The Ring I Part 1 0001

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“Hate television gives me headaches you know i heard there s so many magnetic waves waves traveling through the air. Because of tv and telephones there we re losing like times as many brain cells per suppose to him like all the molecules in our heads are all unstable and all the companies know about it. But they re not doing anything about it it s a big conspiracy. Any idea how many electro ray s are traveling through our head every second i got a better one have you heard about this videotape that kills you when you watch it what kind of tape tape.

The regular tape people run in i don t know you start to play it. And it s like somebody s nightmare. Then suddenly this woman comes on it s smiling like right seeing it through the screen. And as soon as it s over your phone rings someone knows you ve watched it and what they say is you will die in seven days in exactly seven days later somebody from rivera told.

You what s your problem. I ve watched. It it s a story katie know me and josh we saw it last weekend..


I thought you were with your parents. I wanted to tell you with josh. Some of his friends got this this place up in the mountains. They were trying to record a football game.

I guess the reception was so bad listen to me we played the tape. The game wasn t there it was something else was that it was some kind of sick joke. It was week you re just trying to scare me so did you guys you know do anything like what. Oh my god you totally it really is a date every residence mm hmm.

Yeah. That s becca. My mom says hi just glad you re here ask her why she keep..


Some vicodin. Okay. Yeah. Well okay.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. No i won t bye mom.

But there. Could be a bitch. Thank..


You can you hear me shit. Hey. Sorry. I m late have you got a moment.

Miss keller sure call me rachel please sit down. Certainly is very independent of me yeah. He sure is i never have to tell him to do anything well. If that s a problem.

You d be the first teacher in history to say so miss geller rachel. I know that aidan recently lost his cousin yes. And i m doing what i can to find him some good daycare..


It s just it s not what i meant by all means take your time. I know they were very close yeah. Even his cousin they spent a few nights. A week together did he talk to you about her death well like you said.

He s not the talkative type that doesn t mean he has nothing to say he knows i m there yes. I m sure he does. But he may be expressing himself in other ways. I d like to show you something that s it cousin it s katy miss keller.

I m bothered by these drawings listen i appreciate your concern but my son lost ” ..

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