The Secret World Legends First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

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“Secret world legends is a free to play 2017 remaster of the original secret world world that was released from 2012. The game describes itself as a shared world action that plunges players into a shadowy war against the supernatural. Unlike. The original.

The secret world legends uses an action targeting system. Tab. Targeting and appears to be a bit more streamlined. So this is the secret world legends.

It s been quite a while since i played the original secret world about two years or so. And i didn t really enjoy it back then however i m thinking i might have gone into it of the wrong mindset as a lot of people seem to absolutely love that game. So maybe we re going to enjoy this version of the secret world a lot more so let s create a character starting out you get the choice between three different factions. The illuminati.

The templar or dragon and each one of these has a bit of video to tell you about the backstory. I already know what each faction is about and i ve decided this time i want to go with the templars when it comes to the character customization. You have the choice of being a male or a female. No crazy different races or anything like other mmos as this is against in modern times.

Lots of different presets to choose from when it comes to the face. The hair. The eyebrows. The eye colour various different facial features like tattoos bit of makeup.

If you want to go a little bit crazy. Oh yeah. We re looking good we ve got a fucking handprint on our face. That s what we need select clothing.

So now we get to dress our character as you can tell i m a very fashionable guy. So unlike the original secret world. You re now able to select a class right off the character select screen. Whereas before you d have to go through quite a bit of a tutorial before you got to that part you can be a revenger.

An assassin a mercenary a punisher a warlock gunslinger major demolisher or a trickster. Oh okay so when you hover over the class. It tells you the favorite roll. Now so you ve got ravinder as a healer assassin as damage mercenary as a healer.

Punisher is survivability. I feel like when i first played this game. I didn t really select a good weapon or class combo. So this is really useful.

I think i m going to go with the gunslinger to there just like the idea of using a shotgun. So that s what we ll go with great. There s some kind of insects flying around the person. It s probably got a bowler dice edge go right inside of his mouth.

That s what we need you they do say that every year you eat at least three spiders in your sleep. I wouldn t how many flies you eat as well we re now ascending to super saiyan stage. Three we wasn t ready so we ve woken up from some kind of dream. I don t remember it being like this the last time.

I played so unlike the secret world previously it now has like an action targeting combat system it seems well this is escalating quickly we wake up from a dream zombie under a fence dual pistol chambers spin when they shoot match the top colors for a damage boost that s interesting and our videos popped up dual wielding monster man is your friend hello active dodge. Okay. So the games now teaching me about the dodging system move past the floor tiles. So right off the bat.

We ve got some kind of puzzle. It seems actually it s not even trial and error you just need to like look at the symbols. That s why we ve got a torch move across here move here easy sneak past and disable. The war machine that wasn t too hard okay.

So we inspected the war machine. That s given us four digits three six nine one then we re going to enter that number on the wall over here. And it should open the door interesting i like these little puzzle elements three six nine one soon. We re flying a giant tentacle hence.

My monster straight away well. This is a cool start to the game..

I don t remember being anything like this the last time. I played so we re starting to master our power. My characters no longer depressed woman turns up to my house delivers me an envelope she could have just put it through the letterbox. So we re going to join the templars now alright.

So we re in london brilliant one exhausting place well we re not going to give her a kiss that s for sure i think in all of your movements like that i wouldn t put anything in her mouth. See any element you wouldn t get it back hello friend. I m going to jump on you because why not do you want to enter the ballroom theater. Why not we could sit in the chairs this area purely for role play.

Our friends here. I think he wants to buy me a drink. Oh okay look at this fucking. Hooligan and standing on the roof of a car.

What do you think you re doing maggie tree girl kawalsky. I suppose it looks a lot like london. It s a little bit clean for london. Though london doesn t really look too much like this okay and london doesn t have alien creatures in the street now this looks a little bit more like london down here they re fucking nailed it so or monster.

I ve seen a few minor tore monsters in london. When they re browsing through tinder. Well. This is a group of people that i definitely want to hang out with a little midgets.

Rats and some kind of aardvark humanoids as we get deeper into this area. It s just looking more and more like london. It s a little rock and roll club not bad. I look at this little guy s leakey standing on a seat trying to get served these my little people seem to be really popular there s always people talking to them oh we found the bathroom.

