The Secrets People Don t Know About Disney World Magic Bands!

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“Are a lot of myths and rumors about walt disney world s magic band system system and we are going to share the facts with you today hey everybody it aj for disney food blog and we are gonna talk magic bands today now we were thinking about doing a video with just including a little bit of information about magic bands. But i have realized over the past few years. There s a lot of rumors. There s a lot of mists.

There s a lot of things people don t know or understand about magic bands and so we want to make sure you guys have all the details you need to have a great trip and not to miss out on some important information that we think will really help you on your trip. So let s get started with the history of magic bands. So introduced in 2013. As part of my magic plus.

Which included the electronic fast passes and the first iteration of my disney experience this whole magic band thing was a complete overhaul to the guest experience. We previously knew at disney world no more paper fast passes no more having to carry your key to the world card around with you everywhere and all of a sudden every single thing you do in disney world can be planned in advance you can plan ahead and book that stuff online and get it on your mind as new experience and then all of that went onto that little magic band around your wrist. So you no longer needed to carry park tickets room keys or even a credit card. So if you re a disney world resort guest or an annual pass holder you ll receive a complimentary magic band with your stay or with your annual pass and you can even get a discounted upgrade which we re gonna talk to you about in just a second.

But anyone who visits disney world can purchase a magic band to use during their trip. So well you don t need a magic band offset guests can still use a ticket card to get into the parks. They do simplify things and make it so you don t have to carry and keep track of so many cards now let s talk about this discounted upgrades really quickly because i know that s the big news. Right now.

If you re staying on site. In a walt disney world owned hotel. And you really want one of the design options for the magic fans meaning. The printed ones with characters and things on them be sure to check out your discounted upgrade.

Options first that this will be on your my disney experience. There s a little thing that says magic bands you want to go there. And when you click on it you should be able to choose either a plain solid color magic fan or one of the printed character versions. Now the solid color magic fans are free.

But the character versions cost a little bit extra. But they are less money than you would have to spend if you bought a magic band in a store. So now we have to mention that the upgraded option has been a little bit glitchy for a lot of guests and disney has run out of the upgraded option sold out of them her otherwise had limited availability since the new option rolled out a few months ago. So if you ve got time before your trip keep checking back to see what options are available because they will change.

And you ll be able to see the deadline to pick your band in my disney experience so just keep checking back until you get the ones..

You want right up until your deadline. Time now how you get there is if you scroll past the free solid color options when you go to select your magic bands. You ll be able to browse through a few different design options featuring disney characters or park designs. Now these are usually available for purchase at a discounted rate of 10 for resort guests to get them on the my disney experience account in there regularly 25 bucks.

So if you don t see one you like there s plenty of other places to buy magic bands and this is something i really wanted to let you guys know you don t have to get your magic band through the my disney experience situation you can get magic bands anywhere you can get them on shop disney the official disney world shopping site and that has a huge selection of the current magic bands that you ll find in the parks and resorts. But you can find magic pants and lots of other places online as well and don t stress don t worry you will be able to link them to your mind as any experienced account even before you go to disney world. I ll tell you about that in a second too so head over to amazon amazon ebay. They have lots of options like rare or discontinued magic fan prints plus lots of accessories like different puck holders.

Now pucks are those little circles. Where mickey is on your magic man they call that a puck. So you can actually take the mickey scanner out of the band and attach it to a lanyard holder or a carabiner or some other kind of accessory now if you want to get more creative buy a custom magic band decal on etsy to decorate the standard solid color bands that ones mean be a little bit less expensive than buying a whole new band. But if you re staying off site and still want the simplicity of having every detail of your trip linked in one spot order that magic man at a time and get all of that set up before your trip.

Even begins you ll have more options and might be able to get a better price so aj. I have a magic band i got it on amazon. Which is actually where i got my son s magic band. I got a a monsters university magic band over on amazon.

But anyway hey aj. I ve got my magic man. What do i do with it. Now how do i link it up before i go to disney world.

So it s ready to go well. That s totally easy. If you re staying on site. And you picked your magic band through my disney experience.

Then your band is already linked to your reservation. And you should be getting in the mail before you get to disney world unless you ve booked a super last minute trip in which case it ll be waiting for you at the front desk. When you check in but if you ve purchased a magic band through shop disney or elsewhere. You ll need to link it to your account.

So first off set up your mind disney experience account..

Which you should already have anyway right because you re planning a disney trip after that linking reservations tickets and magic bands is super easy locate the magic bands and cards under your account scroll to the bottom and click link then you ll just type the id. Number found on the back of your band assign it to someone in your party and click confirm if you have any trouble you can give disney a call and they ll walk you through the process. It s really really easy. And yes.

These magic bands will absolutely work with your my disney experience account. We just stayed at kidani village. A couple of weeks ago. And i had lost my magic band that i always use and so i actually didn t have a magic band.

But my son had his little monsters inc magic band which i had linked to his account and since he was on our hotel room. We had done early online check in and we just went to our room in his magic band opened the door for us because even though i didn t buy it at disney or through disney. It was linked and it was able to open our door from our early check in so it was total proof that that works you can buy a magic band from someplace else link it up to your account. And it should work just like a magic band that disney sends you now speaking of little kids just want to put this as an inset.

