic games use the link down in our description to house party for yourself. House party is a perfect app for everything going on right now.

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Nheads up and quick draw all right let s try it out let s get a house party. Going let s go chuckles. What s up seed all right let s play a game. When referring to a nmedical images technique.

What does mri stand for medical magnetic. It s magnetic. Oh my gosh man. I m starting to nrealize how much smarter.

I am. Than you guys society psychopath laughs a sociopath that s what you are laughs sushi yes honestly that was npretty good though guys knock knock who s there who s there laughs as you guys can see nit s super easy to use and about as close as we can get nto hanging with our friends right now and the games nare. A great feature to stay competitive and nmake sure that they know they still can t. Win.

The app is completely free. And you can use the link down in our ndescription to download. It it s available on ios nandroid mac os and chrome big thanks to epic games nfor sponsoring this video go try out house party yourself and let s get on with the video. So we re doing a little spring cleaning around the shop.

Today. It s honestly a major mess and nken is not helping right now we re making room for more nactivities around the shop with that being said. We re ngonna be picking micah s car. His bmw that he had njust recently had built right before winter.

So the one that you guys never saw so now we re gonna see it after so long it s pretty exciting car engine roars laughs we re gonna race laughs heard you re gonna top it out today no i m not doing that today micah i m down to race. I also have to be down to lose no i ll just stay in first gear. Jake flash that tune back on where it only lets you ngo up to five grand then we ll race. Laughs.

I think you d still lose mike. I d be fine to try if you can only go to five thousand rpms should we do it mike your bmw looks phenomenal dude amazing dude. I forgot i cleaned it nbefore we put it away so i m glad so maybe we ll grab some rollers tonight or tomorrow. But it looks so sick dude.

Tell them what you did to it fitment industries. Hooked nus up with some wheels for this thing and i lowered on um. I don t know what kind nof coilovers. I put on it to be honest with you but they re vertini wheels.

But they turned out really sick i wanted to get the glass black ones. But i couldn t but i ended up really liking these and now it s slammed. I got the side skirts ready to go with it now all it needs is a wrap it looks great i thought he should ve lifted it and put mud tires on yeah. I said you should do that to your mustang.

But you ndidn t like that idea either okay i get first nsecond and third gear first gear. I get five thousand second gear. I get four thousand third gear..


I get three thousand rpm man. It is good to be back. I love the jeep but going from the jeep to this feels like smooth smoothness nin your ride is ridiculous dude. That s about two ncompletely opposite vehicles.

All right here comes. Jake engine. Revs. Oh.

So loud ow. Wow. Dude that ll ruin your hearing. Real.

Quick. Engine. Revs that one s just for the bikers engine revs car horn honks engine revs cheers. Oh my gosh dude.

I already had my ear nplugged that whole time. I was like filming it oh man that is so loud engine revs whoa really loud dude insane dude dude the convertible nis just great for filming it really is it makes it so much easier. I maybe broke the rules nand was at like seven grand. But it s fine.

I was going to say dude. We were beatin ya. Laughs. It didn t seem like five grand to me.

No yeah hell no. It s just so crazy. When nwe re going like really fast. And then you re like screams you can still just keep it in sight well.

I was trying to maintain it s like about half nthrottle to shift through and they re like just pegging. It s just yeah. It s just gone. But this thing honestly.

It s not even fully tuned up yet so right now we re about 600 wheel and we re going to pulley all the way down from eight psi to 17 psi and then we re switching to e85. So we re hoping to get another nlike 200 maybe. 300 horse. We don t know.

But we ll see what happens upbeat music. Oh man dude look at all this water are you guys thinking what i m thinking. There s more water in nthe ditches right now than on the lake because nit s still frozen laughs. I think we re going to try and surf.

It well we brought our surfboard we brought our rope and we brought our truck that s everything you nneed to go ditch surfing perfect bro. This is actually going to be crazy okay ryan. We re going to pull you up stream. It s not quite big sea but it ll do water drips ben it s the big d holy crap dude.

I m not excited for this but i m excited to conquer. It one of those things never done it before it s like your metaphor to the marathon. You gotta do it to say you did it but it s gonna suck nprobably the whole time the entire time okay we gotta watch out for that sign and then after that there s no signs until nthat next driveway..


There s no signs perfect ben. It s gonna be tight as long as i don t have to go in the ditch at all because we found out my truck is not meant to ngo off road apparently dude. I think the pavement princess might have to a little bit nof off roading at least. Yeah.

I think we should pull it with ken s rs rock music try me out i won t stand down. I know you like to nplay games. Sometimes all right go cheers dude. Yeah children of insecurity.

But i ll let you go first today. What is the meaning of nlosing all that you got why do you always try nto be someone you re not our. Love. Is a stinky cadaver.

Ready 360. That will disintegrate. Oh. Oh.

My gosh laughs dude. He ate shit 360. Laughs. It s all good.

That was sick oh. No he lost his contacts. Laughs. It tastes like manure dude.

You really got cocky. There i got are you okay. I got cocky. I think you fell in nabout three feet of water yeah not even like three inches dude.

I just hit the ground. I was like oh sick yeah you must be cold do you want to finish out the stint spits yeah i gotta i mean you re already wet you might as well finish out. We still got a ways dude rock music. Oh laughs rock music.