This guy s uh reconsidering his life choices. I think something s gone wrong in the female bathrooms as a woman laying on the floor and someone checking to see. If she s okay. They say love have no bounds.

And this is a great example of that so let s actually go where we re supposed to go now quite a nice vast area to explore. Though eldrick station. Old whig market. I m not sure if this is a real place in london.

I d already like live in london or anything so maybe if someone knows that if eldrick is a real place. Let me know in the comments below regardless of whether or not eldrick stations. A real place. I highly doubt it as a portal.

They re just casually at the bottom of the tube stairs. So we re having another dream. I remember this part from the original secret world. It s all the same nice so this is where we get the second weapon and for my class.

It s a shots gun shot guns are full types of ammo with unique abilities dragon s breath armor piercing delete depleted uranium and anima infused so health damage breach armor and lasting damage our dude. I like the shotgun. I was just one shutting these things so you ve got different points in this game. You ve got ap.

Which obviously means ability points. Then you ve got espie. Which is like passive points. So two different skill points.

In this game. Alright. Let s go big damage take these things out the combat. Feels so much better.

It s not like the perfect combo system or anything. But it certainly feels better than what it was before go speak with sonic at the templars gasps. Not far can t miss it alright governor can i get a cup of tea. Now my my london accent.

Is an absolute joke. I just can t do it so it just lost like 15 minutes of fridge because of some reason..

My recording software decided to crash that the game basically taught me how to upgrade my weapons we ve got level 4 pistols and level 3 shotgun and we re currently inside the hollow earth this area s used to basically teleport to various different destinations around the world. And as you can see it s quite populated in here. Seems like a lot of people are coming back and checking out the secret world legends. This area is basically where the auction house and bank is but now we re going to head off to one of the portals and continue the main story.

I love these platforms because if it were zombie. Everyone loves to jump here so now we re going to take out some zombies with cowboy. Frank brilliant. You re not hungry.

Zombie. You re not going to chase. Me. I guess not oh hello.

I remember these guys these guys fucking spooked. Me. When i first played the game and in this quest via text. I remember something i did enjoy when i first played the secret world is how well it actually delivers story.

Quite a cutscene heavy mmo. It seems like the mini map is showing an elite monster. At the moment. I guess is this guy dumpster diver can we take him on let s try.

I think we can yeah quite easily actually open the bag take the loot. I where s the camera is that the camera. So i need to climb on top of the gas station. I think i would love to know how a zombie managed to get on that sign up there how we ve got another camera to retrieve oh there s a ladder that s glowing white can i climb the ladder.

I can indeed within a little bit of parkour on top of the rubes right now avoiding the zombies. The museum is relatively clean considering. There s been a fun king zombie invasion. You think that d be blood over the floor.

People would have barricaded themselves in now not really. It s quite neat and tidy actually ask the janitor about the cameras brilliant he has succumb to the darkness. He is now a slave to lord cthulhu. Oh dude.

I wasn t expecting that to happen to wait for the camera. Now we run we line of sight it get outplayed camera good thing. I ve got shotguns these things do so much damage as corpse just explodes with black jeers. All over the floor.

Let s go kill this mini boss. It s called suzie apparently it s in the diner. Here. She is oh she s a level 8.

Can i take on a level 8. Maybe we need to take her outside at least. We are not prepared to deal with that leave me alone you crazy bitch suzie s a pretty fuckin big deal in this game apparently we got one more camera to place over here on the tree and that s the final camera place sweetie and that s the quest done. I actually forgot how unique the questing is in this game.

I like how each question this game has like different stages like it s not just one kill and collect quest for each thing. It s like multiple different stages of quest. Well. He just flopped.

The floor. And that s level 6. Restorative. Reload.

Let s unlock. This and then we can increase. Our attack rating with the shotgun as well looking at the ability and passive skilled talent trees in this game is a lot more user friendly than it used to be i d say i remember i used to take up the entire ui and be a bit of a clusterfuck. But now it s quite easy to just look at and understand what s going on we got a player here with a samurai sword.

She looks like a badass if i remember correctly. It s quite important to do side missions in this game..

You don t really want to skip too. Many. If not you re going to be under levelled and under gears. Oh.

Bitches. When they go nope visual. Tracking. Wathan.

There. Oh fucking hell dude. You came out from behind me. Spooky monster.

Let s upgrade. My pistols. Again put the shotgun in the pistol. And it should take it to level 5 lots of quests popping up and in the tree.

