The Rook carrying case for the original Xbox One

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“So i am completely out of drink therefore. We re gonna be wrapping up very very very soon when the tap is out just have to tap out so and don t feel like making another batch of teeth. So i m gonna be into this very very soon or my last day of videoing or whatever whatever here s the thing recognize so this is something that some people may recognize some people may not recognize. Hence.

The reason. Why this is going in my channel about here and stuff by the way i got new channels. My main channel is going to be where i put everything. But then we re gonna try to branch off and put gear stuff from one plays video game stuff for another place.

It may be a little duplication here in there. But for the most part something about the same this is my xbox. One carrying case you guys know i ve always had the xbox one original. But it s so important i turned around and bought a case.

Which was nice no if ands or buts about that it was an awesome experience. This is the case here there s a photo of what it looks like on the inside. Which is nice very nice on the inside. But over time you upgrade i upgraded when i upgraded.

I had this video out there already people had asked me questions about the this particular case here. They said hey can you use this case on a smaller xbox s. Or the new xbox one x. And i always had to say i am so sorry i have no idea you can check the dimensions.

But i never upgraded therefore. I can t honestly tell you whether you can do it or not well believe it or not i am great after upgraded. I had the ability to figure out that or answers. That question and everything is in here.

Except for one thing power cord and not put the power cord in there and let s talk about this for a second the size of the xbox is a little small and not a lot smaller. But a little bit smaller and the great thing about that is hanging asleep. Because somebody here is there we go the great thing about the new xbox..


One is the power supply. Which used to always be in the way that big block like a ghostbuster like a ghost trap from the ghostbusters. It s no longer there now you just have this so the reason why i had to do this in videos because i was gonna take this on a trip and i was gonna packing everything i d ever did i should have because the index trip. I was in myself.

I should have brought my freaking xbox. I really should have brought my freaking echo box. I really should have was cooperstown. Unless you know serious baseball fan.

There s nothing to do in cooperstown. Except to eat. I m bringing this video down. Anyway.

Let s get back to things. Here. This is the case and this is why you should not purchase. This case.

Here you shouldn t purchase this case because this case uses straps to hold everything in i m gonna disassemble it in just a moment and once that disassembling you ll understand why i m saying do not buy this case. So make sure i got the alignment good like i said. This is held together by straps for straps and two buckles. The buckles really doesn t help you that much wax wait a minute wait a minute.

Oh yeah. It makes it far worse. And you can you can see this here. See this see that over there so healthiness hold it hold it together i want to say the only thing.

That holds together is have of a velcro strap. Not the whole velcro strap. I m gonna put the whole velcro all in there come back over on the other side over here put it on it again and oh that gap gets even bigger that s a big gap that s what about the buckle..


But is the gap. The pattern on this is really nice we got a nice rubber over here. We don t have rubber down here mainly because this side is where your controller and if you had the old fashioned xbox. This is where your power supply would be they can take a little more of a hit and you wouldn t care that much about it.

But like i said. This is not the best for the new xboxes that are out there right now one strap two straps three straps and four this is the inside. It is a little bit more squat. This is definitely a little shorter and as you can see it doesn t really feel this entire space like the previous xbox be it it s a little bit off just by that little much right there.

It s really not a lot same thing over here. We re really talking about less than three inches on each one of those corners. But then less than three inches. Gives it a bility to bounce around you see what i m doing here.

This is not magic gives you an ability to bounce around on the inside that s enough to screw up some electronics. This thing is the pre. The previous xbox felt very very loose like an old vcr. But first a second generation vcr this feels very dense it s almost as dense as a mini tower.

Where everything is just kind of pushed in together. Because you can you can t really see it. But you know somewhere in here. Probably like right there probably right in there is the power supply that s just sitting in there whatever you got to chip.

It all the other junk in there i mean it s it s all just really really compressed even when you flip it over the backside. Here. I ll make sure my lava is good yeah even when you flip it on the backside. You can kind of see you see right through it.

And this is this is a breathing machine. The way they wanted it to be it s better than a previous machine. This is far far better than a previous machine..


But again so let s go ahead and open this bad boy up here again this is where the xbox would have gone. There s a lot of space. That s available about almost two inches here about almost two inches. There as well so your xbox will like slide.

All over the place you could put your cds in here. But even i wouldn t do that because you just. It s just a bad idea to have these things loose me. In there.

It s just not good emma sighs. If you re a hardcore player. You probably download your stuff anyway. This is the configuration that i put this in i literally took everything out this can be moved around or any kind of custom.

Where you want it but without that power supply everything that s in here is gonna be loosely placed in here and the only support you re gonna have are gonna be these plastic pieces here they re nice and stiff from there good enough to hold up the xbox. But the downside is you re not gonna have a lot of stuff in here to fill in the spaces. If you only had what originally came with the x bucks and plus. I ve got one extra controller for a buddy here is the item that i neglected to put in there.

And because there is no power supply anymore. We re not really using a lot of space all over in here pull this back real quick. So you can see i ve got black controller white controller headphone piece another actual headphone him with his own bottom piece to it the power cord. There is no power supply anymore.

And that s it it s not a lot here because it s not a lot of care. It s not a lot to hold up the xbox. I think it s time to find another bag travel whatever travel with that thing over there so sorry. This is no longer a good bag.

So i will have to resort to putting that and backpacks again. Which is gonna be cute to walk in with two backpacks. But hey i better be safe than sorry..


I have a few extra backpacks laying around so i m not worried about that it s sad that this it s just the way. It s designed it was perfect for the original xbox. One which is a big massive machine this new machine doesn t mean as much space. And because of it i mean.

This is my review here. I don t recommend you get this bag for this particular. Xbox 1s or xbox one x. Maybe.

Because that little bit of space. That it s going to be in there. It s enough to have the xbox bouncing around and can potentially cause damage sorry. I got to be a tech person this time and say don t do it for that yeah.

It s just too much of a risk you saw. It was bigger than six inches of space available. Where you know a bird could have flew in there and pooped in your freaking machine. How s that about that for it for being super abstract.

A bird could have flew into that little hole and pooped in there and destroyed the entire system that s the end of that video this video at least. It s over i didn t look i didn t jump into bird poop. Sorry don t buy that for the new eggs boxes. If you still you have the original xbox one this thing is flipping awesome.

It s perfect you re gonna have the space for everything. But if you got one i knew that sponsors you need to find another alternative that s the end of this video for real this is the absolutely. ” ..


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