Water. Splashes. Laughs cameraman. What was that he s gone dude.

I went for a 360. It s just different you re going for tricks out there as if this wasn t enough laughs still fun all right we gotta go we gotta go pick up some nc boys tv merchandise. Which was actually the nreason that we came into town. But we figured you know nget.

Two birds stoned at once micah. What s that sound n are you farting micah. No it s just ken s exhaust. Oh n car revs oh gross ken okay mr stock exhaust raptor little mr pavement princess.

I can t tell if he s roasting me i can t hear him over his farting engine revs. I m pretty sure you have to have something done to your car to make fun of mine. Yeah..


Ben s got more done to his wrap than you got done to your car. Yeah. But your raptor ndoesn t leave the pavement so it s kinda useless it leaves the pavement. It just does really bad at it laughs.

Oh all right see you guys later. Ben. Later. Just roasting.

Each. Other. And then all right. See you guys later.

Later. N. Laughs suspenseful music. Feel like i m going to jail cameraman.

I do too all right. I m here to pick up an order for c boys. Tv speaker okay perfect come on in okay thank you yep wow did somebody order 2000. Npounds of c boys.

Tv merch actually we did oh yeah shit laughs holy crap. That was sketchy you guys. This is three pallets nfull of our merchandise. We just had to literally creep back to cormont but we made it engines rev you re good upbeat music holy crap.

I didn t think it was ngonna be this many boxes that s what i was saying apparently this is what 2000. Pounds worth of c boys tv merch looks nlike on the ground. Honestly looks like way nmore than 3 pallet loads. Yeah.

It s a lot i don t know what to do with it so now that we have nthis hot tub in here we had to rearrange to nget everything to fit we took the screen printer that was in the back corner tossed that out we don t need that anymore. We don t print. Anything as you can see operations nhave ramped up a little bit. Which is great and we appreciate all the support that you guys have been giving us.

Now that we re bringing it back in house a little c boys touch nput into every order literally if you re into that hopefully you like ryan because that s his gig. Now i will be fulfilling all of your orders and touching them and putting stickers in them and sending them out to nyou really fast hopefully we have some work to do ah man okay you guys remember nwhen i took my car out and it was really nice. We were going to film rollers that night and then we didn t and it just got literally ncolder and colder and shittier out. But i got my side skirts on and my rear diffuser and it s pretty much ready to go so it s like 25 degrees right now.

But it only is fitting for nme to throw the top down. So. I m gonna put some 509 goggles on and we re going to go rap music rack. It up rack.

It up ni gotta build up the bank to make me a safe house shake it up shake it up she ngotta hands on her knees. And she bringing the cake out smoke it up smoke it up ni got some gas some packs. I m up in a greenhouse ball it up ball it nup i m with the gang we taking shots off the rebound fuck am i pose to say now i been humble too long ntell em all to stay calm tell em all to move on fuck. Am.

I pose to say now they be lost in the sauce took a loss that s ya loss. I had to get my point across so i don t know if some nof you guys remember micah backed into my front bumper around two months ago. And we ve literally ntried everything we could to fix it but we just couldn t we couldn t do it so we resorted had to buy a whole new bumper..


But along with that i got these new retro fitted evo x lights which are gonna look insane you can see the difference here we re gonna fix this bumper and hopefully make this evo nlook a whole lot cooler right now fingers. Snap whistles wow. Well that was quick just kidding that took like two days. It honestly looks phenomenal.

It also does this really ncool color changing thing we got the ship station in order. Ben and ryan are shipping nout your guys orders as we speak coming out henry atkins t shirt tag em bag em coming out to you guys seriously look at how good nall this ended up coming out it was such a mess at first dude. It literally took two days. And it was two days worth of full work upbeat music as most of you know over here.

We love to give away toys. We ve given away snow mobiles dirt bikes quads and a side by side too. And it s super easy to get entered all you gotta do it go to our website and every five dollars you spend at http wwwcboystvcom. Ngets you one entry today we will be announcing the winner of our latest giveaway.

Which is this kx450 with na custom wrap on it fmf exhaust and it comes with na timber sled kit as well without further ado. I think we just get right into it ken. Do you got the envelope got the envelope right here you guys ready. I m beep ready all right and the winner is austin brown from hastings minnesota.

You just won a dirt bike and a timber sled kit well all right n dude let s go do we have a number or nsomething. We can call austin hello hey is this austin austin. This is hey what s up man. This is cj from c.

Boys. Tv. Austin. Oh.

My gosh. No way. Yeah. I was just calling to let you know that you won our kx450 giveaway austin.

No kidding. Oh nmy god that s awesome dude congratulations dude. We d love to nhave you up for the day. It s be fun to hangout and ndo a little bit of ripping austin.

Yeah that d nbe fricking. Awesome. We can either set up a ndate for you to come out here or if not we can just ship it to you but sounds good man. I ll shoot you a text after this dude cool.

I m glad he picked up dude. Because we had to call nyou three times. Okay. It was the last chance this was literally the last chance we were like if he doesn t answer we nhave to draw a new person the video drops on monday nand it s saturday right now upbeat music dog barks.

I think we re in trouble n panting we ll just get a slap on the wrists. Yeah. We re good officer. What re you guys working on we re surfing in the ditch officer have fun see ya ” .


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