If you have a little kid or if you have smaller wrists. Don t forget you can take off that gray rubber around the outside. It s almost like a punch out card you take out the color part of the magic band from the grey outline and it ll make magic and a little bit smaller. So you won t have quite as much extra magic man to sort of tuck underneath okay so how do magic fans work on property magic bands seamlessly integrate every detail of your trip from the moment you arrive at the airport so at the airport you can use your magic band as your transfer voucher for the magical express bus.

So be sure you packed it in your carry on now this takes you right from the airport to your hotel for free don t forget you don t have to use magical express. But if you do use magical express. You ll have to sign up for that ahead of time you can t decide that when you re at the airport. Now if you ve done online check in like i was talking about with my son s band you might be able to completely bypass the check in desk.

You ll get a text when your room is ready that gives you your room number and a map of the resort and you ll be able to head straight. There as your magic band is your room key so if your room isn t ready drop your bags at bail services and head right into the parks. But if it is ready and you ve got the room number you don t have to stop at the front desk. You can head right to your room.

Which is really nice. If you are staying at one of those large sprawling resorts like most value resorts and moderate resorts. Really nice not to have to stop at the front desk and instead just drive over to your room now your magic band is also your park ticket so make sure you link your tickets and magic band to my disney experience ahead of time so you can go straight to the park entrance usually i actually buy my tickets right through my disney experience on my phone and they re linked into the mydas experience app. Automatically and since my magic fans and they re already then they function as my park ticket.

My special event ticket and everything else and remember you can t make your fastpass reservations without having a ticket..

So make sure you have your ticket linked up to my disney experience. Ahead of time. So. You can make those fast pass reservations speaking of magic fans also store your fastpass reservations.

So you can make those in my disney experience. Sixty days out for on site guests and thirty days out for off site. Guests and the details will be automatically linked to your magic band. So technology isn t without its glitches.

So always be smart and take a screenshot or even print out your fastpass reservations just in case. Something goes wrong your magic. Man does also you re linked to memory maker. So that s a whole photo situation in disneyworld if you stopped at a photo pass spot in one of the parks.

The cast member will scan your band and all your photos will be automatically linked to your account. Now this goes for in ride photos as well don t forget to tap your magic band when you get off the ride you ll see a little magic band tapper below your particular picture go ahead and tap that with your magic band and it ll go right onto your my diznex and rings. Account note. If an n right photo.

Doesn t link correctly you can report a missing photo online or call disney s photopass for support note. What time you were on the ride and a customer can usually help find it so for purchases if you re staying on site you can link a credit card on file to your magic hand and use that band along with your pin number to charge purchases back to your room. This will work pretty much anywhere on walt disney world property from gift shops to restaurants and even at disney springs. But be sure to always bring a backup method of payment.

Because technology. Now. If you re using the disney dining plan. My disney experience and your magic man also track your dining credit usage.

And it s also worth noting that they re completely waterproof. So you don t need to worry about taking off your magic bands if you head to the pool or you re going on kali river rapids or splash mountain or something like that now when should you unlink your magic bands. Once you re back from your trip. There s no reason for your magic man to stay active.

Unless you re an annual pass holder and you re going back to disney world soon..

So you can go ahead and deactivate them once a magic band has been assigned they can t be reassigned. They ll always be connected to the account you link them to that you can activate or deactivate. Them. As much as you want so just be sure to reactivate a band if you re using it for an upcoming trip and if you want to deactivate them that s pretty easy to do you just go into my disney experience go to the list of magic bands for me.

It s really really long. I have a lot of magic bands. And you can activate or deactivate them right through that my disney experience account. So.

How long do magic. Dan s work magic bands run off a small battery located in the band. And there s no way to replace it so eventually they will stop working generally they last for about two years. But some people have reported.

They worked much longer than that and the short range transmission from magic bands will work without the battery. So you can still use it for anything that involves the action of tapping it so if you re tapping into a park or if you re paying with it you should be able to do that even if the battery stops working. But longer range functions like in ride photos and food delivery will stop working once the battery dies. Now here s how to find out when to decline or recycle your magic band.

If you ve got a growing collection of magic bands and you seriously don t need any more you can decline a new magic band or at least you should be able to my disney experience has been a little glitchy for me on this as well. But head to the online check in area for your reservation. And you may have a decline box pop up click that and then you can use one of your other previously purchased or accumulated magic bands instead you ll just want to activate that one and it should work just fine for your trip and if you don t have any plans for your growing collection by the way you can order some cute display cases on amazon and etsy. If you re into that you can always bring your magic bands back to disney world and have them recycle just deactivate the band before your next trip bring them to the front desk at your resort and let the cast member know you d like to recycle them.

So there s all the details the secrets to miss the rumors about magic bands that s how they work that s what you need to do to use them and the care and feeding of your magic band let us know in the comments. If you guys have any super fun magic bands that you love and that you use have you had experience with the battery dying or anything like that we d love to hear about it and if you have any other tips for our subscribers or our viewers. We d love to see those in the comments as well thank you guys for listening again thanks for watching. This is aj for disney food blog.

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