There s some legend. I can discover and get more xp there s a certainly a lot of distractions in the skin. Which isn t a bad thing. This course is called they never stop coming sounds like the title of something on pornhub.

I remember this game being a lot more tedious the last time i played it not too sure what s changed. But i m certainly not finding it too tedious this time around i m actually quite enjoying myself we re absolutely blazing through the questing this time around play i don t know what s going on maybe. It s the class system maybe. It s the way the games.

Actually explained upgrading and the talent tree to me probably this time follow. There s a lot to do in this game. For me at the moment. Lots of different things that give me xp.

I ve got main quests. I ve got side quests. I ve got quests that just randomly pop up when i go into a certain area. I ve got elite monsters.

I ve got little pieces of law that i can collect for xp as well as the xp that s level 7. Grandmas now giving us our life story. So i m for just as oh. Now i guess i m absolutely melting monsters now that i keep upgrading my weapons.

We re going to take out suzy because fuck suzy. She almost killed me last time. We re making short work of her and that s how important upgrading your gear is oh no we have pulled half of the game not good. I m not making it any better for myself.

I am. Pulling everything i m just kind of backing off into more monsters right unbelievably we managed to survive. I m not sure how level elevens. This place is getting a little bit beyond me maybe i m not making it better for myself.

I think we re dead. I think we run. I think wood yes not confident about taking him on we ll give it a good try. Though give it a good good try dad.

I m fucked dodge has a nice dodge. We actually got and fantastic right we got a locator bloke called allan or something here is oh. He s fucking dead well rest in peace allan. All of these missing persons have turned into zombies francis rest in peace corpse of mary brewster another dead person got zombie firefighters to kill coming at me with an axe how would a zombie know how to use an axe.

A zombie. Just wants to eat brains here. He is here s the fire chief. Another bloody zombie.

Sir all of these missing people are either dead. Or zombified..

Never a happy ending in the secret world. Well. I think. This is the biggest monster worth fought so far.

It s just a scaled up version of some of the other mobs were 44. Oh. It s an octopus dude. A fucking hate.

Octopus dead. Though fucking bad. Octopus feel like i m definitely approaching this game. The right way.

This time seems like the last time. I played the secret world. I didn t really have a fucking clue. What i was doing no issues.

This time that i m actually really enjoying the game. So i can do this quest early except to fight level. 11. Mobs.

And they re a little bit too tough for me. Oh nice. We actually found it feels fucking good man. I feel like the way the upgrading in this game.

Works. It feels like you ve got a constant sense of progression every time you get another weapon or an item you just use that to upgrade your current weapons or items. It s really nice. It s funny.

The zombies can like bite. Me as many times as they like can possibly be infected. This guy going to be dead as well probably. Oh okay we just got to level 10.

So i ve just reached the point where to continue with the main story quests. I need to reach level 12. To do that i guess i just do side missions explore the world to do the bonus quests get the law pieces that are scattered around. But i feel like i ve done enough for this first impressions video as i definitely want to continue streaming this game on switch and make more progress.

So let s just wrap things up with my thoughts on that the secret world legends. So far so after playing the secret world legends for a few hours. I have to say i enjoyed it a lot more than i thought i would i don t know why i hated the game so much originally. I know i really disliked the combat system.

But with the new action targeting actually feels a lot bear. It s not perfect. But it s a big step up from what it was in my opinion. I also feel like they ve done a much better job in teaching new players how to play the game from the upgrade system to the talent ori.

It all makes a lot more sense. They haven t really changed that much of the secret world legends. It s mostly just ui changes quality of life changes and a change to the targeting system. But i feel as though these positive changes alone have made it a lot easier for me to focus on the unique aspects of the secret world legends like its innovative questing.

The way it delivers narrative and just the overall theme of the game. But yeah. That was the secret world legends. I m actually going to continue playing this game on stream.

Because i genuinely enjoyed my time with it and i highly suggest you check out as well as it s quite a unique mmo and is free to play now. So you ve got nothing to lose and give it a try. But that s it for this video guys i hope you enjoyed it as always let me know your thoughts on the secret world legends in the comments below and also drop by my live stream on twitch to see me continue my progress with the game over the next few weeks here and there but thanks for watching guys i hope you all have a great day and i ll see you again really soon ” ..


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